Using social media to share, communicate and collaborate


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Poster prepared November 2009 by ILRI Knowledge Management and Information Services team

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Using social media to share, communicate and collaborate

  1. 1. Using social media to share, communicate and collaborate Across the two ILRI campuses, many people are using social media. Let’s hear from a few of them…. Blog Blip I use to host ILRI lms because of its higher quality, accessibility, and its I use blog internally to enhance the communication culture, various downloading knowledge-sharing and also externally to develop strong relationships with options. our partners. With blogs, conversations are started allowing questions to be raised and discussed. ILRI has an impressive Muthoni collection of lms ranging On the technical side, blogs are from short 30 second spots, made to serve. They are ideal for presentations, to user-friendly, fast and dynamic. longer 4-20 minute Once you get the hang of it you documentaries suitable for can post all day long without web pages or downloading feeling strained. Uploading and to your computer. editing is done with the click of a plays a great role in few buttons ensuring that my showing and promoting time is used e ectively and ILRI’s impressive collection e ciently. to the world. Clare For a quick solution to getting your information out to the world via the net, I would advocate for a blog. To see what I am talking about visit: Yammer I use yammer to quickly connect with my colleagues, discuss ideas, ask Flickr questions, post what I am working on, follow others, and to share links and other information. In my team use Flickr as an online storage location for ILRI photos. There are many (P&C), we use it as our internal bene ts which prompted us to choose Flickr. It features various methods for communication platform. sorting, categorizing and tagging images. Flickr is also very easy to use and can easily be integrated with other In yammer, I can easily get a quick websites, blogs, etc…. update of my whole yammer community at a glance. In addition, The photos on Flickr give a visual if I am temporarily o yammer for snapshot of the work and people of some reason, its summery update ILRI, thereby enhancing its global arrives by email to give me a quick presence. update of the conversations that took place during the day. See our collections at: http://www. Join the CGIAR network at Tsehay using your cgiar email account. Nancy CSE We use Google Coop Search to query across all our web services Wiki Delicious I use a wiki in my project to work collaboratively with people from di erent countries, collect information from di erent partners, paste relevant information, questions/answers or links on the wiki platform. I use Delicious in some of my projects to bookmark useful resource links in one place where they can be shared with colleagues in my project The immediate bene t from Delicious is that we The wiki tool helps us to add, edit and can all save, store and access useful links for the remove content in real time, making it project on a shared service. This can also be made useful for information-sharing among available for others, thus more widely sharing our working groups. from our project and increasing its visibility. , To see what I am talking Nadia Alexandra RSS helps our content to circulate and be re-used. RSS Produced by ILRI KMIS unit Nov. 2009