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Magazines - Duan Stokes, Magazines Ireland

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  • My name is Duan Stokes. Firstly, I’m the honorary Chairperson of Magazines Ireland – which is the industry body devoted to Magazine Publishers and their related spheres of influence. While this is very much an honorary position for my day job I’m the Publishing Director of Hot Press, which has been an independently owned & published Irish magazine since 1977. I suppose it’s fair to say we’ve generated our fair share of controversy over the years, but it’s also important to note that we’ve been in business that long because we’ve been able to consistently deliver an audience to advertisers.
  • My time today is relatively brief, and when I tell you that there were over 50 Irish based publishers and more then 350 titles being produced on an ongoing basis it’ll be pretty quickly clear that I won’t be able to give you a detailed exposition of the entire marketplace. So what I’ll aim to do is give you a brief feel for Who Are Irish Magazines – which follows neatly into Why Magazines as a medium work – particularly in relation to advertising – the key strengths that make it stand outWhere are Magazines going in the digital space – what are the challenges, how have the adapted and what key strengths make them outstanding digital partners. How Magazines do more then other media – they don’t just do ads, they don’t just do content the combine the entire package.
  • So magazines cover everything from Celebrity, through accountancy & business, to food and music. This is how we appeal to our audience, but what the creates is a platform where they are seen as imporant parts of peoples life, It’s
  • So we’re Irish Magazines, - our audience is large ( but what does that matter to you? Well the key is that relationship that we develop makes advertising in magazines uniquely powerful. In fact advertising in magazines is as much a part of the magazine as the editorial In the US Starcom asked people to tear out pages from their favourite magazines and 3/10 of them were ads. SO magazines ads are clearly an important part of the magazine – NOT an annoyance or an interuption.
  • In 2011 the Professional PublishersAssocation conducted the Magnify Study and it showed.
  • So is there actual evidence that underpins and allows us to understand the reasoning beyond this?There is – in The Netherlands the Media Experience Survey Aimed to to show what people got out of different media. And where magazines score strongest, again is the areas of that are closely bound to our own personality. Key Areas: Identity: Stimulation & InnnovationAll key aspects for advertisers to align themselves with.
  • And the impact of this engagement & positivity is all the more enhanced when you realise that unlike in other media ads don’t feel intrusive or annoying, the feel complementary. So magazines are a natural home for advertising, people feel engaged with
  • Magazine Readers tell us they do!
  • Websites and print are complementary. Readers find it natural to use both platforms of a magazine brand, looking for different kinds of information on eachThe distinction (in part) lies in printed magazines being used for pleasurable relaxation and inspiration, and websites for targeted information-seeking and news
  • Our expertise and skills lead us to understand readers, understand interest and understand content Business Plus & IMJ – Media 360Food & Wine: ChristmasConfetti Wedding FairHot Press: Philip LynottExhibitionIrishTatler Women of the Year; Image Businesswoman; Maternity&Infant Awards.You already have examples of Shows and Conferences but others are - Toys for Big Boys;Confetti Live Bridal shows; EuroTimes run worldwide workshops and conferences for opthalmic surgeons!Competitions - Easy Food Home Cook Hero;KISS Debs - annual from KISS magazine - good brand extension.
  • The Freezer Sessions Jagermeister need and environment in which they could reach out to their consumers – but also their customers! Those consumers are by & large under 35 – and TGI research showed that they were interested in new music. The pitch for us was simple, but because we’re used to appleaing to that audience anyway we were able to manage the entire project. Naming, Brand development, concert execution We attract the attendees, we manage the ticketing, we book the acts, we run the shows. I think it’s fair to say on all fronts, for Barry & Fitzwilliam, For the venues (we rotate through different venues in each city – and rotate through a few citiies), For the bands who benefit from the shows and for ourselves it’s been a phenomenal success – so much so that Jagermeister Germany have come in to check the suitabiltiy of rolling it out to the motherland! The point is, we’re not alone in this – magazine publishers have an intimate relationship with their readers. That intimate relationship allows them to craft, create and coneputualise in a way that is different to other media.
  • Magazines

    1. 1. Media360: MagazinesDuan Stokes: Publishing Director Hot PressChairperson Magazines Ireland
    2. 2. Magazines in Ireland: Market & Merit Who are Irish Magazines Why Magazines Work Magazines & Digital Magazines do MORE
    3. 3. Who Are Irish Magazines They are  Brands  Credible  Informed  With TRUST created by loyalty
    4. 4. Starcom in the US asked consumers to tear out from their favourite magazines 10 pages which between them represented the essence of the magazines 3/10 pages were ads 5
    5. 5.  PPA Magnify Study (UK, 2011) found : Noting scores for editorial and ads were similar, indicating magazines are a very hospitable environment for ads Reading some or all of the content was higher for editorial, but action taken after reading tended to be stronger for ads 6
    6. 6. MAGAZINES AS DRIVERS OF BEHAVIOUR ON THE CONSUMER JOURNEY (HIGHLIGHTS) EDITORIAL ADNoting score 54% 54%INFORMATION GATHERINGGathered more info after seeing article/ad 13% 18%Visited brand website 11% 16%IMPACT ACTIONS:Have a more favourable opinion about the 19%productRecommended the product (word of mouth) 14%CONSIDERATION AND PURCHASE:Considering purchase 12% 22%Purchased 4% 9%Overall net action scoreMagnify, PPA, 2011, UK 66% 63% 7
    7. 7. Newspapers Magazines Internet RadioCONSUMERS’ EXPERIENCE OF 5 MEDIA:RANKED TVIdentification: recognise yourself in, feel 1 3 2 5 4 Magazines ranked firstinvolved on four factors: • IdentificationStimulation: made enthusiastic, fascination 1 4 2 5 3 • Stimulation • InnovationInnovation: surprises me, keeps me 1 2 5 4 3 • Practical useinformed of trendsPractical use: tips, motivated to do 1 3 4-5 4-5 2somethingInformation: something new, useful, 2 1 4 5 3credibleEnjoyment: pleasure, relaxation, 2 5 3 1 4transformationPastime: filling empty moments 2 1 5 3-4 3-4Topicality: quickly informed, ensured Im 3 1 4 5 2up to dateDisturbing: makes me worried, disturbs me 3-4 1 2 5 3-4Social interaction: sharing, in contact with 3-4 2 3-4 5 1others 8
    8. 8. Magazines score well here, across several markets : Agree: ads are an interference (Taiwan) Agree: ads in this medium really annoy me (Germany)(%) (%) Base: Adults reading mags for at least an hour per week. Source: Base: All adults. Source: Medienprofile & Medienbegabungen, Institut für Survey on Consumption Trends of Magazine Readers in Demoskopie, Allensbach, Germany, 2008 Taiwan, MBAT, Taiwan, 2011 9
    9. 9. Impact of Advertisements Do they work?  Image Publications:  82% had bought a product that advertised in Image  81% had tried new health & beauty services which had been featured in the magazine  Cleo (Australasia Women’s Magazine)  Asked “What prompts you to try and new brand”  78% Saw it advertised in Cleo  71% Sampling opportunity  68% Featured in a magazine
    10. 10. Magazines & Digital Magazines vs Websites vs Digital Editions  Magazines & Websites run in complementary manner.  : essential building block for Hot Press  Different Strengths  Music News is round the clock 7 days a week  Interviews & features take days/weeks to create
    11. 11. Digital Editions Magazine Content was rarely “given away” The burgeoning tablet market is proving fertile ground Development still early ABC in UK has started to adapt to Digital Editions & Digital Publications US early adopter: UK & Ireland following
    12. 12. Magazine Publishers Do MORE Understanding & creating for our readers Means we understand and create for others Magazines power  Events – Media 360 !  Awards – Irish Tatler Woman of the Year  Exhibitions – Philip Lynott Exhibtion