IMGS Location Publisher Update - IMGS CTO Simon McCabe


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Interactive Mapping Made Easy - Update on IMGS Location Publisher 4.3, IMGS Location Publisher Mobile 4.3, IMGS Location Publisher Dashboard

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IMGS Location Publisher Update - IMGS CTO Simon McCabe

  1. 1. Location Publisher Update Simon McCabe Chief Technology Officer IMGS Visualise
  2. 2. Location Publisher 4.3 Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Location Publisher Dashboard Location Publisher Update Agenda
  3. 3. Location Publisher 4.3
  4. 4. Interactive mapping made easy Add interactive maps and spatial intelligence to your enterprise websites and workflows Potential to drive a number of applications within your organisation Easy to configure No programming No plug-ins Location Publisher 4.3 Overview
  5. 5. Location Publisher 4.3 High Level Architecture Client Sites Administration Site Layer and Data Configuration Configure • Layers • Searches • Data Capture • Nearest Service • Reporting
  6. 6. Redlining point, line, polygon and text Measurement line and areas measure existing features Redlining and Measurement (in development) Location Publisher 4.3
  7. 7. Location Publisher Mobile 4.3
  8. 8. Publish to any web-enabled device Operates over low bandwidth connection Display and update location information attribute information Capture picture and video against features Location Publisher Mobile Overview
  9. 9. Streamline your workflows Record on mobile and data is instantly available back in the office Generate spatial reports Location Publisher Mobile Integration
  10. 10. Certified against Windows Tablet (Windows 7) Stylus support Large Button interface Windows GPS integration Location Publisher Mobile Tablet
  11. 11. Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Integration with Location Publisher Forms Builder Build and publish forms in minutes (no programming required!) Build forms for any job function Incident Reporting, Asset Management, Work Orders Drop down list configuration Including context driven drop downs Benefits Improve data quality Real time access to data in the field New Functionality (in development)
  12. 12. Location Publisher Dashboard
  13. 13. Web based management tool Intuitive Flexible Configurable View critical organisation metrics Drill down and view at any level Interactive map and reports Location Publisher Dashboard
  14. 14. Integrates with SharePoint 2010 But designed to integrate with any web site Built upon IMGS Location Publisher and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Location Publisher Dashboard
  15. 15. Demonstration
  16. 16. Location Publisher Dashboard High Level Architecture Web Browser Share Point 2010 Location Publisher SQL Server Reporting Services Organisation Datasets
  17. 17. Road Map 2012 Location Publisher Roadmap Dashboard - Released Location Publisher 4.3 Design Completed (May 2013) Build started Released End of July 2013 Location Publisher Mobile 4.3 Design Completed (May 2013) Build (to start) Released End of August 2013