Brett Wilde - North Dorset Broadband


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Brett Wilde of Rala. Presentation to the INCA Rural Community Broadband Seminar, 06 March 2013

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Brett Wilde - North Dorset Broadband

  1. 1. INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  2. 2. INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  3. 3. The Easy Bit Project Framework• What needs to be done?• How are we going to do it?• Who is going to do it?• How are we going to pay for it? INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  4. 4. The Easy Bit 2 Set up the Bid Development Team• Chair• Team Leader• Financial Team leader• Technical Team Leader• LA & DCC / BDUK liaison• Political• Project Manager• Demand Stimulation – Surveys – Web site?• Press Officer• Administration INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  5. 5. The Clever Bit Engaging the Community• Community Partnership• Grass roots support Technical• Go for the best solution you can afford and afford it anyway Financial• Develop a sound business plan• Raise the finance• Invest in getting accurate costings Political• MP• District Council• County Council INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  6. 6. The Difficult Bit The Funder•Read the questions•Insist on confirmation that your proposed project meets the funderscriteria•Do not assume that the funder knows everything or indeed anything•You are likely to have better knowledge than the funder•Do not be cowed or overawed by local or central government•Play the Community card to the hilt•Supply all the data and do all the paperwork•Be meticulous•Stand your ground•Beware of the bears•Accept that if successful THEY will steal your thunder INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  7. 7. The Difficult Bit 2 – Writing the bid Project Overview Map Surveys EoI Response Letter 2012 Survey RCBF handbook North Dorset Business Park - NDBP Full application Form Bid to GROWING PLACES fund Appendix 1 & 2 NDBP Plot Layout Appendix 3 Management Information Part 1 Organisational Chart – Bid Part 2 Development Team Appendix 4 Organisational Chart – Project The Business Plan Management Team Articles of Association Milestones - Gantt Chart Appendix 5 – Community Data Book Maps Demographics Exchange Boundaries Demand Project Overview Broadband Landscape Trailway and Environment Appendix 6 – Technical Details English Heritage & Environment Appendix 7 – Everything Else Blandford Camp RCBF EoI Documents Trailway Business by Post Code Map – Dorset Speed Trailway Polygons Trailway Postcodes Map – BT Infinity NGA DCC Support Letter Condorfast Support Letter INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  8. 8. The Difficult Bit 3 – Writing the bid Letters of Support Superfast Dorset Support MP Letter MEP DCC Support Letter DCC NDDC Annexes to LBP LEP Condorfast Support Letter Maps Business data Trailway environmental Trailway Businesses Designations Major Sector Count Scheduled Ancient monuments Businesses per Post Ancient Woodland Codes AONB Fisher Mazes Case Study Conservation areas DT11 Documents Historic parks and Gardens DT11 Constitution National Nature Reserves Copy of appendix to 2012 SNCI Broadband Survey SSSI CPEND North Dorset Dorset Local Broadband Plan Data – Broadband Review LBP 2011 survey Report Connecting Dorset Fast Local Broadband Plan INCA Seminar 6th March 2013
  9. 9. Fibre to everything We’re passionate about the best communication possibleBrett Wilde, Rala AB2013
  10. 10. Be on top of your network - everywhereBrett Wilde, Rala AB2013
  11. 11. Pre-project Pre-project Estimation Estimation Decision Decision Execution Execution Contractor Contractor Support SupportTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  12. 12. Rala’s service • Free, cloud based, accessible everywhere • Identify properties/customers using Google or postal mapping • Join the dots to form a network route • Identify a potential backhaul location • Export to CAD to develop design • Outputs • Maps • Fibre location, capacities and splice points • Cabinet and access chamber locationsTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  13. 13. Support fibre heroes – capture interestTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  14. 14. buildfibre.comTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  15. 15. buildfibre.comTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  16. 16. buildfibre.comTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  17. 17. Deliverables • Bill of materials and labour costs required for passive network build • Based on 10+% over capacity for secondary opportunities • High level design for discussion with contractor/s (facilitate detailed local survey) • Evaluate alternative scenarios based on survey • Compare with benchmarks (FTTH Council*) • Refine design, develop workflowsTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  18. 18. DeliverablesTobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  19. 19. Questions? 0782 558 7736Tobias Ahl, VD, Rala AB2012
  20. 20. INCA Seminar 6th March 2013