30 sec inclusion training - Access


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Access for entrance into and around an organization.

Adapted in part from http://www.sutteronestop.com/DPN/30second.htm

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30 sec inclusion training - Access

  1. 1. Hello!This is your 30-Second Inclusion Training Access Brought to you by the Office of Faith Based andCommunity Initiatives (OFBCI). Click here to begin
  2. 2. A member who walks with the assistance of prosthetics and canesneeds an accessible pathway to his/her office and around thebuilding in order to serve at their host site for the next year. Whatwould be the best way to help him/her to safely get around theirorganization? Inform the member that they will have to adapt to their surroundings and provide them with adequate time to do so before they have to begin their term of service. Allow the member to do most of their work from home and provide them with a wheelchair when they need to come inside the building. Address the pathway, making sure that it fits into the regulations set forth by the 2010 revisions of the American’s with Disabilities Act.
  3. 3. Please try again This simply isn’t accommodation. The facility may be dangerous to a person who may not have firm footing or the ability to navigate stairs safely. Remember that all organizations are required to remove barriers to entering their facility for a person with a disability.
  4. 4. Come on… You can do it!Allowing the member towork from home goesagainst the nature of bothAmeriCorps and inclusion.When a member is told tostay away, it is actuallyexcluding them fromparticipating like everyoneelse.
  5. 5. Great Job! This process will allow the organization to discover if they are in line with ADA standards for accessibility. According to the ADA, there needs to be a safe path of travel for everyone to get into a facility. This path must be free of stairs, stable, firm, andslip resistant. It also must be at least 36 inches wide. Barrier free entry into an organization is required by law in the ADA. For more information contact: Mariann Bernlohr Training & Inclusion Manager Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives mbernlohr@ofbci.in.gov 317-234-5891
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