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Rs life after death

  1. 1. The concept of life after death
  2. 2. In most religions, Heaven is a realm, eitherHeaven physical or transcendental in which people who have died continue to exist in an afterlife. Heaven is often described as the holiest place, accessible by people according to various standards of divinity, goodness, piety, faith or other virtues. Purgatory is the condition or process of Hell purification or temporary punishment in which, it is believed, the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven. In many religious traditions, Hell is a place ofPurgatory suffering and punishment in the afterlife.
  3. 3. Christians believe that God is just and fair, and so cannot let evil go unpunished. Mostbelieve in the idea of judgment after death, and that God will treat people in the afterlifeaccording to how they lived their life on earth.✟Even though heaven is often mentioned in the Bible, it is rarely described. Christianstherefore have very different ideas about it. Some believe that heaven is a physicalplace, where their body goes after death. Others believe that it is their soul that liveson, and that heaven is a state of being united with God. Although most would like tobelieve that it is a place full of angels.✟The Bible is even less specific about hell, and Christians have very different ideasabout this too. Some Christians believe that hell is a place of suffering, and of separationfrom God. Others believe that hell is a spiritual state of being separated from God foreternity.✟Some Christians, including Roman Catholics, believe in purgatory. This is anin-between state for the majority of people of waiting for heaven, a time of cleansingfrom sin and preparing for heaven.
  4. 4. Life afterdeath in art
  5. 5. Triptych of Last JudgementAkademie der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna
  6. 6. Heaven Dante and Beatrice gazeupon the highest heavens; from Gustave Dorés illustrations to the Divine "Stairway to Heaven " by Jim Comedy. Warren Fresco Painting Depicting Jesus Christ Enthroned In Heaven with Angels
  7. 7. HellMedieval illustration of Hell in the Hortus deliciarum manuscript of Herrad of Landsberg (about 1180) A vision of Hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy. Illustration by Gustave Doré. Giotto ("The Last Judgment")
  8. 8. PurgatoryImage of a fiery purgatory in the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry A depiction of purgatory by Venezuelan painter Cristóbal Rojas (1890) representing the boundary between heaven (above) and hell (below) Dante gazes at purgatory in this 16th century painting.
  9. 9. Life and Death is represented inmany ways other than in religionand art; that is in Entertainmentsuch as music videos, films and books
  10. 10. The popularity of TV programmers and filmsabout the supernatural suggests that manypeople believe that there is a form of life afterdeath,, in the sense of ghosts, poltergeists andpsychic experiences. Some people underhypnosis claim that they are even able to recallevents from their previous lives.
  11. 11. A night at the movies turns into a nightmarewhen Michael and his date are attacked by ahoard of bloody-thirsty zombies - only"Thriller" can save them now.
  12. 12. Dead Like Me is anAmerican-Canadiancomedy-dramatelevision seriesstarring Ellen Muthand Mandy Patinkinas grim reapers who"live" and work inSeattle, Washington.
  13. 13. It is the story of a teenage girl who, after beingraped and murdered, watches from Heaven asher family and friends struggle to move onwith their lives while she comes to terms withher own death.
  14. 14. When the Imperial prison barge Purge —temporary home to five hundred of the galaxysmost ruthless killers, rebels, scoundrels and thieves— breaks down in a distant, uninhabited part ofspace, its only hope seems to lie with a StarDestroyer found drifting, derelict and seeminglyabandoned. But when a boarding party is sent toscavenge for parts, only half of them come back —bringing with them a horrific disease so lethal thatwithin hours, nearly all aboard the Purge will die inways too hideous to imagine.And death is only thebeginning.The Purges half-dozen survivors — two teenagebrothers, a sadistic captain of the guards, a coupleof rogue smugglers and the chief medical officer,the lone woman on board — will do whatever ittakes to stay alive. But nothing can prepare themfor what lies waiting onboard the Star Destroyeramid its vast creaking emptiness that isnt reallyempty at all. The dead are rising, soulless,unstoppable, and unspeakably hungry.
  15. 15. "Does heaven really have pearly gates?" "Is purgatory closer to heaven or to hell?" "Is hell all fire and brimstone?"