How to Set Up YouTube, Linked In, and Twitter for Business


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How to Set Up YouTube, Linked In, and Twitter for Business

  1. 1. YouTubeLinkedIn TwitterFor Business
  2. 2. Why YouTube?● It is the #3 website in the world (number of visitors), followed only by Facebook and Google.● It is a Google product, ranking very highly in Google Search● You don’t need a video camera or to get in front of the camera yourself to create videos about your business.● Start watching YouTube videos right now and itll take you 400 years to get through most of the content.● Pop quiz: How many YouTube videos are watched in a single day?a) 10,000 b) 100,000 c) 1,000,000 d) 100 million
  3. 3. Why YouTube?Answer: DOver 100 million videos are watched every dayon YouTube.
  4. 4. Planning Your Video Content● Make it shareable. To get traction online, you have to cater to your target audience’s interests. Make sure the video is memorable and worth sharing.● Make it short. For maximum shareability, shorter is better. More people will be interested in watching your video if the time investment is small.● Make it fit. The beauty of marketing with web video is that you are not boxed into a certain style. You can create a slide show video of your photography, make an offbeat commercial, a short documentary, share useful tips, or give a product demonstration. ○ To create free slide show videos, visit www.animoto. com.
  5. 5. Promoting Your Video● Share the link to your video in newsletters and emails.● Embed it on your website and blog● Comment on your own video and ask others to rate it.● Add the video to your social media outlets. Visit and look for the free YouTube application to add to your Facebook Business Page.
  6. 6. Uploading A Video To YouTube● You want your video to show up in search results. To improve your rankings, write an SEO-friendly description ○ Include a hyperlink within the first 100 characters (or so) ○ Tag your video with the appropriate keywords. ○ Make your video embeddable so others can easily share it
  7. 7. Online Tutorial - YouTubeWe are going to review 3 basic features of yourYouTube business channel:● My Channel - Edit Channel● Video Manager – to edit individual video settings, enable embedding● Settings – to change your profile, set up sharing, mobile setupNote: We will take 5 minutes to show channelset up for those who don t have one.
  8. 8. Why Linked In?● Primarily a business-to-business social network, seeking referrals from other business people should be a high priority in any marketing plan.● LinkedIn is the largest professional social network with 145 million users and targeted audience of business professionals● LinkedIn personal profiles and company pages rank very high on Google.
  9. 9. Two Marketing OpportunitiesPersonal Profile● Highlight your background, specialties, skills, request recommendations, participate in groups, utilize "answers" to showcase your expertise.Company Page● Highlight up to 25 products or services with keyword content, photos, video, links to specific pages within your website, link to other social media● Post updates once you have followers.
  10. 10. Optimize Your Personal Profile(Online Tutorial)● Upload a professional Image● Create a Compelling Headline● List your current position and at least 2 past positions.● Give recommendations so you can request them (you will need at least 3 recommendations in order for LinkedIn to label your profile "completed.")● Edit Your Public LinkedIn URL● Customize Your Website Listings● Include a Link to your Twitter Profile● Utilize "Answers" to highlight your expertise● Search for and join groups. Participate in group discussions.
  11. 11. LinkedIn Company ProfilePrerequisite:● You must have a personal profile, over 50% complete● You must use the company’s email address (your name @ No gmails, hotmails, yahoo.Getting Started● One you receive your confirmation email and have clicked through to confirm, the first step upon activation is to assign only specific people to be able to administer your account. (The default users are “anyone” at your company.) ○ Select Designated Users Only ○ Select your own name too!
  12. 12. Promote your LinkedIn Profiles● Add a hyperlinked icon to your email signature and website or blog.● Add your URL to your business card or other printed materials● Post a link to your personal and/or company profile on Facebook and your other social media and ask people to connect with you and follow your company.● Add the "follow my company" widget to your website:
  13. 13. LinkedIn TutorialRead an excellent in-depth article written byHubSpot for detailed LinkedIn profile andoptimization tips: Look under "Resources"
  14. 14. TwitterWhy Use Twitter?● Twitter accounts and Twitter posts rank high in search engines.● Twitter has over 200 million users, with 1/3 of them residing in the United States.● With an easy "Facebook Posts to Twitter," step, it can be relatively easy to maintain a Twitter account and take advantage of search engine optimization.Can you afford to "skip" Twitter?● Recent reports show that 70-80% of Twitter accounts are abandoned.● Many people use Twitter only to follow news or celebrities.
  15. 15. Twitter - User NameSetting Your User Name● User names CAN be changed, however it is not recommended to do so with an established account.● No more than 15 characters. For example: LakeviewFontana● This is also known as your Twitter handle: @LakeviewFontana● This is your Twitter URL: Twitter. com/LakeviewFontana
  16. 16. Twitter - Your NameProfile Name (or YOUR name)1. Always use your business name insteadof your personal name – much greaterrecognition. For example: Lakeview at Fontana2. This is the name that is used when youfollow someone and they receive an email thatyou are following them. Oftentimes a newfollower wont know you by your personalname, but they will remember your businessname.
  17. 17. Twitter - Description● Use http:// (your website) in your 160 character description to make it an active hyperlink within Twitter search● Review design options, but remember that few will return once they visit the first time, if at all.
  18. 18. Promoting Your Twitter PageLink Facebook Posts to Automatically Post toTwitter● On your Facebook Business Page: ○ Go to "edit page," ○ Then to "Resources," ○ Then to "Link your page to Twitter" ○ When posting on Facebook, make sure the most relevant part of the post appears in the first 140 characters.● Place a Twitter icon with active hyperlink on your email signature and website.● Place your user name on printed materials (for example, @innsights)
  19. 19. Using HashtagsIf you are going to post directly on Twitter,make use of hash tags:By putting the "#" symbol in front of a keywordat the end of your post, when others search forthis term on twitter, your post will show in thesearch results.
  20. 20. Posting Strategy● Post on Facebook 4-5 times per week.These posts will also post on Twitter.● Review your Twitter account once weekly to re-follow your new followers, follow new people/businesses, and check for "mentions" and "re-tweets."● Review your LinkedIn account once weekly and post one company update per week, look for new connections, write a recommendation, or review "answers."● Review your YouTube channel and post one update per week (specials, link to website, etc.). Look for channels to subscribe to, in the hopes that they will follow you back.