FME 2012 World Tour - Lightning Talk on Rasters
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FME 2012 World Tour - Lightning Talk on Rasters



Lightning talk on Rasters by IMGS at the FME World Tour 2012 in Dublin on 10/09/2012

Lightning talk on Rasters by IMGS at the FME World Tour 2012 in Dublin on 10/09/2012



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  • This shortcut points to the output from the 9-WebMapTile workspace

FME 2012 World Tour - Lightning Talk on Rasters FME 2012 World Tour - Lightning Talk on Rasters Presentation Transcript

  • Raster Lightning TalkCiaran Kirk Tony KentTechnical Director GIS Technician 10th of September 2012
  • FME makes Preparing & Sharing Raster Data Quick & Easy!
  • Raster Scenario #1 Translate More than 50 raster formats to choose from  ArcSDE&GeoDatabase Raster  CADRG  ECW  Geodatabase Raster  GIF / PNG  JPEG / JPEG2000  Oracle Spatial GeoRaster  …
  • FME Raster Format ListADRG ESRI ArcSDE Raster Map NITFASRP ESRI Geodatabase Raster Oracle Spatial GeoRasterAircom ENTERPRISE GIF PCI Geomatics Database FileBMP GeoTIFF PNGBathymetric Attributed Grid Golden Software Surfer Binary R Statistical Raster (RDATA) (BAG) Grid RADARSAT-2 XMLCADRG Hierarchical Data Format 4 Shuttle Radar TopographyCDED (HDF4) Mission HeightDTED JPEG (SRTM HGT)ECW JPEG 2000 TIFFENVI .hdr RAW Raster Landmark Z-MAP USGS DEMER Mapper ERS Leica Geosystems ERDAS Vertical Mapper Grid (NGrid)ESRI .hdr RAW Raster IMAGINE Web Map ServiceESRI ASCII Grid Leica Geosystems ERDAS RAW World MeteorologicalESRI ArcGIS Binary Grid Maptech BSB Nautical Chart Organization GRIBESRI ArcGIS Image Server Marconi PlaNet X11 Pixmap (XPM)ESRI ArcSDE Raster Catalog MrSID NETCDF
  • Raster Scenario #2 Resample
  • Raster Scenario #3 Reproject
  • Raster Scenario #4 Mosaic
  • Raster Scenario #5 Compress Output formats with compression:  ECW  JPEG / JPEG2000  GeoTIFF / TIFF  Oracle Spatial GeoRaster  ArcSDE Raster  Geodatabase Raster  CADRG
  • Raster Scenario #6 Clip
  • Raster Scenario #8 Tile
  • Raster Scenario #9 Web Tiling (
  • Raster Scenario #10 Drape
  • Demo
  • Raster Scenario 11 Colorize LiDAR
  • Raster Scenario 11 Colorize LiDAR
  • Raster Scenario #12 Power Band Restructuring Extents Extraction Cell Value Calculation Palettes Expression Evaluation (pixel by pixel) …
  • FME Raster Transformer ListClipper RasterBandRemover RasterPaletteGenerator*Reprojector (CSMAP, Esri, RasterBandSeparator RasterPaletteInterpretation GTRANS, GridInQuest, RasterCellCoercer Coercer BlueMarble) RasterCellOriginSetter RasterPaletteNodataSetterImageFetcher RasterCellValueCalculator RasterPaletteRemoverImageRasterizer RasterCellValueReplacer RasterPaletteResolverNumericRasterizer RasterCellValueRounder RasterPropertiesExtractorPointCloudOnRaster RasterCheckpointer RasterPyramider ComponentSetter RasterRGBCreator RasterConsumerPointOnRasterValueExtractor RasterReader RasterDEMGeneratorRasterBandAdder RasterReplacer RasterExpressionEvaluatorRasterBandCombiner RasterResampler RasterExtentsCoercerRasterBandInterpretation RasterRotationApplier Coercer RasterExtractor RasterGCPExtractor RasterSelectorRasterBandKeeper RasterGCPSetter RasterSingularCellValueRasterBandMinMaxExtractor CalculatorRasterBandNameSetter RasterGeoreferencer RasterInterpretationCoercer RasterSubsetterRasterBandNodataRemover RasterTilerRasterBandNodataSetter RasterMosaicker RasterNumericCreator RasterToPolygonCoercerRasterBandOrderer VectorOnRasterOverlayerRasterBandProperties RasterPaletteAdder RasterPaletteExtractor WebMapTiler Extractor
  • Raster Scenario #13 Segmentation Transform a Numeric Raster…
  • Raster Scenario #13 Segmentation …Into Vector Polygons
  • Raster Scenario #14 Niche Satellite, Statistics, Legacy, etc  ASRP / CADRG  HDF  NetCDF  NGRID  NITF  PLANET  R  …
  • Summary  FME can help you Prepare & Share your raster data Quickly & Easily!  Raster on FMEPedia:
  • Thank You! Questions? For more information:  Ciaran Kirk  Tony Kent 