Beginners guide to internet marketing


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Fantastic guide to help not only new comers to internet marketing make money online. The guide has 3 clear methods of making money fast and consistently.

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Beginners guide to internet marketing

  1. 1. Beginners Guide ToInternet Marketing
  2. 2. Welcome to Internet Marketing!Im here to help you get started. Im going to keep this guide simple and easy to understand,I dont want to fill it with a bunch of fluff so let’s get right to it! OverviewWho is this guide for?This guide is for those that are not making enough money on the internet and want to makemore. Whether you’re truly new or if you’ve already spent some money and time on “setand forget, push a button get rich” systems just to find out it’s all a bunch of lies.Who is this guide NOT for?If you can’t create accounts on various sites without someone holding your hand then don’tread this.How much money can I make using this guide?If you follow this guide step by step and use all the tools and products I list in it you canexpect to make between $200-$400+ a month.How much will I have to spend?I have kept the costs to a bare minimum. I know most new Internet Marketers don’t/can’tspend a lot of money on new stuff. The total cost for everything in this guide is a minimumof $10 or a maximum of $37. Also, you can buy hosting and a domain name to get morefrom this method, but it’s not necessary.How much time will it take to set up and run?To set all this up will take roughly 2 hours. To maintain it will take about 3-4 hours a week.
  3. 3. Getting Started Make Your AccountsOk let’s make some money. Make an account on just for your IMpurposes. Make up a name, or come up with something like IMGuru as your username. Thisis easy and simple; you should have no trouble here. Just make the account, confirm theemail, and then *important* personalize it with a bio, picture (you can use Google images tofind one), and a personal background (again use Google images; look for a cool desktopwallpaper). For now, set your url as your twitter url ( Thats it fornow. Nothing more yet.Next go to and sign in with twitter. This will link your new account totwiends. Set your interests to internet marketing, marketing, blogging, social marketing,that sort of stuff. This will help focus your followers and let you target the ones who will bemost interested in your money making products (more on those below). Fill out all of yourinfo and you will get some free seeds. You wont be able to follow anyone yet because yourtwust score will be too low so just get your free seeds and move on for now. Well be backshortly.Now, go to and make an account. Link it to your twitteraccount and set it to auto follow anyone who follows you, and also set your direct messagesto auto send to everyone who follows you. Write a nice direct message for now, like "Hey!Thanks for following me!". GoodbyeThis is where I’m about to lose most of you. The weak, the greedy, the lazy, and thedoubting are about to be thrown into the wind and blown away like chaff. It’s time to makea decision that will change your life for the better, but it will cost money. Internet Marketingis not a free ride; it’s a form of investing. You spend a little one time, to make a lot of moneyover and over and over for years to come. Money begets Money. If you’re scared, lazy,greedy, or can’t believe you can really make something work then please stop wasting yourtime and apply for a regular job at McDonalds or Wal-Mart. It’s sad, but true. 90% of youwill not make it past this point, only 10% will continue. Which are you? Make your decisionand MOVE on it NOW. Don’t wait, don’t doubt. Just do.
  4. 4. The Money ShotWelcome back, you made the right choice to continue! Now, its time to make some moneywith this. The first way you’re going to make some money is by giving away a free ebookthat someone else has already made for you. Yep, you read that right. Go Here now anddownload the ebook yourself and read it all the way to the end and then come back here.Yeah... thats some powerful stuff right there. I hope a big glowing light bulb just went offover your head. I have made more money giving away this free ebook than anything elseand now you will too.It’s so simple it makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself, and people will buy it!I steadily maintain about a 10% conversion rate using the exact same methods I’m showingyou in this guide. It only costs $10 (or $37 if you want to make more money but only spend$10 if you want) to sign up for the program and to get your ebook copy. This will be THEBEST $37 you will EVER spend. Trust me. A single sale will make it all back to you.Now, copy the link to your new ebook and go back to social oomph. Go to your directmessages and write something like this “Hey! Thanks for following me!Here’s a FREE gift for being my friend! *your ebook link here+”. Spin it how you want, you getthe point. Make sure you shorten your link! I use or or I really like, it creates a much shorter url than, it’s customizable,and you don’t have to sign up for anything. Plus their stats are pretty awesome.Then log into twitter and enter your ebook link as your website/url. This is powerful too.Thousands of people will see your link here and many will check it out.Now, every time someone follows you on twitter, social oomph will automatically sendthem your affiliate link! That is some awesome power. You’ll also be giving away your newebook in several other places as well, I’ll show you where and how later in this guide but fornow all you have to do is get people to follow you on twitter... so let’s move on to step 2. Getting followersSo now that you have all this set up, how in the world do you get massive followers? It’ssimple really, if you know what you’re doing and what tools to use. Download Tweet attacksFREE version: (free version at bottom of page) Install it and enteryour twitter username and password into the software. Read the instruction manual thatcomes with it so you will know what to do. If you are not sent the instruction manual thendownload from here.
  5. 5. **BIG WARNING HERE** Do not follow/unfollow more than 500 people a day or you willsend a big red flag to twitter. Take your time, Twitter is not going anywhere.Here’s what to do:1. Open TweetAttacksFree (TAF).2. Go to the follow/unfollow module3. Load your account and set it to “follow other user’s followers” and type in the twitterusername of a famous Internet Marketer that usually caters to beginners.... like shoemoney,john chow, problogger or many many others (search the internet for more). Here’s a longlist of names: On the sidebar change tabs and set the options to follow between 490-510 followers.5. Make sure you only follow users who have a picture and you have not followed before(check boxes on left sidebar)6. Hit startNow it will begin following users for you while you do other things. This will only take youabout 2 minutes every day to run and it WORKS! Make sure you hit “save tasks” to savebefore closing. This way you can simply load the task and hit start every day.Unfollowing is basically the same...1. Load your account2. Select “unfollow”3. Set your options to (a. Unfollow between 490-510 users (b. Protect mutual followers (c.Only unfollow users followed at least 2 days ago. All this is set on the left sidebar.4. Hit startRemember to save your task when you’re done. Semi-Automating TwitterNow it’s time to start Tweeting! You’re going to need two tabs for this, open in one and in another. Search in Google for somereally generic terms, like “top 20 internet marketing” or “top 10 blogging”. Top lists get a lot
  6. 6. of clicks! Pick a few dozen blog articles and just copy paste the title of the article and url intotwitter. If you need to shorten the url use or remember to make a tweet or two about your new ebook with a link for them to buy it.(Do not spam the link to your book. We don’t want to annoy people). Something like “I justfound the greatest marketing idea of all time – In a free ebook! *LINK HERE+”Once you have about 20 tweets (this should be pretty simple to do) in your timeline go to and use their scheduled tweets function to set up some futuretweets. Use the same process you did in the steps above to set up about 7 days’ worth oftweets at 3-4 hour intervals. Don’t forget to drop in a link to your ebook at least once a day(not too many times remember!). This will give your new followers something to read andmake you look active.All this seems like a lot of work, I know, but it’s really not. The 2-3 hours a week spent isreally minimal for what you will get out of it. There are ways of automating all of it too,which I will cover in a later guide. It’s Twiends Time!Now for the secret twitter juice you need! Since you’ve put some tweets in your timeline,followed some people (and hopefully have some followers back) it’s time to go back to and log in. You should be able to follow some users now, if not justcome back tomorrow and it will let you. Go into your settings, click the twitter tab, click edit,and set your drop rate to the lowest recommended (in the green). You’ll have to play withthis a bit over time. If you’re getting a lot of unfollows then move it to the left some and ifyou’re not getting friends fast enough move it to the right a bit. A little seems to be a lot, sodon’t move it too much per test. Click save, go to the main screen, sort users by yourinterests and click away!I usually follow anyone in my interests as long as they offer at least 1 seed. I will also followusers who are offering a lot of seeds (4 or more) outside of my interests. Just rememberthat the point is to target your followers as much as possible so don’t just follow everyone.If you keep a small seed surplus (600 a day or so) you will get about 100-150 new followersevery day from twiends alone!If you decided to, you could stop now and just use the method I have highlighted and themethods above will help you make good money. However, if you wish to make even moremoney (and why wouldn’t you?) then you should also use the methods below.
  7. 7. Sponsored TweetsOnce you have at least 100 tweets it’s time to introduce a whole new money makingmethod into your arsenal, Sponsored Tweets. Go to and signup. You should be auto approved if you have at least 100 tweets (but you can still join upwith a lot less) and a few hundred followers. For now ignore the flashy $0.02 a click offers.Don’t even mess with them; you’re worth a whole lot more. You’re looking for paid tweets.In your account options you want to set your cost per tweet, a.k.a what you will get paid pertweet by advertisers. Sponsored Tweets will recommend something probably around $5,you can start there if you like but you won’t get many offers. I recommend you try $1 - $2 tostart. As you gain followers and klout (Visit to track it) you can raise yourprice. Someone with 5,000 followers and a Klout score around 40-50 could charge about $5a tweet. You will know when you need to lower your price because you won’t be getting anyoffers. Advertisers like to pay around $.25 a click. They base this on your avg clicks per ad vsyour price per tweet so it’s easy to adjust.On an account of mine I averaged about 30 clicks per tweet with roughly 7,000 followers. Ihad a Klout score of 50 and a FAR score (some made up metric of Sponsored Tweets) of 4. Iwouldn’t say that was anything special. I was charging $3 per tweet and would get about 3 aweek. That’s $36 a month for tweeting, not a bad start is it! That will pay for your hostingand an aweber account for a newsletter, or backlinks or other SEO for the whole month.That’s what it’s all about at this level....doing a few small things that don’t take much time topay for bigger and better things that take even less time!I moved my price up to $4 and got about two per week, so I moved it back down to $3. Playwith your numbers and find your sweet spot. For reference, John Chow charges about $115per tweet, but his FAR score and cost per click are pretty off the scale!While you’re here at sponsored tweets take a minute and sign up for their affiliate program.Make 3-4 different tweets and add them into your future timeline on SocialOomph. Aboutonce a day is enough. Once you have a few thousand followers you can increase it to abouttwice a day.Remember those $0.02 tweets I told you to ignore? Well, good. Ignore them. Until you candrive significant traffic to a link (Tweet Attacks Pro with multiple accounts is great at this!)don’t bother. Sometimes you will see a 100% approved offer for $.20 to $.40 per click. Takethese! Keep your eye out for them, they come and go fast. Do everything you can to getusers to click these links! I’ve gotten 99 clicks on a $.37/click free ipad app offer once. It wasa good day. Make the best out of these offers, but be careful retweeting them on theaccount you have connected to Sponsored Tweets. They could ban you.
  8. 8. Gig me!Ok, so now you have a semi-automated and active twitter account, your very own ebookthat pays you $37 a sale, advertisers sending you paid tweets, as well as a small but growingpassive referral system. All these systems make you money while you sleep. All you have todo is check your email once a day and spend about 2 hours a week feeding socialoomphmore tweets. You should be making some money by now, not a lot but enough to make youfeel like you’re getting somewhere. We can’t stop here though; it’s time to take it to thenext level.Join, MultiTaskr, and GigBucks. These are the best gig sites. Fiverr has a lotof buyers but 100x more competition than MultiTaskr or GigBucks. By putting your gigs onall three you will get many more sales overall.Now you’re probably wondering what sort of gig you can do. Good, you’re thinking! Wellfirst off, you already have two gigs; do you know what they are? One is your ebook. Yep,that’s right. You’re going to charge $5 for the time it takes you to send your ebook tosomeone. Not only will you make the $5 ($4 actually after commission) on top of yourebook sale, but if they don’t buy your ebook at least you made a sale!Secondly, if you have a few thousand followers on Twitter you can make a gig saying thatyou will tweet a message and link to all of your followers. You don’t have to tell them howmany followers you have. This is just like charging $4 on Sponsored Tweets, and gigs like thissell often.Something else that works well is a gig like “I will add your site to *digg/stumbleupon+ for$5” It takes just a couple of minutes to fill out the info to submit a site, but a lot of peopleare too lazy or just don’t know how. I sold tons of these gigs.You’re going to need about 20 gigs in total. I doubt many of us can do 20 different things for$5. The secret is to find things that are super quick to do. If it takes you 30 minutes tocomplete a gig you only made $8 an hour. But if you can complete a gig in 5 minutes, thenyou just made $48 an hour! That’s decent wages.So what are 18 tasks you can complete in less than 5 minutes? Ebooks and pre-writtenarticles! All you have to do is download a few PLR ebooks or niche article packs, make a gigfor each one, and check your mail for orders!Where can you get hundreds of PLR ebooks and thousands of niche specific articles? Oneeasy is to sign up for this offer, just ignore the upsells and you can always unsubscribe later: you don’t want to give an email you can also download individual ebooks at:
  9. 9. A Google search will turn up some bazillion other sites where you can download free PLRproducts from also.When an order comes in just write them a simple message like “Hey, thanks for ordering mygig! I attached your ebook/article below. Thanks again!”, attach their product using thewebsite’s uploader, and click deliver! It takes less than 2-3 minutes to do this really, and Isold tons of gigs like this back when I first started.But wait a second, you’re not just going to give them what they asked for and walk away areyou? Heck no! You’re an Internet Marketer! You’re going to throw in a free bonus on everyorder! What is it? Your ebook of course! Make a small notepad file with a little thank youmessage in it that upsells your ebook but doesn’t give away what it is. Include a link andname the file “Your Secret Free Bonus!”. Make sure you include it with every order. Iguarantee they will read it, and 80% will download your ebook and read it too! You can geta lot of really great $37 sales this way. Never miss this chance to push your ebook! See howimportant your ebook is? Now I bet you’re glad you bought it!You want to rotate out your gigs that are not selling for other ebooks and articles. At least 1sale per gig per two weeks is good. As you get good feedback your sales will climb higherand higher. If you can manage 10 sales a week you’re going great, but with some advertisingyou could get 20 sales a day. 10 sales, at $4 profit per sale times 4 weeks is $160 a month onthe gig sites alone. That’s more than enough money to pay for most any service or tool youwill need to grow. You could easily get your own vps and a set of private proxies and pocketthe rest. SummaryWith roughly $160/month from gig sites, about $40/month from Sponsored Tweets, and$75/month from your ebook you should be grossing about $275/month now. Not a badstart is it? Also, when you get used to doing these methods you could start making a lotmore. You will also come across other ways to promote your ebook as time goes by, just addthese to your arsenal and start earning much much more. I hope you’ve found this guideuseful. I plan to expand it one day to show you how to free up more time, to 100%automate all of your tweets, and to show you where to go from here... because this is stilljust the beginning of your Internet Marketing career. Good luck my friends, I wish you thebest! Never stop learning, never stop trying... and never be distracted from your goals!Disclaimer: This guide is Copy Write Protected and is auto checked by CopyScape daily. Allearning figures are just examples based on what I have been earning. Nothing is guaranteedin life, you have to put in your own effort to make this work so I cannot guarantee anything.