Mobile - Everywhere Your Customers Are [Part II]


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This is the followup presentation on mobile marketing. It provides a general overview of the many facets of mobile marketing and the growing use of the many marketing channels now available.

The presentation reviews some stats regarding the mobile marketplace and the benefits that the mobile platform provides business owners to attract and retain customers.

We also review some of the different marketing methods mobile offers -- QR Codes, SMS text messaging, mobile ready websites, mobile ads, social mobile location based services, and mobile apps. Some future topics are discussed like mobile payment platforms and augmented reality.

Originally presented by Edward Niu, founder and CEO of ILN Enterprises for the Asian Business Council of the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce on September 21, 2011.

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  • Cell phone will eventually replace wallet…and 91% of Americans keep theirs within 3 feet of themselves 24/7
  • 3x the number of mobile devices than computers
  • Smartphones give us enhanced capabilities like web access, apps, enhanced SMS texting, camera, GPS
  • Mobile Ads – Banner Ads embedded in apps, or on websitesSocial Mobile Location based Services – Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla, SCVNGRMobile Apps – Make your own software that people can download
  • Text messaging through mobile phones is becoming the preferred way to reach customers.
  • Mobile - Everywhere Your Customers Are [Part II]

    1. 1. Mobile: EverywhereYour Customers Are Part II Edward Niu 510-592-4351 Text EDNIU to 72727
    2. 2. Cool & Cutting Edge…
    3. 3. What We’ll Cover Today... Recap From Presentation #1 QR Codes, Text Messaging, Mobile Websites Cover some “Advanced” Mobile Marketing Topics & Techniques Discuss the Future of Mobile Q&A
    4. 4. Don’t Leave Home Without91% of Americans have their cell phone within 3 feet of themselves 24/7
    5. 5. Important Stats…  Population 6-7 billion8,000,000,0007,000,000,000  Cell phones over6,000,000,000 5 billion5,000,000,000  Wired Internet users –4,000,000,000 less than 2 billion3,000,000,000  80% of Americans2,000,000,000 have cell phones1,000,000,000 0  20% of US households World Population Cell Phone Internet Users are mobile only SubscriptionsMost of cell phone population has purchasing power!
    6. 6. What is Mobile Marketing? Game Changer  New, Cool, Fun & Must Have  Not a Fad, New Paradigm  Augments Online Marketing
    7. 7. What is Mobile Marketing? Mobile is the newest Mass Media with the potential to become the most influential mass media of all time!
    8. 8. Mobile Marketing Benefits Only media that is truly Personal Consumer can be identified individually Always on – 24/7 Constantly with the owner Has built-in payment mechanisms All can be done at moment of Intense Impulse!
    9. 9. What is Mobile Marketing?  NO SPAM Zone  NO unwanted messages
    10. 10. Mobile Marketing Methods  QR Codes  SMS Text Marketing  Mobile-Ready Websites  Mobile Ads  Social Mobile Location- Based Services  Mobile Apps
    11. 11. QR Codes QR stands for Quick Response First used to take inventory for subsidiary of Toyota Type of 2D Barcode that embeds information in its tiled pattern When you scan it, it provides information: • Website • Video • Contact information • Image • Coupon • Map
    12. 12. Macy’s QR CampaignMacy’s Backstage Pass
    13. 13. Where To Make QR Codes      (personal use only) For Trackable AND Changeable QR Codes…
    14. 14. Keep in Touch w/ CustomersUse SMS Text Messaging!Keep in Contact with your Customers and Prospects Send yourmessages anywherethey are Know that theyreceive and READyour messages.
    15. 15. Text Message Vs. Email  90% of text messages Not Always Opened are read within 3 minutes Read rates of 15% or **Instant Response** worse.  99% of all text messages Overwhelmed InBox are read.  Texts can be scheduled May Not Use on Phone  Messages Always Stored on Phone Spam Filter  No Spam filters.
    16. 16. Mobile Coupons [Widget Co]: Get your [Widget Co]: Get your favorite product at favorite product at 20% 20% off. Show cashier off. Show cashier this this msg. Code: msg. Code: FAV888. Reply FAV888. Reply STOP to STOP to end. end. Average redemption rate is 20% regardless of business type Demo: Text “demo88” to 72727. Std Txt Msg Rates Apply.
    17. 17. Other SMS Services  Appointment ReminderUse Shortcode &Keyword Combo:  Mobile Coupons  Surveys & PollsText DEMO88 to 72727  Autoresponder  Text Contests  Text 2 Screen  Loyalty Clubs
    18. 18. Mobile-Ready WebsitesMicrosoft stated that 53% of itsmobile searches have local intent. Customers Ready to Buy NOW & Nearby Many are on the move, they don’t want to scroll, pinch, etc.Google Places, Bing Business Center, Yahoo Local Pagesall mobile ready. Claim your pages at the very least!
    19. 19. Mobile-Ready WebsitesSimplifies Your Website forsmaller screens of cell phonesCustomers Searching For Local BusinessWant:1. Phone Number2. Shop / Price Compare3. Directions / Map4. Email5. Information about Company
    20. 20. Social Mobile GPS ServicesSocial Gaming of “Check-ins” Location-Based Social Networks Compete with Friends Unlock Special Badges Privacy Issues (GPS) Get Special Deals from Businesses
    21. 21. Social Mobile GPS Services
    22. 22. Mobile Advertising Advertise on Mobile Websites & Embedded App Advertising Uses Pay Per Tap Model like Google Adwords Google Purchased AdMob for $750M in 2010 Sept 30 – Google shifts mobile ads more to Adwords/Adsense Mobile Advertising: $1.6B last year in US, to double this year
    23. 23. Mobile Advertising Search on some popular sites with your Smartphone to find banner ads:   Admob closing in on 1 Trillion
    24. 24. Mobile ApplicationsMobile Applications or Apps are softwareprograms designed to work on mobile platforms.
    25. 25. Mobile Applications iPhone now has about 350,000 apps in its App Store Android growing faster, has about 100,000 apps
    26. 26. Games In-game display ads Games themselves are advertising
    27. 27. Mobile Applications  Facebook Has a Great Mobile Version  Why Do They Need a Mobile App?
    28. 28. Mobile ApplicationsProduce Your Own Mobile AppProvide Value to UsersBrand Your BusinessCost: $1500 and higher Examples – Pizza restaurant quick order app Travel agency – Itinerary reminder Donation / Non-profit apps Couponing apps Simple – Screen saver or background image
    29. 29. What Lies Ahead For Mobile…
    30. 30. Mobile Payments
    31. 31. Mobile PaymentsTake Credit CardPayments on YourPhone with
    32. 32. Near Field Communications Magic Wand Payment System Swipe Your Phone to Pay Examples – PayPass & Starbucks Google Wallet launched Sept. 19, 2011 - Nexus S 4G on Sprint - Citi Mastercard or Google Prepaid Card - San Francisco & New York
    33. 33. Google Wallet
    34. 34. Augmented Reality (AR) The Ultimate Mobile AppIt Combines… Today’s Computing Power in Mobile Devices The Use of the Camera The Use of GPS
    35. 35. Augmented Reality (AR)
    36. 36. Augmented Reality (AR)
    37. 37. Some Thoughts… Marketing is more about being “Top of Mind” and “Exbranding” Your Business  More Exposure Points  Multiple Platforms – Mobile & Online Use Your Imagination  Not confined to just a website anymore  Ask How, not If  Combine Technologies
    38. 38. Action Plan  The mobile explosion is happening right now!  There is MASSIVE opportunity to use mobile to attract and grow your customer base. Choose one mobile marketing method Implement a campaign using your method Do It Before Your Competition Does
    39. 39. Q&A Edward Niu Text EDNIU to 72727 510-592-4351