Map Production with GeoMedia 2013_Ciaran Kirk - IMGS Government User Group 2013

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GeoMedia 2013 – Powerful, Reliable GIS Management.

GeoMedia 2013 – Powerful, Reliable GIS Management.

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  • 1. GeoMedia 2013 Ciaran Kirk General Manager IMGS Visualise
  • 2. GeoMedia 2013 – Powerful, Reliable GIS Management Access disparate data sources, natively and display simultaneously in a single view Efficiently capture and edit vector feature data Visualize data to exact style specifications Display is quickly updated as you pan and zoom
  • 3. GeoMedia 2013 – Powerful, Reliable GIS Management Perform add-hoc, what-if, complex, analysis across all data sources Analysis and queries are dynamically updated as data is modified Cartographically correct label placement is adjusted Easily layout data and analysis with ancillary graphics for printing and plotting
  • 4. New, Modern User Experience Intuitive look & feel; Similar to Microsoft Office products Logically grouped commands in ribbon control Ribbon and legend can auto-hide to maximize screen space Add and remove commands onto My Workflow
  • 5. Faster Data Access and Display User managed client-side caching. Queries are faster too! Client-side cache improves display times Display times improved from minutes to seconds Cache is kept up to date as editing is performed
  • 6. Data Access Seamless data access to many disparate formats Databases, GIS, CAD, Imagery, OGC Web Services Allows access of multiple data sets (“connections”) in a single session Integrates information islands without translation Read-write to database connection types
  • 7. Data Capture and Management Data capture direct to enterprise databases Oracle, SQL Server, PostGIS, Access Tight integration with other business systems and workflows Smart data capture and validation tools Capture accurate and clean data Validate as data is captured using dynamic queries
  • 8. Dynamic Analysis Ad-hoc dynamic analysis across data sources Chain queries together to perform complex, what-if analysis Analysis dynamically updated as queries are edited or data modified
  • 9. Printing and Plotting Map composition window for print and plot output Tools for creating ancillary graphics and marginalia Hardcopy or image output Embedded GeoLabel Pro functionality from MapText Inc. provides cartographically correct label placement
  • 10. Dynamic Label Placement Cartographic quality, therefore unambiguous label placement Rules-based + better conflict resolution = better labels Labels dynamically adjust as you pan or zoom Static labels can be edited if needed for prints or plots
  • 11. Publish or Export Make data and analysis available to others Publish via GeoMedia Web Map Web Publisher tool creates web sites and web services Export to GIS, CAD, OGC or Database formats SHP, MIF, DGN, DWG, DXF, GML, Oracle SQL*Loader, SQL Server Bulk Loader Access via GeoMedia Smart Client Thin client for query, view, print, and edit using defined workflows