Make money online 5kplus on autopilot from home (newbie friendly)


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Make money from home (almost) on autopilot - eBook about working from home.

I show you my method of earning 5k plus each and every month with no email marketing, adsense or cold calling of clients involved. And the best - this eBook is totally FREE to read and download!

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Make money online 5kplus on autopilot from home (newbie friendly)

  1. 1. Earn 5k+ a month from homeon (almost) autopilotNO adsense,NO article writing,NO email marketing,NO cold calling clients on the telephone –just cashing in as the middle manbetween wholesalers offeringhot products at insanely low pricesand eager buyersall around the USA and worldwide© 2011 by Jason HeydenALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this book may be sold in whole or in part electronically, mechanical, photocopied, recorded, or otherwise,without prior written permission of the copyright holders.DISCLAIMER/LEGAL NOTICES: This book is supplied for information purposes only and, as experienced in this subject matter as the contributorsare, the material herein does not constitute professional advice. The information presented herein represents the view of the contributors as of the dateof publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the contributors reserve the right to alter and update their opinion based on the newconditions. This book is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is published with theunderstanding that the publisher and the contributors are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice.If legal advice or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professionalshould be sought. The reader is advised to consult with an appropriately qualified professional before making any business decision.The contributors do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the business decisions made by readers of this book. Any perceivedslights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Actual results will vary with the use of the method outlined within this ebook. No express or implied guarantees ofincome are made when following the methods within thisbook. This book is for informational purpose only.LANGUAGE DISCLAIMER: Im not a native english speaker. So please excuse if there are some unusual uses of english words and grammar. Whatmatters most is explaining the method. And the method is really clearly understandable for everybody Im quite sure.
  2. 2. Lets start with a simple question:What makes this eBook the best download you came across for long?Probably you have read some or many eBooks about making money online before. Maybe you have paid goodmoney to purchase them – just to read the same old crap over and over again. This one is different:1. This eBook is FREE to download and to share. Yes, you read correctly. FREE for you to learn this method.Share this eBook if you like it, but please do not alter it or sell it as your own. I want to contribute to thecommunity of new-to-the-scene internet marketers, who sometimes struggle in these times when startingtheir businesses. So play fair: dont sell it to anybody, keep it free and keep it as it is!2. Instead of boring lenghty reflections about the state of internet marketing and other bloatware you will receivethe information straight to the point. No BS, just facts. Follow the blueprint and start as soon as possible!Only through fast action you get financial satisfaction!3. It works! And it works fast - so dive right in!We begin with the method in an overview:Fact 1: There are many wholesalers around, that need to empty their warehouses due to new products waitingto be stocked while other products came back or were simply overstocked. Those products can be thrown out bythose companies at nearly insane prices, since they have deducted those from their taxes already.Note: Financially this is called depreciation: a company can deduct the original costs of those overstocked products from their tradingprofits. So they really make no losses, even if they give you such a depreciated item for 5% of its original price. In fact they make 5% profiteven in this scenario!Fact 2: Many eager buyers are looking for consumer products at bargain prices: from home electronics, laptopsto video games and almost everything you can imagine.Fact 3: Neither the wholesalers can list everything on eBay (remember, we talk about numbers of 50 to 1000units they need to clear within days – the items are already depreciated from taxes and need to go fast) nor everypotential buyer is checking eBay three times a day for the goods they are looking for.So those facts offer many earning opportunities for you. The method Ill explain to you will require a small initialinvestment from something below $40 to get access to the non-public data from the wholesalers (and up to may-be somethin like $95 in total if you outsource everything necessary to connect with the eager buyers), but soonwill generate 4 to 5 digit recurring monthly revenues a month on almost autopilot when done as described later.Next step: Get those wholesaler deals before others do!Some companies specialize in buying overstock in large scale from wholesalers and are looking for people likeyou who actually do the dispartment of the whole batch, the final step in the retail chain (or in other words: findthe actual final buyers of product x available in large quantity).
  3. 3. Those companies are most of the times also drop shippers. This means: if you have found a customer you letthem know just the customers address. They ship the goods anonymously and bill the customer on your behalf.You receive a commission, which depends on the item shipped. It can be $5 for a video game, $50 for somedesigner shoes or $300 for home electronics.Make 10 to 50 such deals a month and there you have some fine monthly income withou leaving your home.Sounds good? OK, then lets look at the details:TASK 1: Find wholesaler dealsTraditionally, this was a well kept secret of some chosen few. With the dawn of the internet there came up web-sites that charged for their catalog of wholesalers hundreds to thousands of Dollars as a membership fee. Yet youhad still to contact the wholesalers, check availabilities and conditions – like the buying department in a regularsuperstore does all day.I recommend a better way for this method:There is a website called “Wholesale Portal” which offers you immediate acces to 1 million products from de-signer clothing over home electronics, mobile phones or game consoles to motocycles – all for wholesale prices.All items you find here are ready for you to sell them way below retail and make a decent amount of money. Andthe best: they also dropship the physical items for you, so you dont have to leave your home at all. So sign up atwholesale-portal (this is the $39,95 part of your initial investment) and get a fast and easy solution for our task 1and for the physical distribution – find wholesalers and have them dropship sold items on your behalf.
  4. 4. OK, done. Now you might ask: Where do I find the eager buyers? Good point, this leads us directly toTASK 2: Find buyers for your bargain priced products!Most of the people I talked about this immediately said: eBay! Craigslist! Or even: Amazon!(In case you didnt know, offers you the possibility to open a store within their site, where you can sellyour own goods).All of this ideas are good and worth a try. But dont forget: All those websites are well known to almost every proseller on this planet. So be prepared for fierce competition, and mainly to sell at very low prices. Since you haveaccess to wholesale prices this sales path might still work out fine, but remember the old saying “The streets arepaved with gold”?Yes, this is right: Everybody is talking about Local and Offliners, and so should you target them directly insteadof joining the army of eBay sellers!And here is the pivot point of this method:This business is mainly „Earn using the Online/Offline Arbitrage“This means simply one thing: You take advantage of low priced products you found on a non-public websiteonline and sell them to people who are offline (at least when they make their purchse decision). But how do youget those offliners? You use the good old and proven street marketing method: place flyers on hot spots!„Hey wait“, you say, „Do I have to go out of my home and place flyers all around?“Answer is simple: Yes, you could if you really like, but there is still a better way - outsource this using the fastgrowing website!In case you didnt already heard of it: is a website, where people offer services for 5 bucks. And -youguessed it already- there are many people from all around the world who will print out your flyers and place itanywhere from a university campus to London City hot spots.You can even have a flyer designed for 5 bucks here, if you want something more edgy then simple some text outof your wordprocessor (although this will do it in most cases).So go to and register (it is free and easy, if you have problems check their Help) and find some ven-dors who offer to distribute and print your flyers depending on the products you sell you should choosea „target demographic“: advertise cheap computer games on a highschool campus, bargain printers on an uni-versity, designer fashion at bargain prices at high-priced urban hotspots.You get the idea: Think from the buyers perspective!Optional: If you have some budget and no graphic design skills it is also a good idea to have your promotional mate-rial also designed for 5 bucks at This is really not necessary to make the method work, but it helps todrive the sales even more.One nice thing of this method is: It gets never saturated and is infinitely repeatable. So do just that: Go back, find new deals than promote them to a new target audience via a flyer campaign Repeat and repeat and repeat....
  5. 5. Bonus Hint: At this stage you can either staying with promoting your offers on a deal by deal basis or start anetwork of viral sales people you hire via your flyer campaign. Be creative, and think unconventional! For in-stance it might be a good idea to search via a flyer distributed on a highschool campus people who like computergames. Then let them distribute your hot priced game related items and give them a percentage of each deal. Ap-ply this idea to other markets, like designer fashion or beauty products – this is exactly how big network market-ing structures like Tuppe***are and the like started and still work today!So what are you waiting for?You now have now every information you need to start to earn money!Here is the recap of the blueprint:1. Join the Wholesale Portal Website and find appropriate products to sell offline (those are justa few from many more available over there for registered members):2. Go to find some vendors who offer to distribute and print your flyersOptional: Have also your flyer designed for 5 bucks3. Sit back and watch the money roll in4. Repeat and Repeat and Repeat and Re...Optional: If you find some products available in larger quantities think of building your own network marketingorganization!Enjoy and dont forget:Today is the best day to take action!Just from reading eBooks you dont earn a single dime!