Retreat attendee contact list


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Retreat attendee contact list

  1. 1. 1 2011-12 AmeriCorps Midyear Retreat AttendeesLast Name First Name Email Program NameAdkins Jessica jessica.adkins22@GMAIL.COM Public Allies IndianapolisAndrews Derek Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)Arnold Laura Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsBartlett Vicki Volunteer Resource Management Capacity Building InitiativeBarts Caitlin Y-AmeriCorpsBetzner Nicholas betznern@gmail.comBoyles Daniel USI ACTBreeling Samantha samantha@indysow.orgBridgeford Casey Public Allies IndianapolisBritton Cassidy Public Allies IndianapolisBrooks Sarah Jackson County AmeriCorpsBrown Shannon Robinson Community Learning CenterBrown Kenneth Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsBuckley Kathleen Heritage CorpsBujwid Becky Jackson County AmeriCorpsBullock Melissa Heritage CorpsBurrell kelvin Sycamore Service CorpsBush Thomas Scott County AmeriCorpsBusk Erin Public Allies IndianapolisCarlisle Lyndsay Indiana HabiCorpsCartwright Erin Public Allies IndianapolisChristian Jennifer Sycamore Service CorpsClark Jasmine Public Allies IndianapolisCollins Amber Public Allies IndianapolisCooperman Erin Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)Cox Alisa Scott County AmeriCorpsCutka Emily Public Allies Indianapolis Retreat Attendee Contact List
  2. 2. 2Dannenberg Lacey ldannen8@gmail.comDay Katie Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)De Leon Laura Indiana HabiCorpsDeig Nathan Heritage CorpsDeLine Rebekah Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsDisco Johnny Indiana HabiCorpsDuchossois Martin Indiana HabiCorpsDuchossois Anna Robinson Community Learning CenterEberle Kate kate.m.eberle@gmail.comFetter Megan meganannfetter@gmail.comFleming Jeniece Neighborhood After-School CorpsFleming Nancy Jackson County AmeriCorpsFlowers Anthony Scott County AmeriCorpsForthofer Emma Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsFreeman Raeven Y-AmeriCorpsGaddis Kyle Scott County AmeriCorpsGalef-Brown Nathaniel ngalef-brown@nclegalclinic.orgGarner David Heritage CorpsGesicki Regina Robinson Community Learning CenterGetz Shalyn shalyn@indysow.orgGordy Marquita Robinson Community Learning CenterGothe Sarah Heritage CorpsHafeez Nadera Porter County PartnershipHall Adam Indiana HabiCorpsHapner Samuel Heritage CorpsHarris Alphonse aharris@nclegalclinic.orgHarris Brandon Sycamore Service CorpsHead-Vanpell Marcey USI ACTHenderson Feleshia Porter County PartnershipHerbst Monica Indiana Response and Preparedness Corps Retreat Attendee Contact List
  3. 3. 3Hesser Anna Heritage CorpsHowe Krista Porter County PartnershipHurraw Virginia Heritage CorpsHynes Bob Porter County PartnershipIddins Jim Porter County PartnershipIngram Emily Porter County PartnershipIonoff Maegen Indiana HabiCorpsJackson Robin Public Allies IndianapolisJames Rebecca Neighborhood After-School CorpsJohnson Megan Public Allies IndianapolisJohnson Jared Public Allies IndianapolisJolley Jacqueline ServabilityJordan Meagan Porter County PartnershipJustice Jessica Neighborhood After-School CorpsKauffman Jordan Indiana HabiCorpsKeys Alex Volunteer Resource Management Capacity Building InitiativeKhan Evan Public Allies IndianapolisKimmel Ashley Public Allies IndianapolisKiselinova Nina Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsKnapp Beudert Jennifer Robinson Community Learning CenterKostelnik Ashley I am a Planning Grant Program DirectorKostielney Andy Robinson Community Learning CenterKross Lauren Robinson Community Learning CenterLeach Kayla Heritage CorpsLeachman Tiffany Neighborhood After-School CorpsLong Brandon Project ACES CorpsLovett Chelsea Heritage CorpsLozano Raquel Project ACES CorpsLucas Chris Heritage CorpsMcAleavey Marc Public Allies Indianapolis Retreat Attendee Contact List
  4. 4. 4McConnell Stephanie Project ACES CorpsMcLeod Morgan Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsMiller Raymond Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsMorales Nancy Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)Mroz Anna Porter County PartnershipMueller Erin Robinson Community Learning CenterMuhammad Tynnetta Y-AmeriCorpsMurray Bruce Indiana HabiCorpsMurray Jasmine jmurray8@sycamores.indstate.edyu Sycamore Service CorpsONeil Elspeth Indiana HabiCorpsOurs Lindsey USI ACTPadalkar Shama Volunteer Resource Management Capacity Building InitiativeParsons Jesse Heritage CorpsPeters Amanda Indiana Response and Preparedness Corpspeterson christen Public Allies IndianapolisPhelps Dawn Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsPhillips Donna Volunteer Resource Management Capacity Building InitiativePriller Michael Y-AmeriCorpsReuland Erin Y-AmeriCorpsRicketts Amanda Heritage CorpsRobbin DanielRobbini Indiana HabiCorpsRobles Erika Sycamore Service CorpsRuffin Tierra Public Allies IndianapolisSangsuwangul Alvin Public Allies IndianapolisSchick Adam Indiana HabiCorpsSchreier Joshua Heritage CorpsSchuerman Logan Project ACES CorpsScott Sonja Jackson County AmeriCorpsSellers Emily ICC Student Engagement CorpsShell Jessica Project ACES Corps Retreat Attendee Contact List
  5. 5. 5Shelton Michelle Scott County AmeriCorpsSheppard Terri Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)Sims Terryona Porter County PartnershipSkalicky Olivia Sycamore Service CorpsSmith Sabrina USI ACTSmith Larry Scott County AmeriCorpsSpacek Wendy Public Allies IndianapolisSpitz Ellen Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)Spurgeon Sally Jackson County AmeriCorpsStanfill Jordan Porter County PartnershipStark James Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsStreit Tom Public Allies IndianapolisStroud II Rocky Robinson Community Learning CenterTate Troy Public Allies IndianapolisTaylor Lana Project ACES CorpsTeitgen Katie ServabilityThomas Heather Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsThomas Ashlee Neighborhood After-School CorpsTonge Kimberly Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsTownsend Deb Porter County PartnershipTreleaven Rachel Neighborhood After-School Corpstrozzolo anthony Heritage CorpsTryniecki Dan ServabilityUlmer Kaitlin USI ACTVan Dame Jennifer jennifer.vandame@gmail.comVasquez Iveth Jackson County AmeriCorpsVotaw Nicole Y-AmeriCorpsWalters Jennifer Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)Waltz Christopher Indiana Response and Preparedness CorpsWare Lillian Servability Retreat Attendee Contact List
  6. 6. 6Watson Zachary USI ACTWatters Noreal Improving Health Throughout Indiana (AIHTI)Webster Lu Ella Robinson Community Learning CenterWeddle Brian Indiana HabiCorpsWhite Colleen cwhite@nclegalclinic.orgWiles Charlie I am a Planning Grant Program DirectorWinkler Danielle Y-AmeriCorpsWood Meredith merwood@indiana.eduWood Derek Heritage CorpsYoungblood Robles Jeanette Sycamore Service Corps Retreat Attendee Contact List