Claim and Optimize Your Business Listings - Part Two


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How to Use Your Claimed Free Business Listings, and how to respond to positive and negative reviews on TripAdvisor, Google+ Local, Google Places, Google Maps, Bing Business Portal, Yahoo Local, MapQuest, Yelp, FourSquare, and A "How To" Guide to responding to positive and negative reviews and managing your online reputation. Tips for increasing your ranking on review sites. A complement to a small business's search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

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Claim and Optimize Your Business Listings - Part Two

  1. 1. Claim and Optimize Your Free Business Listings Part 2 by Mary Anne Baker
  2. 2. What You Will Learn in This Class:● Important Marketing Tools Found in Your Claimed Listings: ○ Google Places/Google Plus Local ○ Yahoo Local ○ Bing Business Portal ○ MapQuest ○ Yelp ○ FourSquare ○ TripAdvisor● How to Track, Respond to, and Promote Your Reviews
  3. 3. Google+ Local● Offers ○ Google Offers allows you to reach potential customers near your business. Using their mobile device, these customers can find your offer and visit your business right away. And it’s free,for a limited time ○ Customers simply show you the offer on their phone and you apply the appropriate discount at checkout. ○ You can see how many offers have been saved and redeemed in the Offers tab in your Google Places account.● Go to, and login to your Google account. Click on the top right blue tab that says "offers." Follow the simple guidelines to post your offer.
  4. 4. Yahoo Local● Go to ○ Look at Reputation Tracker Tab (mentions and reviews) ○ Look at Local Visibility Tab for other Local Listing opportunities ○ No mobile promotions available on Yahoo for Small Business
  5. 5. Bing Local● Go to● Login to your Bing account● Preview tab: ○ A mobile version of your website ○ A QR Code for your website ○ A window sticker to download and print● Mobile tab: ○ Mobile content - list your specials here● Click blue marketing tab at the very top: ○ Then click on "Deals" to set up an offer that can be displayed on your bing listing and on the mobile version.
  6. 6. MapQuest (formerly known as AOL Maps)●● 1 out of 5 map searches are done on MapQuest.● Make sure your listing is current and completely filled out to reach your potential customers who are searching for you on MapQuest.● No mobile deals/offers available on MapQuest at this time.
  7. 7. YelpYour business account is located at:● Activity tab: Learn about your audience.● Reviews tab: Monitor and respond to your reviews.● Check-in Offers tab: Create an offer that appears on your business listing in the Yelp Mobile app.● Go into the "Account Information" tab to set up your email notifications to be notified when a new review is posted.
  8. 8. FourSquare●● Features include: ○ Share an update to have it appear: ■ When people view your location ■ After people check in ■ In your loyal customers’ friends tabs ■ Share your update to Facebook and/or Twitter ○ Find out how many customers you have on foursquare, how many times theyve checke and who your mayor is (the customer who h checked in the most times in the last 60 days) ○ Set up a special offer for mobile devices.
  9. 9. TripAdvisor● Go to and login.● Click on "Your Business and Account", then "Your Business." The Management Center is full of tools, including: ○ Manage your TripAdvisor Page: Enhance you listing, upload photos and videos; update busi details, rates and booking info; track performa and more... ○ Manage your Reviews: Know what your custo are saying about you and post your reply. ○ Free Marketing Tools: Use downloadable badg and widgets on your own website to display yo TripAdvisor ratings and reviews, encourage customer reviews and create photo slideshows.
  10. 10. Responding to Reviews “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” - Warren BuffetFact: Consumers are far more likely to believe the review (opinion) of a stranger than the advertising message of a business.
  11. 11. Responding to ReviewsKeep these three things in mind as yourecrafting a message to your customer: ○ Your reviewers are your paying customers ○ Your reviewers are human beings with (sometimes unpredictable) feelings and sensitivities ○ Your reviewers are vocal and opinionated (otherwise they would not be writing reviews!)
  12. 12. Responding to Positive Reviews:● ALWAYS respond to positive reviews.● Your purpose should be simply to deliver a human thank you and let them know you care.● Thats it. No gift certificates. No mailing lists. No event invites. No reactions to the minor complaint in their review. No requests for them to tell more friends about your business.● Remember, this customer already likes your business -- just use this opportunity to thank them and introduce yourself.
  13. 13. Responding to Negative Reviews:● Negative reviews can feel like a punch in the gut. We care deeply about our business, and it hurts when someone says bad things about it. A negative review can even feel like a personal attack.● Your first instinct is the "double D." Deny and Defend. It doesnt matter whether their account is true, false or lies somewhere in between. Defending and denying will be a HUGE mistake!● Failure to respond to a negative reviews sends a strong message to prospective customers that you have no customer service and further entices them to stay away. One of the first things I review with a new client is their reviews across multiple channels. When they ask me why they have no business yet their competitors do, this is often where we find the answer.
  14. 14. Stop, Drop, and Roll1. Stop - Dont respond immediately. Sleep onit. Waiting 24 hours can make all the difference.2. Drop - Drop the prideful, defensive and harshresponse. Let a trusted co-worker or friendread through your response before posting.3. Roll - Roll with it. In the end, you cantcontrol the opinions of your clients. Attempt tomend any valid issues this person presentedthrough their review. Keep providing the bestpossible service and products.
  15. 15. Responding to Negative Reviews● You have a chance to help the situation and maybe even change this customers perspective for the better. There are many success stories from business owners who were polite to their reviewers and were given a second chance.● But be careful here: if your reviewer perceives that you are being rude or condescending, theres a chance he or she could get angry and make the situation even worse. Keep in mind that this is a vocal customer who could well copy and paste your message all over the Web.
  16. 16. Negative Review Response:● Keep it simple.● "Thank you for the business and the feedback."● If you can be specific about the customers experience and any changes you may have made as a result, this could go very far in earning trust.
  17. 17. Use a Listening Tool1. Know what is being said about your business. Negative statements, lies, rumors can spread in an instant. The longer you wait to respond, the more damage will be done.2. To get notifications sent to you by e-mail, set up Google Alerts for your business name. Google Alerts sends you a notification when you have been mentioned in articles, blogs, reviews, etc. Some review sites can be set up to send you a notification when a review is posted (Yelp, TripAdvisor)
  18. 18. Learn From OthersHere are some businesses to study onTripAdvisor. Their review responses - whetherto a positive or negative review- are veryappropriate and can help you craft your ownresponses:● High Hampton Inn, Cashiers, NC● Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
  19. 19. Improve Your Review RankingsLoyal and repeat customers can be a hugeasset to your online reputation.When you have a satisfied customer at yourbusiness location, hand them an easy reviewsheet and ask them to share their experience.
  20. 20. Create a Custom Review Sheet ● Select up to 3 of the most popular review sites for your business. ● Include a QR code so customers can find your review site and leave a review from their mobile phone immediately upon leaving your location. ● Include an active hyperlink to the page on the review site for your business, if you prefer to email this document to a customer. ● Make sure the links and QR codes go to the EXACT page on the review site for your business. ● Use a URL shortener to make it easier for customers to find your site in case they need to type in the URL directly. Handout Resources: Create QR Codes: Create short URLs:
  21. 21. Responding to ReviewsFact: Every Star in a Review Leads to a 5-9% Jump in Revenues“Risk comes from not knowing what you’ re doing.” - Warren Buffett
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