2011 Indiana Bar Foundation annual report


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2011 Indiana Bar Foundation annual report

  1. 1. Toward a J ust & C ivil SocietyIndiana Bar Foundation 2011 Annual Report
  2. 2. A Word fromMichael P. Bishop, BoardPresident2011-2012 It has been a privilege to serve as president of the Indiana Bar Foundation. Throughout the year, I have witnessed civility, stewardship and justice by my colleagues in the Indiana Bar as they helped the Foundation pursue its mission. The momentum of change continues. This forward motion is propelling the Foundation’s programs to the sound depth of its core mission.Board of Directors Please know you play an integralStaff role in the mission by helping introduce more of your colleagues to the programs and by supporting the programming with your time, your expertise and your financial support.
  3. 3. Access to Justice
  4. 4. Actions & Achievements
  5. 5. Improving Access to Justice The need for pro Need bono legal services for services for the poor is increasing at a time Revenu IOLTA revenue is e down 23% *. for *FY 2011 services
  6. 6. Achievements include: • New Cy Pres Rule • Indiana Appellate Pro Bono Project • Unbundling Rule Change and Related Limited Scope Representation Pro Bono Projects
  7. 7. for pro bonoservice John Pushor
  8. 8. Pro Bono Publico AwardsHonorees Evansville Bar Association won two awards – one for pro bono and one for Two of the law–related education. winners - Jackie Bennett (left) and Andrew Campbell (below) - are shown here. Read more about 2011 honorees recognized at annual Randall T. Shepard Celebration. Join us Friday, October 26, 2012.
  9. 9. Access to JusticeGivan LRAP assists new attorneys working in legal aid and pro bono organizations $175,000 Goal See whois helping yourneighbors How you can help ?
  10. 10. Civics
  11. 11. Actions & Achievements
  12. 12. s Proble 48 th in Voter Registration mThe Indiana Civic 44 th in VotingHealth Indexdocumented thechallenges for civicengagement. FormerU.S. Congressman LeeHamilton joined IndianaSupreme Court ChiefJustice Randall Shepard tobring highlights of the Indexto public attention, includinga private discussion withGovernor Mitch Daniels. Learn what other leaders think about civic education in this short video.
  13. 13. Solution Solution: Civic Education Students from St. Joseph Middle School, Fort Wayne, answer questions about constitutional principles at the 2012 State Finals. Your donations make it possible for the students to demonstrate their knowledge in a competitive environment.
  14. 14. From Munster Student to American DiplomatKatherineNtiamoah willbecome a U.S.diplomat inMexico protectingAmerican citizensabroad in June2012. Katherinestudied We ThePeople in highschool in Munster.Read more ofKatherine’s story.
  15. 15. Visionary Firms3 Firms Pledge $10,000 to Support Long Term Civic Education Your firm can help too! Learn how.
  16. 16. RecognizingExcellence
  17. 17. Legendary Lawyer 2011 Leslie Duvall Life Fellow State Senator Public Servant Read more about Les Duvall’s professional achievements and the celebration honoring his career.
  18. 18. Donors The Board of Directorsgratefully acknowledgesthe generosity of those whose financial investments make this mission possible. For a complete list of 2011 donors, please visit our website.
  19. 19. Fellows The Fellows are the most dedicated supporters of the mission. Fellows embody the legal profession’s ideals in practice, deed and spirit.Life Patron Fellows Life Master FellowsClyde D. Daniel W. Bradford, Indianapolis Eric M. Cavanaugh, IndianapolisCompton, Merrillville Paul J. Corsaro, IndianapolisRobert P. Jack G. Hittle, NoblesvilleKassing, Indianapolis Linda K. Meier, Greenwood Steven A. Spence, IndianapolisJohn K. Stephen J. Williams, Fort WayneMcBride, LafayetteLife FellowsPeyton L. Berg, Daniel K. Burke, Kenneth Collier-Magar, Hon. Roger B.Cosbey, Katharine Van Ost Jones, Timothy E. Kalamaros, Eric A.Manterfield, James J. Olson, George T. Patton, Jr., Peter M. Racher, Liberty L.Roberts, Rodney T. Sarkovics, Melanie M. Sterba, John F. Townsend, III, William C.Wagner and Sean T. White
  20. 20. Financials For an enlarged image, simply To review the 2011 click and drag on the corner of this image. balance sheet, click here.
  21. 21. Thank You! If you would like to donate to the mission of the Indiana Bar Foundation, visit us online orcontact our executive director or director of development.