10 Common Mistakes People Make During Business Presentations


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This short presentation captures some of the most common mistakes I\'ve seen people make when delivering their business presentations.

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10 Common Mistakes People Make During Business Presentations

  1. 1. www.impactunlimited.com.au
  2. 2. HOOK Starting without a 'grab' Fishing without a hook is pointless. So too is a presentation without a 'grab'. Therefore it's worthwhile starting with an engaging story, fact or statistic. Hold your audience in suspense or pose 1 a question. Make sure your hook is relevant and supports your message.
  3. 3. RAPPORT Rushing through with no rapport Don't rush to get to the detail. Once you've got your audience's attention, develop rapport with them. Give them insight into who you are, your background and why you're passionate 2 about your topic. Then unwrap your intention, agenda and the detail.
  4. 4. INTENTION No clearly stated intention A business presentation without a clear intention is like a ship without a rudder. Once you've cast your hook and built rapport, articulate your presentation's purpose, your main 3 point and why your topic is relevant to the audience.
  5. 5. EYE CONTACT Losing eye contact with people Poor eye contact with your audience communicates lack of confidence, uncertainty and mistrust. Research indicates good eye contact ranks as the most important component of a 4 successful presentation. So make the effort to maintain eye contact.
  6. 6. SLIDES Using busy slides Slides with masses of boring text and bullet points are an instant turn-off for an audience. The content of each slide should be uncluttered, bold and contain no more than four bullet 5 points. Don't be afraid to use a single eye-catching visual on a slide to support a point.
  7. 7. REHEARSAL Not knowing the slide content It's distracting for an audience when a presenter constantly turns around to look at slides on screen. If you've rehearsed your presentation, you will know what slides are coming up. As a 6 result there will be no need to lose eye contact with your audience.
  8. 8. PROPS Having no prop variation If appropriate and depending on the forum, use a variety of props in your presentation. Use a whiteboard, flip chart, powerpoint slides and physical objects to communicate your message. 7 This adds variety and helps maintain audience attention.
  9. 9. VOICE Using a monotonous voice If you want your audience to lose interest in what you're saying, present in a monotonous voice! Make the effort to vary your voice, change your pace and pause every now and then. Alter 8 your pitch and volume. This will help you add emphasis to your presentation.
  10. 10. MOVEMENT Staying in one spot A presenter who stays glued to one spot is not as effective or engaging as one who moves around while delivering a message. Movement adds variety and changes the dynamics of your delivery. 9 It's a sure way to maintain audience attention.
  11. 11. CALL TO ACTION No clear call to action at the end A business presentation with no clear call to action at the end always feels half-baked. Make certain your ending is clear and you issue a strong call to action. Your audience needs to know 10 exactly what you want them to do.