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Capacity to innovate: what does that mean??


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A poster prepared by Peter Bezkorowajnyj and Dannie Romney, 2006, Fodder Innovation Project, ILRI.

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Capacity to innovate: what does that mean??

  1. 1. CAPACITY TO INNOVATE What does that mean?? … you feed him for a day. …you feed him for a lifetime? Give a man a fish… Teach a man to fish… BUT What happens if… Technical or… problems are Policies encountered… are changed… or… Market prices fall… Fix it if Learn new ways if materials are available training is available Purchase another if Continue anyway if there are Protest if the Become independent if capital is available ways of not getting caught support is available the expertise is available Trade locally if other food items available Learn ways to store if Sell elsewhere if knowledge is available alternative market is available We should raise the issue of loans for fish feed at the next board meeting Department - the increase in potential customers Of Fis heries should impress head office I could go to the gov’t official for advice but I could go to my neighbor – he knows a trader I could ask for a loan to buy fingerlings and I should start spending more time I should introduce him to I don’t know him very well – besides, with whom I can discuss other possible markets. start my own business, but there is no loan In the villages to understand better the traders I meet with regularly he doesn’t understand my situation. Is there any other way to get that information? available to buy the feed. what the farmers are doing - maybe he will stop coming over - I do want to make a difference and bothering me all the time So, you can catch, store, sell fish as Director of the Department in new ways or even forget fishing and do something new - INNOVATION ! I should start working with Villag e Council the Department of Fisheries on this - probably get a research grant I could ask the village committee to invite I could interact with the researcher who visits Instead of meeting in the village every week, the various gov’t departments for discussions but he’s just interested in me growing mushrooms. But… but the officials don’t talk to each other. lets meet in town with the government officials - that should link us directly with resources And… and make our job easier How do you go about it? Where to go? Will this change how things are done? Who to talk with? He is the 5 th farmer today to ask If so - How? Why? about fish prices - I should set up a service and charge I could follow national market prices but how? an annual fee for market prices So, using something old in new ways, or applying something new to successfully produce a positive social and economic outcome is INNOVATION This is embedded in a network of those interacting to produce, distribute and use the knowledge to do so -an INNOVATION SYSTEM Improving interactions between the actors in the system changes the habits and practices, facilitates learning, contributes to knowledge and builds “CAPACITY TO INNOVATE” Contact: Dr. Peter Bezkorowajnyj, Project Manager, Fodder Innovation Project, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) c/o ICRISAT, Patancheru –502 324, Andhra Pradesh, India. Phone: +91 40 30713653, Fax: +91 40 3071 3074, E-mail:, Web: Dr. Dannie Romney, Enabling Innovations Acting Theme Leader, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), PO Box 30709 Nairobi, Kenya. Phone: +254 20 422 3000, Fax: +254 20 422 3001, E-mail:, Web: