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David Cullen's ITS presentation at INCA Seminar 30/10/2013 explaining their mixed technology fibre and wireless approach and ways to reduce investment risk and bring forward revenues in new projects.

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David Cullen ITS Technology Group

  1. 1. ITS Technology Group Reducing the Cost of Transformational Infrastructure David Cullen, Non-Executive Director
  2. 2. Currently Active GigaBit Infrastructures Aberdeen Kirklees Glasgow Oldham
  3. 3. Achieving A Sustainable Infrastructure The Challenge isn’t building it- it’s making it affordable! Attracting Investment: • Demonstrating strong long term returns to Infrastructure Investors. The easy part with a 3- Layer Operating Model (Passive Infrastructure Provider- Active Network Provider- Service Providers) • Demonstrating good short-term returns with minimised risk and clear ‘exit’ to project capital investors. The tricky part… (A) (B) The ITS Approach: • (A) Reduce the depth of the ‘Trough of Death’ by reducing implementation cost wrt to early take-up • (B) Secure early revenues to further reduce the impact of the trough and to accelerate Infrastructure Investment interest
  4. 4. Securing Early Revenues: the deployment and market relationship Residential Service Providers Business Service Providers Public Sector Anchor Tenants
  5. 5. Securing Early Revenues The ITS Vertical Integration Approach: Deliver Open Access Networks and Services into strategic layers (D) Partner with urban ISPs and aggregators/ brokers to enable open platforms (C) IT Managed Services and ITS Telecoms- Business Services Residential Service Providers Business Service Providers (B) ITS Networks wireless teamssupport MNOs with backhaul and site integration (A) Work with LA and other public sector to ‘underpin’ early deployment along with PSN partners Public Sector Anchor Tenants
  6. 6. Reducing the Cost of Implementation Three Well- Developed Strategies: 1. Infrastructure Re-Use. • Identify ‘stranded’ duct and fibre assets in public and private sectors • Utilise AssetCo-OpCo model to demonstrate long-term investment value 2. Stimulate Business Take-up through DCMS Voucher Scheme • Assisted with INCA in development of scheme • Accredited supplier at wholesale and network levels • Reduce retail installation costs- encourage switching 3. Wi-Fi in the First Mile • Leverage ITS Networks’ significant experience in wireless design and implementation (>300 sites supported nationally) • Site integration for municipal WiFi (under concessions), MNO FemtoCellsand Fixed Wireless Access for early adoption • Monitor demand and take-up; switch to FTTP/B when economically viable
  7. 7. THANK YOU Contact Us ITS Technology Group Voice: + 44 (0) 844 856 9966 Email: info@itstechnologygroup.com Website: www.itstechnologygroup.com
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