Finding Your Brand Voice


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Finding Your Brand Voice

  1. 1. welcome finding your brand voice with
  2. 2. welcome Cindy Dashnaw Director of Public Relations Services Andrew Hayenga Director of Nonprofit Services Stephanie Perry Account Executive
  3. 3. today’s menu
  4. 4. defining brand merriam webster says: a trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer. a product line so identified.
  5. 5. defining brand american marketing association says: a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers.
  6. 6. defining brand so who is right? Merriam-Webster AMA
  7. 7. defining brand neither, really... but the AMA gets closer “or any other feature” is the key
  8. 8. defining brand bohlsen group says: a group of six interdependent features that feed off one another to foster the desired public perception of your organization’s work.
  9. 9. identifying your brand 1.  Communication goals – What actions do you want to encourage? 2.  Target publics – Who do you need to reach to accomplish your goals?
  10. 10. identifying your brand 3. Keywords/terms - What do you want to say? 4.  Tone/voice - What’s your organization personality? 5.  Logo/visual elements - What do you look like? 6.  Value/substance - What makes you stand out?
  11. 11. living your brand how does an organization incorporate their brand across multiple communication platforms?
  12. 12. living your brand
  13. 13. living your brand
  14. 14. living your brand
  15. 15. living your brand
  16. 16. owning the brand nonprofits are all about authenticity so … your board, staff and volunteers must reflect your brand to make your messages ring true.
  17. 17. owning the brand however you say it: •  singing from the same songbook •  repeating the mantra •  knowing the script whose associated with your NFP must be able to verbalize your brand
  18. 18. owning the brand minimum knowledge base decide how much you need every staff, board member and volunteer to be able to articulate. •  •  •  •  •  mission statement? core audiences? program focus? URL, social media handles? how to give?
  19. 19. owning the brand it’s one thing to remember … it’s another to comprehend. only those who comprehend can then carry your message for you.
  20. 20. owning the brand how much is too much? •  Thomas Smith: 20 times •  Rule of 7 •  Takes 3 for simple awareness “Made to Stick” Heath brothers: No such number the key: repeat with variety
  21. 21. owning the brand be creative! ² BRIEF mission at the top of board, committee and staff agendas ² elevator speech on cards to hang in offices and cubicles ² tagline on business cards
  22. 22. owning the brand ² messaging in the employee handbook, social media policy, staff evaluations ² verbiage used in president’s reports, letters from the president (newsletters, annual reports)
  23. 23. owning the brand ? Where/how else could you share your messaging to help your staff, board and volunteers learn?
  24. 24. our wrap up ? what are your questions for us about brand?
  25. 25. your homework Go to Apply to our pro bono program Win PR free services
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