Waterford City Council presentation at FME World Tour 2012


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Presentation by Jon Hawkins from Waterford City Council at the FME World Tour 2012, hosted by IMGS in Dublin. 10/09/2012

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Waterford City Council presentation at FME World Tour 2012

  1. 1. FME at the centreJon HawkinsGIS Coordinator, Waterford City Council Monday 10th September 2012
  2. 2. Overview Translate Transform Disseminate Upload Download Integrate non spatial data Integrate Spatial Data Create a CRM
  3. 3. Translate Import latest:  OSI  ESB Network GeoMedia Source TAB SHP
  4. 4. Transform Changes to style Removal of unwanted Layers Merged, Tiled, Cut GeoMedia Source TAB DWG
  5. 5. MapInfo Styler Geometry Filter
  6. 6. Disseminate Water Network (CiS GeoMedia SQL) Sewage Network (MapDrain TAB + Access) Road Network (MapRoad SQL 2008) GeoMedia Source TAB DWG SHP
  7. 7. Upload GeoMedia [External]  Planning Applications  iPlan SQL GeoMedia [Internal]  PlanReg TAB iPlan TAB SQL KMLPlanReg TAB CSV
  8. 8. Date Formatter
  9. 9. Download MapAlerter KML
  10. 10. Tweeter
  11. 11. Integrate Non SpatialDatabases GeoMedia Eg. Housing Data and FMS SQL SIA SQL Home MapInfo TAB General Housing MapInfo TAB TAB Restricted Agresso SQL Excel
  12. 12. Refuse Collections In 2008, data integration enabled a 33% reduction in operation costs for the collection of domestic waste
  13. 13. Missing revenue Are all commercial properties paying for water? Are all properties paying for water paying rates?
  14. 14. Point Connector Aggregator
  15. 15. Integrating spatial data GeoDirectory Update GeoDirectory SQL SQL GeoDirectory BringBanks Townlands TAB TAB Schools Libraries TAB TAB Bin Routes ED’s TAB TAB
  16. 16. Enabled Open Source GIS
  17. 17. NeighborFinder StringConcatenator
  18. 18. Create a CRM Mobile Incident Capture Incidents GeoMedia TaskList SQL Neighbourhoods TAB Contacts Email SQL
  19. 19. PythonCaller
  20. 20. Responsible for Promotion GeoDirectory / CAD OSi Liason Systems Implementation Map Production Data Capture / Maintenance Consultancy Report Generator Trainer Project Manager Duties Technical Support Budget ManagementData Sharing GIS Work Programme Systems Implementation Analyst Data Matching and Cleansing Programmer Developer Database Administrator
  21. 21. Need to be organised iPhone, iPad, Intranet GIS Android Applications Mobile GIS Central GISAutoCAD Server Internet Twitter Desktop GIS
  22. 22. Thank You! Questions? For more information:  Jon Hawkins jhawkins@waterfordcity.ie  Waterford City Council
  23. 23. Benefits Set up once use many Supports one definitive source of information Disseminates information automatically Manipulates data into the exact format and style you wish to present Enables integration of corporate data Enables you to support multiple data formats Allows users to continue using the application most suited to their needs Geographic relationships can be exposed and queried as part of a transformation Workspaces can be shared