INA Board Annual Report 2010


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Information Network of Arkansas Board. Arkansas's Official eGovernment Provider 2010 Annual Report

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INA Board Annual Report 2010

  1. 1. INFORMATION NETWORK OF ARKANSAS BOARD A r k a n s a s ’s O ff i c i a l e G o v e r n m e n t P r o v i d e r 2010 A NNUAL R EPORT
  2. 2. Table of ContentsInformation Network of Arkansas Profile……………....…...............… 3Board of Directors...……………………........………………..........…....42010 Service Highlights- INA County and Local Services...........………………....................... 5- Mobile Payment Processing Portal............................ 7- Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing System................................. 9- Office of State Procurement - Professional Consulting Services Contract System…...........…...... …...........…...... ….......…............... . 11INA by the Numbers……………………………………......................... 13Security………………………………………………….......…................15Awards and Recognition…………………………………......................162010 New Services/Websites…………………........…........................ 17Top Government Services………………………........…...................... 20eGovernment Glossary…………………….................…..................... 21
  3. 3. Governor ’s LetterDuring my five years as Governor, I have workedcontinuously to make state government more accessibleto Arkansans and more efficient in its delivery of services.Over the past year, the state’s official Website introducednew features, allowing citizens to search for informationand resources more easily, whether online, via mobilesmartphones, or iPhones. The newly launched mobile payment portal, the Concealed Handgun CarryLicensing System, and the many county and local servicesavailable to citizens have proven to be great successes.More than ever before, Arkansans are accessing government services online,and the recent updates provide a more user-friendly experience on computers orSmart Phones. To see the Web portal, go to It’s designed to keepthe public informed about our state, and it provides links that can take you to ouronline services, to people who can help you, and to recent news stories.Arkansas has become a national leader in using technology to make governmentmore responsive, and it will be exciting to see where we are headed in the future.In 2010, the state’s Website was again named one of the best state governmentsites in the nation, receiving a second-place ranking by the Center for DigitalGovernment. This research institute has ranked in the top-10 stateWebsites for each of the past five years. The State offers more than 1,000 onlineservices, giving you convenient and efficient access to state government fromhome or from your mobile devices. The portal also helps Arkansans connectwith many of our state agencies through social media sites, including Facebook,Twitter, and Flickr.As technology continues its rapid development, Arkansas will strive to continueleading the nation in serving our citizens with these new technologies. Under myadministration, the most efficient and innovative Web portal has been created tomeet the needs of Arkansans, and we will continue to provide a more accessibleand user-friendly state government.Sincerely,Mike Beebe
  4. 4. INA Board Chair LetterIn 2010, mobility was a key effort for the InformationNetwork of Arkansas, which resulted in Arkansas beingthe first state in the nation to offer a secure mobilepayment solution. This allowed Arkansans the option topay for many online government services via a smartphoneor other mobile device.In 2010, the Center for Digital Government ranked portal second in the nation among stateweb sites. The state also won Digital Government Achievement Awards for site and the Office of State Procurement – ProfessionalConsulting Services Contract System. INA was a recipient of a NASCIOCross-Boundary Collaboration and Partnership award for the ArkansasUniversal Financial Aid Management System. Additionally, INA developedand launched 112 new online services and web sites for the State of Arkansas.The innovative solutions that INA continues to offer and deliver each year makethem a leader in the industry and the state of Arkansas. As trends continue tochange and evolve, it will be intriguing to see what INA will deliver in 2011.It has been my pleasure to serve as the INA Board Chair for the past five years.On behalf of the INA Board members, we hope you find the annual report auseful reference for Arkansas state government services and that it providescutting edge solutions for your organization as well.Sincerely,Peggy GramINA Board Chair
  5. 5. Information Network of Arkansas ProfileThe Information Network of Arkansas (INA) Board was created in 1995 and operatesunder the authority of Arkansas code 25-27-101 et. seq. with the statutory responsibilityof assisting the state in exploring and improving citizen and business access to publicinformation and services. INA is a State Governing Board that consists of individuals fromboth the public and private sector that represent different communities of interest.The objective of INA is to improve the accessibility of Government in the form of publicinformation or electronic transactions. These transactions may be between Citizens andGovernment, Businesses and Government or between Governmental Agencies andoffices. INA manages the State’s web portal and provides secureonline payment processing through Arkansas GovPay, the State’s payment portal.Operating under a self-funded model, the INA network, its infrastructure, employees,office space and equipment are fully funded through portal convenience/transaction feesassociated with information requiring limited access by statute and electronic filings thatrequire a fee. The State does not appropriate any funds for this network. State servicesthat do not have a fee remain free to businesses and citizens. State and local agenciesdo not pay for the development or hosting of the online services. If agencies needexpedited development services, INA may charge rates consistent with state publishedrates for each biennium.In 2010, INA developed 112 new services and Websites for the citizens and businessesof Arkansas and processed more than $2.07 billion in transactions for state and localagencies. INA also made significant investments in the portal by implementing aMicrosoft SharePoint environment for Website content management along with a newcommon look and feel for agency Websites. The solution allows agencies to keepcontent fresh and relevant for the citizens of Arkansas.The Information Network of Arkansas provides non-partisan support for more than 256government agencies, boards, and commissions and has created more over 1,000 onlineservices at no cost to the agencies or using state appropriated funds. The Arkansas.govWebsite was named one of the top two state web portals in the nation in 2010. At INA weare proud of the work that has been accomplished on behalf of the State of Arkansas.www.ina.arkansas.gov1 State Agencies do not pay for development of online services under the INA self-fundedtransaction model. 3
  6. 6. Board of DirectorsINA Board Members Peggy Gram (Chair) Ron Pitts Representing Arkansas Secretary of State Representing Public Accountancy 501-682-3453 501-374-9977 Ann Purvis Aaron Stewart Representing Department of Finance Representing Chamber of Commerce and Administration 870-238-9300 501-682-5242 Michael Gaines Glen Colvert Representing Arkansas Economic Representing Bankers Association Development Commission 501-312-5556 501-682-1124 Dick Wyatt Matt Cashion Representing Arkansas Department of Representing Independent Insurance Agents Health and Human Services 501-975-9975 501-320-3993 Claire Bailey Nancy Arn Representing Department of Representing Arkansas Public Library Information Systems Association 501-682-5148 870-863-5447 Chuck Myers Harold Evans Representing Science and Technology Authority Representing Arkansas Bar Association 501-683-4403 501-372-8000 Phil Billingsley Network Manager Representing Arkansas Information Consortium 501-324-8913 4
  7. 7. 2010 Service HighlightsINA County and Local ServicesPersonal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments: The Information Network ofArkansas continues to work with County officials in order to expand their online servicesthroughout the state. In 2010, INA developed additional 44 services for four newcounties. The tax services include Online, Telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR),Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Mobile payment options for citizens. These new serviceswill allow county residents to pay for their property and real estate taxes with a creditcard or e-check. Currently 36 counties offer the ability to pay personal property and realestate taxes using the GovPay payment engine. These countiesrepresent almost 75% of the State’s population. Check Restitution Payments: This service allows defendants the ability to paytheir restitution and fee payments online via credit card for hot checks written andprosecuted for restitution. Offenders can go online to make restitution and possiblyprevent a warrant from being issued for their arrest. INA is currently providing thisservice to 42 counties in Arkansas. Record Payments: The online court records application allows businesses andcitizens to search the county court records index for free. Court images may also bepurchased and downloaded from the service. and Court Payments: This service allows courts to accept court, traffic andparking tickets, bonds and fine payments online or over the counter (OTC). This servicecan be standalone or integrate with any case management system. Payments may bemade by credit/debit card or by electronic check. INA also provides payment processingservices for the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts eTraffic; www.LRtickets.orgCity Utility and Permitting Payments: This service allows cities to offer online and overthe counter (OTC) payments for water, waste disposal, and city permitting. This servicecan be standalone or integrate with any backend database solution. Payments may bemade by credit or debit card. of these services were created using the INA self funded business model. Thecounties do not pay for any development, maintenance, customer support, hosting orpayment processing of these applications or services. 5
  8. 8. Serving 55 Counties in Arkansas and 91%of the population $40 Million Property and Real Estate Tax Payments Hot Check Restitution Payments Totaling More Than $370,000 Court Records Online Traffic and Court Fine Payments 44 New Services Added 6
  9. 9. Mobile Payment Processing PortalThe new Mobile Payment Processing Portal launched in March 2010 andfeatured secure payments for three high-volume online government services: InmateTrust Account Deposits; Probation and Parole Supervision and Restitution Payments; andPulaski County Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payments.The expansion of the mobile optimized payment solution, which was the nation’s firstsecure mobile payment solution, was designed to serve Arkansans on the go. The mobileapplications take advantage of the same GovPay payment processing engine as the onlinesolution and can be deployed in a short amount of time. A percentage of users that wouldhave made their payment through a telephone interactive voice response system (IVR) canuse the new mobile services to make a payment 3-4 minutes faster.These mobile applications provide a convenient, simple, and secure option for users toaccess government services and are available on all smartphone operating platforms,including iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android, Windows Mobile, and Palm.Throughout the year, 27 additional Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Payment optionswere added along with Secretary of State’s Mobile Certificates of Good Standing. This list ofapplications was preceded by the Arkansas Game and Fish’s Game Check. Below is alisting and description of the mobile services available and can be found on your mobiledevice at Deposit Service | Department of CorrectionDeposit money into an inmate’s trust or pre-pay phone accountProbation and Parole Payments | Department of Community CorrectionPay monthly supervision, drug court, or restitution feesPersonal Property and Real Estate Taxes | 28 Arkansas CountiesSearch for parcel information and pay installments or the total amount due on personalproperty and real estate taxesMobile Certificate of Good Standing | Arkansas Secretary of StateSearch businesses registered to do business in the state of Arkansas, purchase acertificate that contains a validation code which may be verified by any party requiringproof of good standingGame Check | Arkansas Game and Fish CommissionAllows hunters throughout Arkansas to check their deer and turkey kills 7
  10. 10. 1st State in the Nation to Offer Secure Paymentswith a smartphoneProcessed over $600,000 in Mobile PaymentsNumber of Mobile Payments in 2010 Inmate Deposit Service 4,218 Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes 1,435 Probation and Parole Payments 955 Game Check 25,535 8
  11. 11. Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing Suite of ServicesThe Arkansas State Police Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing System (CHCL) is anInternet based end-to-end workflow management system used to manage and issueconcealed handgun carry licenses. In January 2008, the first phase of the system waslaunched to replace the agency’s aging back office management system. The goal ofthe system was to reduce the backlog of applications and issue licenses in a timeliermanner. After the first year of operation, the backlog was reduced from eight months to120 days for new applications and from three months to a couple of weeks for renewals.In the past few years, the Arkansas State Police has launched additional onlineapplications for license renewals, new license applications, application status checkand the CHCL instructor search. All of these services are tightly integrated with thebackend system to provide real-time data to licensees and the Arkansas State Police.The new CHCL system completely reengineered the Arkansas State Police’s internalprocesses and created efficiencies in the department. Prior to the system, applicationswere stored in multiple bins based on their status and no one could locate applications.Now they can look up applicants in the processing queue to get the status at any pointin the process. The old system required hand keying the license number into the olddatabase which was prone to errors. To eliminate errors, the new system assigns thelicense number and updates the applicant’s driving record automatically. Security anddurability of the licenses was a big concern of the Arkansas State Police so the newlicenses are issued on pre-printed badges with the official State Police logo and thelicensee’s driver license photo.Since the launch of the CHCL system in 2008, the Arkansas State Police has continuallystrived to implement a paperless application process and reduce the paper files storedin multiple file cabinets. The Arkansas State Police now scans any paper documentsfor an application into the CHCL system and does not create a folder for the applicant’ 9
  12. 12. 17,755 Total new Applications processed9,102 Total renewal apps processedReduced Processing Time 8 months - 3 months New Applications Renewals 3 months - 2 weeksOver 77,000 Active Number of Licenses 10
  13. 13. Office of State ProcurementProfessional Consulting Services Contract SystemThe submission of Professional Consulting Services (PCS) contracts has been greatlyimproved by the development and utilization of the Office of State Procurement OnlineContract and Amendment Submission Application. This online utility provides users aneasy method for submitting professional consulting services contracts, as well as allsupporting documentation, to the Office of State Procurement (OSP) and to LegislativeCouncil for review and approval.Contracts for professional services or consultant services, with amounts exceeding$25,000, must be presented to the Legislative Council for approval before the executiondate of the contract. The Legislative Council provides the OSP with their review within 30days after receipt of the proposed contract. Before review by the Legislative Council, thecontract must first undergo initial review by OSP as well as other agencies as needed.The online process allows for easy access by all involved parties and expedites theapproval process.The introduction of the new online application allows all required parties the ability tosubmit Professional Consulting Services Contracts and amendments, faster, easier, andmore efficiently, expediting the entire approval process by the Legislative Council. Theapplication also provides a method for public users to view status information on PCScontracts, easily and efficiently.Since the launch of the application in March 2010, over 5,000 state contracts havebeen submitted through this process. The length of time for processing contracts hasbeen reduced from three months to less than six weeks, saving valuable man-hours,resources, and providing greater efficiencies for the state.Approximately 202 agencies, boards, commissions, and institutions of highereducation currently have access to the OSP Online Contract and AmendmentSubmission application. Public users are also able to access the contract informationonline, which aligns with the state initiative of a transparent government service. TheOSP requires all contracts submitted for Professional Consulting Services that exceed$25,000 to be submitted online via this 11
  14. 14. 5,000 State Contracts Awarded Since March 2010Process Time Reduced from 3 months to 6 weeksPaper Savings is Over 200,000 Sheets Per Year200 State Agencies, Boards, Commissions andInstitutions of Higher Education Access the ApplicationRecent News and Featured Projects 12
  15. 15. INA by the Numbers 57.5 million page visits4.087 million transactions$2.07 billion processed through portal $1.8 million in sales and use tax and withholding tax 737 online services developed and supported 256 state and local partners 20 new websites in 2010 3,881 state agency users supported 5,482 jobs posted 309,881 applications processed 13
  16. 16. INA by the Numbers 112 new Services in 2010 65 agency services 47 county and local services 23 value-added services; limited access by statute, requiring authentication subscriptions with monthly billing 11,264 subscriber accounts with monthly billing 28,392 help desk phone calls 4,368 live help chats in 2010 1,491 application changes requests 3,700 facebook and twitter followers 3 tier support team 14
  17. 17. SecurityInformation and Payment Processing SecurityThe Information Network of Arkansas takes its responsibility as the state board providinge-government services in Arkansas very seriously. INA recognizes that not only shouldthere be a focus on the government more efficiently conducting its business, but also onthe citizens being assured that all possible efforts are being made to ensure that theirinformation is used solely for the purposes they intended.Portal Information SecurityEmployees, project requirements, development practices and infrastructure hostingservices must meet rigorous security standards to protect our state and local governmentpartners. A security review is required and conducted on all new and modified softwarecode before being released to the public and adheres to strict privacy guidelines.Payment SecurityAs the payment processor for the State of Arkansas, INA complies with the PaymentCard Industry/Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS). PCI/DSS contains more than 60specific requirements for ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of payment informationsubmitted. INA conducts a full re-assessment of its compliance with PCI/DSS annuallyand receives quarterly scans from an approved scanning vendor. In 2010, INA securelyprocessed over 4.1 million payments for the State of Arkansas. These transactionsaccounted for over $2.07 billion through the portal’s payment processor.In addition to compliance with PCI/DSS, INA holds additional security certifications. TheINA partnership with Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Crime Information Centermandates that INA comply with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)security policy. INA also undergoes an enterprise-wide security assessment as part of theVerizon/CyberTrust Security Management Program (SMP).In recognition of all of its ongoing achievements and innovation in security, INA receivedan Excellence Award for “Innovation in protecting the privacy and integrity of citizeninformation” from the National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council. National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council Excellence Award Winner – “Innovation in protecting the privacy and integrity of citizen information” The State Portal and Payment Processor Security Initiative 15
  18. 18. Awards and Recognition2010NASCIO Center for Digital GovernmentWinner - Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Digital State SurveyPartnerships - Arkansas Universal Financial Aid 12th Place - State of ArkansasManagement System 2007Center for Digital Government Best of Web Center for Digital Government Best of Web2nd Place - State Portal Finalist - State PortalDigital Government Achievement Award Digital Government Achievement AwardHonorable Mention - Winner - Franchise Tax SuiteHonorable Mention - Office of StateProcurement – Professional Consulting 2006Services Contract System Center for Digital Government Best of Web 5th Place - State PortalJuggle.comTop Government Website Digital Government Achievement Award Honorable Mention - IT Budget Planning2009 SystemCenter for Digital Government Best of Web3rd Place - State Portal Center for Digital Government Digital States SurveyDigital Government Achievement Award 6th Place - State of ArkansasWinner -, iPhoneApplication 2005 Digital Government Achievement AwardDigital Government Achievement Award 3rd Place - Inmate Banking Deposit ServiceHonorable Mention - Arkansas Departmentof Finance and Administration CommercialDriver Alcohol and Drug Reporting System Brown University State eGov Rankings 11th Place2008 2004Center for Digital Government Best of Web Center for Digital GovernmentFinalist - State Portal Digital State Survey 9th Place - State of ArkansasNational Electronic Commerce International Association of CorporateCoordinating Council AdministratorsFirst Place - The State Portal Merit Award - Secretary of State’sand Payment Processor Security Initiative Leadership in the New MillenniumFirst Place – Innovation in the use of socialnetworking to enhance citizen involvement in 2003government - Governor Mike Beebe – News Center for Digital Government Best of WebRoom and Website. 5th Place - State Portal 16
  19. 19. 2010 New Services/WebsitesAgency ServiceAgriculture Department, Arkansas WebsiteAquaculture Division, Arkansas Hosting SiteArkansas Alternative Energy Commission WebsiteArkansas Geographic Information Office Website hostingArkansas Industrial Energy Clearinghouse WebsiteArkansas Parole Board WebsiteAshley County Online Property Tax Payments Suite (Online, IVR, Counter, Mobile)Benton County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsBuilding Authority, Arkansas Logo DesignBuilding Authority, Arkansas WebsiteCalhoun County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsCarroll County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsCentral Arkansas Planning and Development District Conference RegistrationCity of Eureka Springs Water Utility PaymentsCleburne County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsColumbia County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsCommunity Correction, Department of IVR Probation and Parole Fee PaymentsCommunity Correction, Department of Mobile Probation and Parole Fee PaymentsCommunity Correction, Department of Probation and Parole Fee PaymentsCommunity Correction, Department of Probation and Parole Fee Payments KioskConway County IVR Property Tax PaymentsConway County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsCorrection, Arkansas Department of ACI Catalog eStore Shopping CartCorrection, Arkansas Department of ACI Catalog WebsiteCorrection, Arkansas Department of Mobile Inmate BankingCourts, Administrative Office of Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing ServiceCraighead County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsCrawford County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsCrime Information Center, Arkansas First Offender Probation Request CheckCrime Information Center, Arkansas IVR Outbound Phone & Email - Sex Offender Registry NotificationsCrime Information Center, Arkansas Sex Offender Registry Search/MappingCrime Lab, Arkansas State WebsiteCrittenden County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsCross County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsDental Examiners, Arkansas State Board of License Renewals - Dental AssistantsDental Examiners, Arkansas State Board of Roster Search - Dental AssistantsEngineers and Land Surveyors, Board of 3rd Party GovPay InteractionExaminers in Counseling, Board of Online License Application-pdfFaulkner County District Court AOC District Court Fine PaymentsFinance and Administration, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control online permit system 17
  20. 20. Agency ServiceFinance and Administration, Department of ARRA Agency Reporting Data FeedFinance and Administration, Department of Child Support Enforcement Online EstimatorFinance and Administration, Department of Child Support Enforcement Online SurveyFinance and Administration, Department of DFA Application Risk Engine - SSO integrationFinance and Administration, Department of Driver Services Online Reinstatement FeeFinance and Administration, Department of OPM class code admin moduleFinance and Administration, Department of Professional Consulting Services Online Contract and Amendment SubmissionFinance and Administration, Department of State Vehicle Inventory SearchFinance and Administration, Department of Surplus Disposal Form Bulk uploadForesters, Board of Registered License RenewalsForestry Commission, Arkansas Over the Counter (OTC) GovPayFranklin County Online Property Tax Payments Suite (Online, IVR, Counter, Mobile)Game and Fish Commission AGFC Shopping CartGame and Fish Commission Emma - eNewsletter & Marketing ServiceGame and Fish Commission Shooting and Archery Team Management SystemGame and Fish Commission WebsiteGarland County Online Property Tax Payments Suite (Online, IVR, Counter, Mobile)Geological Survey, Arkansas Report an Earthquake FormGovernor’s Office (GOV) eNewsRoom - MansionGovernor’s Office (GOV) Governor’s Mansion Virtual TourGovernor’s Office (GOV) Mobile Arkansas Works SearchHealth, Arkansas Department of eNewsRoomHealth, Arkansas Department of State Question DatabaseHealth, Arkansas Department of WebsiteHigher Education, Department of ADHE FAMS Phase 4 Warrants/ACHHigher Education, Department of Career Pathways Initiative Management SystemHot Spring County District Court AOC District Court Fine PaymentsHot Springs, City of eNewsRoomHuman Services, Arkansas Department of ARStateJobs Applicant Tracking Web ServiceIndependence County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsIndependence County District Court AOC District Court Fine PaymentsInformation Network of Arkansas Elected Officials SearchInformation Network of Arkansas Enterprise eStore Shopping CartInformation Network of Arkansas Near Me geoIPInformation Network of Arkansas Portal Widget FactoryJefferson County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsLabor, Department of Boiler Permit Invoice PaymentsLabor, Department of Elevator License RenewalLafayette County IVR Property Tax PaymentsLafayette County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsLittle River County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsLonoke County District Court AOC District Court Fine PaymentsMassage Therapy, State Board Of Website HostingMiller County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsMinority Health Commission Conference Registration 18
  21. 21. Agency ServiceNursing, State Board of Professional Consulting Services OnlineNursing, State Board of WebsiteOil and Gas Commission, Arkansas Over the Counter (OTC) GovPayOuachita County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsPharmacy, Arkansas State Board of XML Renewal ViewerPlant Board, Arkansas State Certified Bulk Wheat Grower Dealer Retailer ListPlant Board, Arkansas State WebsitePoinsett Mobile Property Tax PaymentsPope County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsPulaski County Circuit Clerk Payments-OnlinePulaski County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsPulaski County OTC Circuit Clerk Court Fine PaymentsPygmalion Commission on Nontraditional Education Website HostingReal Estate Commission, Arkansas WebsiteSaline County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsSebastian County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsSebastian County OTC County Clerk PaymentsSecretary of State Disclosure by Members of the General Assembly (DMGA) Advanced SearchSecretary of State Extra Income Disclosure (EID) Advanced SearchSecretary of State Mobile Certificates of Good StandingSecretary of State Mobile Corporations SearchSecretary of State Mobile Elections Voter ViewSecretary of State Capitol Online Interactive TourSecretary of State Statement of Financial Interest (SFI) Advanced Financial Disclosure SearchSecretary of State Voter Registration & Absentee Ballot Application Request for Overseas & Military (Move Act)Social Work Licensing Board Act 1489 Submission FormState Library Agency Publication Notification FormState Library WebsiteState Police, Arkansas CHCL New ApplicationsState Police, Arkansas State Police OTC GovPayTobacco Settlement Commission, Arkansas WebsiteUnion County Online Property Tax Payments Suite (Online, IVR, Counter, Mobile)Washington County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsWhite County Mobile Property Tax PaymentsWorkforce Services, Department Applicant Tracking Web Service 19
  22. 22. Top Government ServicesArkansas, one of the leading Government States, has implemented over 1000 onlineGovernment services for Government to Business, Government to Citizen, andGovernment to Government functions since 1997. Below are a few of the top services.Visit for a complete listing.Business Services Agency Services Criminal Background Checks Service IT Budget Planning System Business Entity Searches and Filings – State Vehicle Reporting and 1st state Safety Systems Uniform Commercial Code UCC Agency Surplus Disposal Form Searches & Filings Citizen Services Business Tax Filings Arkansas State Jobs – 1st state Franchise Tax Filing Child Support Payments Unemployment Insurance Tax Filing Citizen Alert System Attorney General Opinions Search City Business Licensing Child Support Employer Payments City Traffic and Court Ticket Payments Commercial Vehicle Driver Watch Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing System Food Permit Renewals County Court Records Motor Vehicle Driver Records County Property Tax Payments (OTC, Motor Vehicle Title, Registration, and online, mobile, IVR) Lien Search Forestry Commission Seedling Sales Professional License Renewals and Searches Game and Fish Permits & Game Check State Vendor Registration and Bid Game Check Online System proposal List Inmate Search & Banking Service Supreme Court Opinion and Appeals Probation and Parole Fee Payments Docket Search Legislative Bill Tracking & Code Search Workers Compensation Claim Search Mobile Payment ProcessingDemocracy Professional License Searches Financial Disclosure Online Filings and Sex Offender Registry Search Reports Search State Police Accident Records Election Night Returns Reporting and Results State Surplus Auction Voter Registration State Vehicle Inventory Search Voter View/Voter View Mobile - Voter Unclaimed Property Search, Registration, Polling Place Search Treasure Hunt Elected Officials Search YOUniversal Financial Aid Search and Application System 20
  23. 23. eGovernment GlossaryApplication - A service that allows users to interact electronically with government.Blog - A Website that provides commentary or news on a particular subject and oftencombines text, images and links to other blogs and Websites. Many blogs also feature aninteractive format that allows readers to leave comments.Content Management System (CMS) - A system that allows users to build and manageWebsites without requiring technical knowledge or complex software programs.Constituent – Citizens, businesses, and government employees who use INA’s onlineservices.Database - A database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in acomputer system. Security can be enforced through access control, auditing, andencryption.eGovernment – A platform for delivering government services via the Internet, telephone,mobile and over-the-counter methods.Encryption - Encryption is the process of transforming information using an algorithmto make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usuallyreferred to as a key. Encryption can be used to protect data in transit, for exampledata being transferred via networks, or to protect data “at rest”, such as files oncomputers and storage devices.Interactive Voice Response - IVR allows customers to access a service via a telephonetouchtone keypad or by speech recognition. IVR systems can respond with pre-recordedor dynamically generated options to further direct users on how to proceed. Servicesand secure payments and be completed using an IVR solution.Mobile Application/Site – A mobile application or Website is designed to run on ahandheld device such as a personal digital assistant (PDAs) smartphone. It is typically ascaled down version of an existing application or Website.Over-the-Counter – When government offices use card-swipe technology to acceptCredit card payments that are processed through INA’s secure payment-processingsolution.Partner – A state, county, or city government that works in cooperation with INA to deliverinformation and services electronically. 21
  24. 24. Payment Card Industry/Data Security Standard – Often referred to as PCI/DSS, thePayment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a worldwide information securitystandard assembled by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. Thestandard was created to help organizations that process card payments prevent creditcard fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise.Portal – A central Website through which a wide range of government services can beaccessed.Self-Funded Model – This business model allows government to offer eGovernmentservices without using upfront taxpayer funds. Arkansas uses a proven self-fundedbusiness model that applies a modest fee to a handful of online services. This hasfunded the development of more than 600 free services for the state.Smartphone - Mobile phone which includes functions similar to those found on personalcomputers. Operating platforms include the iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android,Windows Mobile and Palm.Social Networking – Websites in which Internet users can create profiles and buildpersonal networks to connect to other users.Subscription – A feature that allows high-volume users of eGovernment services toreceive access value-added portal applications with a secure login and password andmonthly billing services.Transaction – An end-to-end process in which information is transferred electronicallybetween government and a constituent.Usability – The combination of content, technology, functionality, navigation, andinformation architecture that allows users to quickly and easily accomplish what theyare trying to do on a Website.Web 2.0 – An emerging trend in Web development that encourages creativity, collaboration,and two-way communication between Internet users by effectively implementing wikis,blogs, Web, video, podcast, RSS feeds, and other social networking technologies.Web Video – Digital video clips that can be posted, downloaded and linked to on theInternet. Government agencies are now making use of Web video clips as a newopportunity to get their messages out to a larger audience.Wiki – Collaborative Websites that allows users to create, edit, and link content togetherto offer robust online information sources. 22
  25. 25. Information Network of Arkansas425 West Capitol, Metropolitan Tower, Suite 1620 Little Rock, AR 72201 Phone: (501) 324-8900 Email: