Superfast wireless in Lincolnshire


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Neil Tucker, AB Internet
INCA Seminar: Delivering Superfast Wireless Broadband 25/6/14

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Superfast wireless in Lincolnshire

  1. 1. Delivering Superfast Broadband in Lincolnshire. Neil J Tucker, Sales & Marketing Director INCA Seminar: Delivering Superfast Wireless Broadband Services People's History Museum, Manchester 25th June 2014 @abinternetltd
  2. 2. • Lincoln based Internet Service Provider with a national presence. • 50+ areas and communities across the most remote parts of Wales, England and Scotland • Delivering residential and small business broadband from 2Mb up to 50Mb from £14.99 per month • Specialising in the delivery of Superfast Broadband in a rural environment; primarily via fixed wireless access on a Multi vendor platform. • Deliver fibre and copper services from over 3,000 exchanges. • Unique software and network management capability. AB Internet…AB Internet…
  3. 3. East Lincolnshire Wireless Pilots 2012
  4. 4. The requirement.The requirement. • £300,000 ERDF funded project to bring high speed broadband to the East Coast. • 11 months from tender to contract (including SAC) • 1 year rollout
  5. 5. The coverageThe coverage • 9 Core PoPs, covering 6,358km2 • Mix of fully licensed and licence exempt equipment, 100% wireless backhaul to Lincoln • Multi gigabit fibre bearer to Manchester (IFL2 peering)
  6. 6. ……resulting inresulting in As envisaged by the original tender Total Core Infrastructure spend (Design & Build) £300,000 Total Premises in 1st Intervention zone 2000 Total Premises passed 2000 Cost per premises passed £150.00 As tendered by AB Internet Capital Spend £300,000 Total Premises in 1st Intervention zone 2000 Total Premises in 2nd Intervention zone 2500 Total Premises passed 4500 Cost per premises passed £66.67 As finally covered by AB Internet Capital Spend £300,000 Combined Premises of both intervention areas 4500 Premises covered in Incidental coverage 8000 Total Premises passed 12500 Cost per premises passed £24.00 A very successful project. •50, 25, 10, 4 and 2Mb delivered to homes in intervention areas •Most popular speed 10Mb •Customer/Operator funded client install successful. •909 service enquiries; 202 customers to date, 500 Target. •The real ‘kicker’ is the cost per premises passed:
  7. 7. ……benefitting from lessonsbenefitting from lessons • Beware of ‘wireless nay-sayers’ and ‘wireless vampires’; a socket on the wall is a socket on the wall. • Never underestimate the power of apathy • Engage with the T&C planning authorities early • Ensure your wireless service provider can deliver different grades of service across the same infrastructure –Sweating the asset and underpinning sustainability. • Cost of customer connection pivotal • The Council and the operator are the champions – synergy counts
  8. 8. Questions?Questions? March Ysceifiog Nercwys Pwll-Glas Rogerstone Ruthin Scothern Spilsby Snowdonia Bala Anglesey Denbigh GoldcliffeGraigfechan Llay Maerdy Ingoldmells Gwynedd Grosmont Langstone Holywell Greenfield Tulloch Dingwall Forest of Dean Strathayre Holbeach Llandenny Skegness Argyll Treuddyn Minting Lincoln Cold Harbour Skendleby Bardney Scampton Coningsby Northop Hall