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AEC, KI a INESS v spolupráci s ďalšími partnermi organizovali medzinárodnú
konferenciu v rámci Free Market Road Show 2013 na tému Šetriť alebo
nešetriť: Zachránia Európu len úsporné opatrenia?, ktorá sa konala dňa 7.
júna 2013 v Bratislave. Ďalšie súvisiace informácie nájdete na

AEC, in cooperation with the Conservative Institute and INESS, and in
association with international partners organized the Free Market Road
Show 2013 in Bratislava on June 7, 2013. More information at

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Free Market Road Show 2013 | Günther Fehlinger

  1. 1. Günther FehlingerEuropeans for Tax Reformwww.flattax-europe.euFreedom for
  2. 2. Freedom for Europeans• The 3 stages of economic liberalization agenda• 1. Privatization• 2. Liberalization and Competition• 3. Freedom from excessive and progressive taxation• The flat tax as the ultimate battle for freedom of
  3. 3. The flat tax works• Today in 2013 it is obvious the flat tax works• In just one decade most of eastern Europe has adopted it or asimilar system• Eastern Europe is still growing and performing• Especially the flat tax countries performed better than theprogressive taxation countries• Czech and Slovak Republic change to 2 bracket system but stillmaximum 25%• Hungary changed to 16% flat tax• Most of Balkans countries have 10% of flat tax and it was thebest decade in history for the
  4. 4. Europe needs growth• 1989 to 2008 the Post Cold war peace dividend was spent tokeep the status quo ante focused on redistribution• Europe, expensive and non flexible in the face of globalcompetition• 2008 collective panic and mega spending wave leading to debtcrisis in periphery• Only growth can reduce debt pressure• Growth needs innovation, lower costs, technology leadershipand motivated individuals• Reward hard work, allow performance to be rewarded• introduce the flat tax and kick start
  5. 5. 10% to 25% Flat Tax• Level of flat tax depend on• Service level of the government• Relations state – individual, readiness for compliance• ETR recommends 25% for Western Europe industrial corecountries as maximum acceptable tax level• ETR recommends 15% for Central European Transitioncountries• ETR recommends 10% for SEE Reform
  6. 6. Welcome to Southern Balkans• 9% Montenegro since 2004• 10% Albania since 2008• 10% in Kosovo since 2009• 10% in Macedonia since 2006• Excellent results, more budget revenues, morecompliance, more FDI, more growth but a lot remains to bedone in the region but here leaders are ready for new andinnovative free market solutions and models often simpleout of
  7. 7. Vision: Southern Balkans –Model for EU• Turn the Southern Balkans into most competitive, free andopen market region in Europe as model for the rest ofEurope• Keep flat tax at current levels• Follow clear free market reform agenda in electricity,pension, social security, education, health, financialmarkets and all other areas• Cooperate with each other and develop internal market ofsouthern Balkans build on Benelux model• ETR is working jointly with AGREEI, the Action Group forRegional Economic Integration
  8. 8. Balkan Benelux – Open Markets• Economic cooperationbetween these 4 statestaken will contribute toeconomic growth but also tostrengthen the ties betweenpeople and cultures and willforce political stability• If treated as a group, theresult would be a moreefficient preparation for EUand a stronger economy forall 4
  9. 9. Balkan Benelux – Open Markets• 20 years Europe has got rid ofinternal borders and here newborders were established• Mainly tax and customs obstaclesfor the good and law abiding citizensand foreigners• More customs revenues thaninternal tax revenues• Low level of internal trade andexchange• How to trade with US and EU if notwith region?• To quote RonaldReagan: Tear downthese walls!
  10. 10. Balkan Benelux – Compete forLeadership in Free Market ModelsFlat Tax in all 4 countries• Funded Pension – individual accounts inKosovo• EasiestKataster•• Most transparent Kataster•• Online Procurements of Gov Contracts•• Attracting FDI in tourism•• Attracting Energy Investments• send me more example of
  11. 11. Identify Key Obstacles for freedom• Fiscal Situation• Foreigner registration in MKand ME• Corruption , Georgia from TI150 to 50• Political openness,transparency andaccountability is missing inall 4 countries• Our movement is aboutopenness and respect forindividual no matter whichethnic
  12. 12. www.flattax-europe.euContacts:gfehlinger@gmail.comVision 2020 –The Balkan Benelux CountriesThe most competitive,open and free area and model forleadership for Europe