Dairy Development Forum terms of reference to guide formation


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Presented by Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB) on behalf of the Task Force at the Tanzania National Dairy Stakeholders’ Meeting Dar es Salaam, 22 February 2013

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Dairy Development Forum terms of reference to guide formation

  1. 1. Dairy Development ForumTerms of Reference to guide formation Presented by Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB) on behalf of the Task Force Tanzania National Dairy Stakeholders’ Meeting Dar es Salaam, 22 February 2013
  2. 2. Background Information Since early 1980, dairy development efforts started focusing on smallholder development. Several development partners assisted smallholder farmers to acquire dairy assets and knowledge  Heifer Project International  Southern Highlands Dairy Development Project (SHDDP) funded by the Swiss Government in Iringa and Mbeya regions  Tanga Dairy Development Project (TDDP) and Kagera Dairy Development Project (KALIDEP) funded by the Dutch government.
  3. 3. Background Information  The Austro project Association in Dar es Salaam, Coast, and Mara  Commercial dairying was done by government parastatal organizations, the Dairy Farming Company (DAFCO)  Dairy processing was done by government parastatal, the Tanzania dairies Ltd (TDL). Presence of multiple players in the industry a proper co- ordination mechanism prompted initiation of National Dairy Development Conference (NDDC) as a platform for lessons learning and sharing of experience
  4. 4. Background Information One of the outcomes of these conferences was - Need for a formal dairy regulatory institution - NDDC 98 Task Force was formed to pursue this goal. - In 2004 Dairy Industry Act, 2004 (Cap 262) was in enacted and TDB was formed The NDDC became more inclusive whereby the Conferences were not only used for projects progress report sharing but also availed plenary discussions on the pertinent issues in the sector.
  5. 5. Background Information Towards the end of 2001, Dairy Development projects realized a need for a form of coordination among themselves. Following this need, a series of meetings which included development projects including LOL, APA, SDSP and HPI and the Ministry (by then Ministry of Water and Livestock Development) were held. After the establishment of the Board, it was then agreed TDB to be the custodian of the minutes of all meetings and coordination of activities. This background clearly shows the necessity of coordinating dairy development efforts at the national level.
  6. 6. Background Information Early 2012, renewed recognition by many development partners, that Tanzania’s dairy development potential can be further harnessed through concerted collaborative partnerships. (CGIAR research institutions, the government and other local institutions) March, 2012 the stakeholders meetings held in Morogoro and in the NDDC and Annual Council held in Moshi in May, 2012 the need for a forum remained a paramount resolution. Following its necessity, the 9th Annual Council held in Moshi on 31st May, 2012 ratified establishment of the national Dairy Development Forum (DDF)  Task force formed and tasked to develop TOR
  7. 7. Content of the TOR Key Operational principles of the Dairy Development Forum Vision/Mission statement Name Function Structure Membership Meetings Leadership and Governance
  8. 8. Key Operational principles of the Dairy Development Forum “Dairy development” is interpreted to include production from the traditional/pastoral and the improved animals, marketing, processing, consumption as well as inputs and services (both public and private) along the whole value chain. Contribute to strengthening the existing and statutory organisations like TDB, MLDF and other Government institutions serving the dairy sector on a long-term basis.
  9. 9. Cont...Key Operational principles of the Dairy Development Forum DDF will operate by building consensus around issues within the legal framework of Dairy Industry Act (functions of the Tanzania Dairy Board), but more inclusive than the Annual Council of TDB supporting the Board and related organs to do their jobs better. Act as a platform for legal entities such as TAMPA, TAMPRODA, NGOs, etc to voice out issues and challenges. . The DDF thus becomes part of the “how” or mechanism by which the TDB and MLFD can interact with stakeholders and implement their roles.
  10. 10. Organisation structure of the Dairy Development Forum Name Dairy Development Forum with acronym ‘‘DDF” Vision/Mission statement “To promote a more inclusive dairy development in Tanzania.”
  11. 11. Functions of the Dairy Development Forum A consultative forum for information and knowledge sharing, to improve and to promote growth of the dairy sector. Facilitate the mentoring of milk-shed (or regional) level dairy innovation platforms. Promote for the professionalization of the industry – e.g. culture and practice of standards and best practice for dairy industry. From time to time, the DDF may convene as a national innovation platform to aggregate, synthesize and communicate available dairy information. Promote more inclusive public and private sector investments.
  12. 12. Structure of the Dairy Development Forum DDF is voluntary forum of dairy stakeholders It is a non-formal national consultative forum coordinated by TDB to enhance information sharing among stakeholders in Tanzania to achieve dairy sector development objectives. The platform can convene and address milk- shed/Regional specific issues at that level.
  13. 13. Organogram of DDF and stakeholderlinkages Dairy Development Forum Secretariat: Tanzania Dairy Board Advisory Committee Govt Academic & Membership Dairy Civil Private res organisations development society sector institutions organisations Stakeholder organisations
  14. 14. Membership of the Dairy Development Forum The membership will include representatives of stakeholders active in the dairy sector in Tanzania - government, - academic research institutions, - Membership organisation, - dairy development organisations, - civil society and private sector
  15. 15. Meetings of the Dairy Development Forum The Forum shall meet at least twice a year. - One of these meetings should take place during - the Milk promotion week. At least one full day, or more depending on the agenda at hand. Hosting: By the secretariat (TDB).
  16. 16. Meetings of the Dairy Development Forum TDB is the main responsible for funding these meetings. - This could be through fundraising through - - different channels including government, - - development partners, donors etc. Invited - - members will self finance to participate in meetings Chairperson will be nominated for each session/meeting
  17. 17. Leadership & Governance of the Dairy Development Forum TDB will be the secretariat of DDF - Among other roles of the Secretariat is to set the agenda through consultation with the advisory committee Advisory committee - which will be nominated annually from among the active stakeholders to advise and support the secretariat. - The role of the advisory committee will be specified by the secretariat
  18. 18. Leadership & Governance of the Dairy Development Forum The role of the advisory committee will be taken up by the taskforce till the first DDF meeting. - The current members of the Task Force are, and the persons nominated to represent these organisations during the inaugural meeting and those who attended the task force meeting are as follow: Tanzania Dairy Board - (Deogratius Mlay, Mayasa Simba, Michael Mkalati) SNV - The Netherlands Development Organisation (Maria Ijumba) Land O’ Lakes - (Mark Tsoxo) Heifer International - ( Dr Kitaly Aichi, Henry Njakoi, Alfred Fute) Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development - (Dr Yakobo Msanga) International Livestock and research Institute - (Amos Omore).