Illinois Campus Compact 2012                                             Issue #4, January 2012ILCC VISTAs KICK OFF 2012  ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2012                                                           Issue#4, January 4 2012            ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2012                                                                 Issue #4, January 2012       ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2012                                                                   Issue#4, January 4 2012MLK ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2012                                               Issue #4, January 2012Truman Civic Engagement F...
Illinois Campus Compact 2012                                                    Issue #4, January 2012                    ...
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Vistavision january


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Our ILCC monthly newsletter chronicling VISTA activities for the month of January.

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Vistavision january

  1. 1. Illinois Campus Compact 2012 Issue #4, January 2012ILCC VISTAs KICK OFF 2012 WITH MLK DAY OF Issue #4, January 2012 SERVICE Contents: NEW YEAR KICK-OFF WITH MLK DAY OF SERVICE 2 TRUMAN COLLEGE CIVIC ENGAGEMENT FAIR 3 INTERESTING ARTICLES Volunteers pose during the MLK Day food OF THE MONTH drive organized by VISTA Kate Eagler 4“All labor that uplifts This year turned out nohumanity has dignity and different as ILCC VISTAs JANUARY VISTAimportance and should be from over 20 campuses SPOTLIGHTundertaken with painstaking answered that call ferventlyexcellence.” by putting aside their normal 5 duties to lend a hand onDr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Martin Luther King Day.words resonate withAmericans just as well today From organizing small servicethey did almost 50 years ago.gatherings, to participating in large citywide events, ourEach year on Martin Luther VISTAs showed great strengthKing Day we are reminded to in their commitment to servicecome forth as socially and civic engagement byresponsible citizens and getting involved first hand inmuster as much effort as we some great direct servicecan towards helping advance projects. Here are some of thethe world we live in through projects our VISTAs took partproviding service wherever in during the MLK holiday.necessary.
  2. 2. Illinois Campus Compact 2012 Issue#4, January 4 2012 MLK DAY of ServiceKate Eagler, ILCC VISTA at it’s clear Eagler’s project not onlyMillikin University, partnered brought out the generosity in thewith Big Brothers Big Sisters to community, but also made aorganize the “Restock the truly positive impact.Pantries,” food drive. Other ILCC VISTAs also helpedEagler and her volunteers made feed the less fortunate on MLK‘Dream Bags’ that they placed in Day.the front of the store so that Andrew Miller, ILCC VISTA atcustomers could easily keep Loyola University, took a dozentrack of their donations then Dream Bag station set up in the students to the St. Thomasdrop the bags off after finishing Canterbury Soup Kitchen where middle of a participating storetheir normal shopping. the group ended up feeding about 250 hungry people in “It was powerful to witness the need. “The experience of servinggenerosity of the community,” these people who are generallysaid Eagler. “I’ve heard the ignored by society is humblingDecatur community is a but gratifying,” said Miller.generous one and I was able tosee that in action.” And with 29volunteers logging 84 hours andcollecting over food 1,800 items, Continued on page 4 A volunteer working to get donations for the food drive CIVIC ENGAGEMENT FAIR AT TRUMAN COLLEGE Truman College hosted representatives from over 20 recognized non-profit and community organizations throughout Chicago as part of its 2012 Civic Engagement Fair on Tuesday January 31st. The event hosted by Truman College VISTA Benita Rice and the Director of the Truman College Social Science department, Joshua Jones, aimed to introduce students to a multitude of service- oriented organizations to provide students with clear references for fulfilling service learning requirements and/or finding useful internships. ILCC VISTA Benita Rice stands with Chicago The fair also featured a special appearance from Alderman of the 46th Ward James Cappleman Alderman of the 46th Ward, James Cappleman. Continued on page 62
  3. 3. Illinois Campus Compact 2012 Issue #4, January 2012 MLK DAY 2012 (continued) A thought echoed by Carrie The group then used their Timmermans, ILCC VISTA at reflections as inspiration for letters Trinity University, who went that they wrote and sent to with over 20 students to serve Columbia College student almost 1,500 meals at the Pacific veterans on campus. Garden Mission. “It was very encouraging to see how much ILCC VISTAs Beka Flanagan, just our presence meant to the Ashleigh Hasselbach and Nikita VISTAs Beka Flanagan and Ashleigh residents of PGM,” said Stange all found unique projects to Hasselbach pause for a photo during their Timmermans of her service. link up with for MLK Day. Soukprida Phetmisy, ILCC Flanagan and Hasselbach, VISTAs VISTA at Columbia College, led at Louis and St. Francis two service projects in honor of Universities respectively, MLK Day. The first, “Rhythm for partnered with Hospital Sisters a Reason” partnered with the Mission Outreach to sort through pediatric cancer foundation, Bear discarded medical supplies that Necessities to give children were to be redistributed to other quality time to create art in the hospitals in need while Stange form of accordion books, found herself at the Calumet paintings of instruments, and Township Community Center other projects that they could where she facilitated some Students checking in for the Campus Wide keep. “Its always inspiring to senior programming and Day of Service share art and see the work that helped out in the kitchen as you love doing reflected on the well. faces and through the actions of ILCC VISTAs Lizzy Caudill and those you directly encounter…it Melissa Pognon, both at provides evidence that this kind Northwestern University in of work makes a resounding Evanston, IL, were more than impact, especially with young ready to heed Dr. King’s call to people,” said Phetmitsy. service on MLK Day. Her second MLK event, Caudill took to the task of “Moving to Change,” invited overseeing the “Campus Wide students to gather in reflection of Day of Service,” which sent over the ideas of civic engagement, 150 students out into the VISTA Melissa Pognon takes a moment to the goals of service learning and smile for the camera before her event Evanston and Chicago areas to the steps they could start to take participate in direct service. toward making impactful change in their own Meanwhile, Pognon busied herself communities. hosting the “Civically Engaged Alumni Roundtable” where over 20 distinguished NU alumni traveled from far and wide to hold 3
  4. 4. Illinois Campus Compact 2012 Issue#4, January 4 2012MLK DAY OF SERVICE(Continued) forums with current Resource Links for Northwestern students that January emphasized the importance of staying civically engaged 1) Public Transit and School regardless of their professional Attendance goals. some-find-public-transit-fares- Last but certainly not least, VISTAs Clare Kessler and Helen Gerety ILCC VISTAs, Alex Baird, catch up with VISTA Leader Jim Hurley at Story by WBEZ about the link Helen Gerety, Jaime Ricks, City Year’s “Day On” event between public transit fares and Clare Kessler and VISTA school attendance. A local school is leader Jim Hurley all rose to Other ILCC VISTA 2012 reporting that due to high costs of the challenge of providing MLK Day projects include: train passes that the demand for service with fellow civic student-reduced fare cards are getting servers City Year Chicago. Brittany Elder (University higher. of Springfield)-Community Together with none other than outreach with American Chicago’s own Mayor Rahm Red Cross Illinois Capital 2) The New Poverty Line Emanuel, the team Area Chapter participated in City Year’s 0049/census-1-in-2-americans-are- “Day On” event, which Guarav Singh Chicago poor-or-low-income brought together over 600 School of Professional volunteers to paint 50 Psychology)- Assisted at About 97.3 million Americans fall into classrooms, 91 murals, 2 Garfield Community a low-income category, commonly hallways and much more at Service Center defined as those earning between 100 community centers located in and 199 percent of the poverty level, Chicago’s North Lawndale Benita Rice (Truman based on a new supplemental measure neighborhood. College)- Hosted letter by the Census Bureau that is designed writing campaign at Hull to provide a fuller picture of poverty. We greatly appreciate all of House our ILCC VISTAs along with any good citizen who was able Christina Bennett (Millikin 3) Congrats to ILCC VISTA Ruthi to spare some time on MLK University)- Served meals Brooks for getting some ink! Day for providing service to at Daily Bread Soup Kitchen the community at large. To all s/project-36964-reading-aims.html of our VISTAs, thank you for making the 2012 MLK Day of Illinois College’s Sonya Project is Service a successful one! an after-school program that provides support for elementary school students who need help with reading. Volunteer Count Update Total Hours Have an interesting or insightful Individuals who served as community volunteers 2,590 58,577 link to share? Feel free to send an Disadvantaged Youth/Children served 3,268 email to or so it can Students participating in P-16 education programs 1,049 be included in the next newsletter!4
  5. 5. Illinois Campus Compact 2012 Issue #4, January 2012Truman Civic Engagement FairDuring his keynote address, Cappleman stressedthe necessity for students to be fully engaged intheir service and volunteering efforts andprovided three key points for students searchingfor the right service opportunities:“Follow your passion,” “Never let fear stand inyour way” and “Be sure to connect with otherpeople while serving.” Truman Students crowd the tables of theCappleman also called students in attendance to many community organizations at the fairfind opportunities they will consider meaningfulin the long term in order to make for a moreimpactful experience overall.One such volunteer in attendance was well awareof the personal impact involved with finding agreat service opportunity. Neerja Joshi, a memberof the Chicago Health Corps (CHC), which is anextension of the National Health CorpsAmeriCorps program, was at the fair to representthe American Cancer Society.A recent graduate with her eyes on attendingmedical school, Joshi admitted that she’s always ILCC VISTA Benita Rice poses withhad an interest in “resolving issues with health Chicago Health Corps VISTA Neerja Joshidisparities,” and described her placement withthe ACS as a “perfect fit.” She said she lovesworking with her organization because she candirectly “help do things that patients can’t do ontheir own,” an ideal outlook for a future healthcare professional.Other organizations represented at the TrumanCivic Engagement fair included: Albany ParkCommunity Center, Asian Health Services, Boys& Girls Club of Chicago, Chicago Hopes,Cornerstone Community Center, Howard Brown,Life Directions, Playworks, Radio Arte and manymore. For additional information on any of theorganizations present at the fair or forinformation on upcoming service-related events Eager students signing into the eventat Truman College, send an email to ILCC VISTABenita Rice at 5
  6. 6. Illinois Campus Compact 2012 Issue #4, January 2012 JANUARY VISTA SPOTLIGHT This edition’s VISTA Spotlight shines brightly on VISTA Elizabeth “Lizzy” Caudill at Northwestern University. Caudill was instrumental in planning Northwestern’s “Campus Wide Day of Service,” which sent out more than 150 student volunteers to perform direct service at a multitude of sites. But all community organizing skills aside, this is a VISTA who can entertain a crowd. When the keynote speaker for the her event failed to show due to issues with travel, Caudill stepped up addressed the 150 plus crowd herself, giving a wonderful impromptu speech on the importance of direct service and volunteerism. Great job Lizzy! Keep up the good work! Elizabeth Caudill ILCC VISTA Northwestern University Illinois Campus Compact 55 E. Jackson Blvd 8th Floor Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60604