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Empreend desenvemp EN

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  2. 2. Located in Tapada da Ajuda, at the University campus (ULisboa) of Instituto Superior de Agronomia, INOVISA has a unique surrounding. Tapada da Ajuda is a botanical park with about one hundred acres, located in the centre of Lisbon (5 minutes from Marquês de Pombal) which owns a vegetable, historical and architectural heritage of great richness and diversity.
  3. 3. Supporting the development of new business | incubating ideas
  4. 4. The creation of structures that support and promote the development of an entrepreneurial culture is crucial to economic and social development of a region. In this sense, INOVISA promotes the following activities: Qualified training in areas related to entrepreneurship and business development Support to development of business plans and new business generation Development of networking activities and strategic counselling Target: Undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and faculty from Institutions of the Scientific and Technologic System Entrepreneurs in general with innovative and/or technology-based business ideas in the sectors of activity of INOVISA
  5. 5. Incubation of technology-based | qualified service companies
  6. 6. INOVISA has a building with a total area of 1600 m2, where are located companies. INOVISA supports projects and companies with a technology base or qualified services that are aligned with its sectors of activity.
  7. 7. Business incubation is a process designed to support business ideas and startups/spin-offs, help their establishment and contribute to accelerating their growth. The purpose of INOVISA is to help 'produce' successful companies, so as to become autonomous, financially viable and competitive in the long-term.
  8. 8. The incubation process minimizes the risk of failure in the early stages of these companies and maximizes the potential for growth and development of their business. In the medium to long-term, these companies will contribute to the creation of qualified jobs, the revitalization of their sectors of activity and the strength of the local / national economy.
  9. 9. The incubation process includes several stages: Establishment INOVISA offers services and supports the company in the seed stage and early development, including the support in the preparation of a business plan and the search for external funding Consolidation | Maturation Companies should be more independent of the services provided by INOVISA, although office space and networking services can still be very important. The promotion of links with the Institutions of the Scientific and Technologic System, particularly the support in promoting R&D / innovation projects in consortium, are also determinant at this stage Post-Incubation The company is ready to leave INOVISA. Preferably, support will be given to the integration in other environments focused in the support of business development
  10. 10. The incubation process has a maximum period of six years. It is a selective process, not only in terms of the typology of business to be supported (technology-based / qualified service provider; sectors of activity: agro-foods, biotechnology, forestry, environment and energy), but also in terms of the quality of the project (viability and potential of growth). It is, therefore, essential to analyze the potential business projects that will benefit from the services of the incubator, and to select those that are in line with the mission and objectives of INOVISA.