IMGS OSI Ministerial Briefing - World GIS Day

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IMGS' technical director's presentation from the Breakfast Briefing on the 14th November 2012 with Minister of State, Fergus O'Dowd. The aim of the event was to promote World GIS Day and to highlight …

IMGS' technical director's presentation from the Breakfast Briefing on the 14th November 2012 with Minister of State, Fergus O'Dowd. The aim of the event was to promote World GIS Day and to highlight how GI technology is used in Ireland today.

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  • 1. OSI Ministerial Briefing Davenport Hotel Ciaran Kirk Technical Director, IMGS
  • 2. AgendaIMGS IntroductionOur CustomersOur Challenge – “The Enterprise”Enterprise GIS Customer ExamplesSmart City – The Next Generation EnterpriseSummary
  • 3. IMGSWe deliver innovative spatial solutionsFor the desktop, web and mobileBuilt on our partner’s technology:Designed to meet the challenges ofGovernment, Mapping Agencies, and Utility &Communications Customers
  • 4. Some of our customers…
  • 5. Our Challenge – The “Enterprise” Historically GIS was seen as a: Stove pipe solution – not part of the enterprise A pretty map to backup a decision e.g. Planning Our company has worked with our customers to move GIS into the enterprise! GIS now viewed as an essential Enterprise solution providing improved decision making leading to: Improved customer service Decreased operating and capital costs
  • 6. ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Customer Examples
  • 7. Waterford City Council Sustainable Neighbourhood UnitWaterford required ability to recordenvironmental incidents e.g. Graffiti, Abandoned Vehicles, Fly Tipping, Burst Pipes, Broken Street Light, etcWaterford required a secure mobile GISthat can instantly over a wirelessconnection (iPhone) update enterprisesystemsBenefits: Reduce delay in responding to customer incidents Public can see that incidents are resolved in a timely manner
  • 8. Dublin City CouncilProperty Register Scan & Geo-locate Dublin City Council’s property register: 250 bound paper registers ~45,000 property records Provide single true source for all property transactions in Dublin CitySelf Service Portal 24X7 website to capture customer service requests e.g. Water leak Uses web mapping to allow customer locate incident and improve response times
  • 9. Irish Naval Service – Fisheries Geographic System IMGS in partnership with HP provide the FGS as part of the INS Fisheries Protection System Solution allows INS to track and monitor all fishing vessels in the Irish seas ~132,000 square miles Provides an almost real- time graphical display of all current and historic fishing activity in Irish fishing waters Images courtesy of the Irish Naval Service
  • 10. Dublin Region Water & Drainage GISGreater Dublin Region Water and Drainage Steering Groups Consists of 7 Local Authorities in the Greater Dublin area Total Population of 1.4 million Area of 2,690 KM2Aim to provide single view of water and drainage for regionFirst of its kind - distributed solution across 7 authorities Desktop, Web and Mobile solution Management Dashboard Benefits Enhanced business operations Reduced maintenance costs Improved quality of service e.g. less leaks
  • 11. ESB Networks GISWill serve as a single enterprisesolution for the full life cyclemanagement of network assetsFully integrated with asset, workand financial managementsolutionsBenefits Improved operational efficiencies through extended workflows with other business critical systems e.g. SAP, OMS Decreased capital costs through improved asset management
  • 12. SMART CITYEnterprise - The Next Generation
  • 14. Smart Infrastructure = Smart Grid Smart Grid described as: Smart Grid Operations Smart “in home” devices (including Generation) Center Two-way communications Advanced control systems Benefits of Smart Grid Location Better utilization of existing infrastructure Critical Infrastructure Reliable and resilient power supply Management Infrastructure Protection Home energy savings Reduced carbon footprint (CO2).
  • 15. “Safe City” - Common Operating Picture Multi-data & multi-sensors fusion Personnel Mapping Data & Asset Data Access ControlTelephone, Radio, Voice Recorder Video Surveillance Controls Intelligent Video Radio System Data Telephone Data Sensors Data
  • 16. SUMMARYLocation is at the heart of a Smart City
  • 17. SummaryAn Integrated Enterprise GIS will: Decrease capital & operating expenditure through better decision making Improve customer satisfaction through improved response timesA spatially focussed Smart City will drive economicinvestment and support a recovery in IrelandAnd this will help us all to “live long and prosper…”
  • 18. Thank You Ciarán Kirk Technical Director, IMGS 8b Keypoint, Rosemount Business Park, Dublin 11 t: +353 1 885 3839 m: +353 87 804 7218 w: e: