21    Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                        Issue #3, December 2011                    ...
21    Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                                    Issue#3, December 2011         ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012           Issue #3, December 2011                      ILCC EVENTS IN 2011              ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                                     Issue#3, December 2011    NLU Servic...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                               Issue #3, December 2011                   ...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                                    Issue#3, December 2011ADLER PROFESSIO...
Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012                                        Issue #3, December 2011                        DE...
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Vista Vision (December)


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This is our December edition of the VISTA VISION, a monthly newsletter chronicling ILCC VISTA activity in the Illinois area.

Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Vista Vision (December)

  1. 1. 21 Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #3, December 2011 Issue #3, December 2011 Contents: NLU DAY OF SERVICE Main NLU SERVICE GIVES ADLER VISTA GIVES GREAT ADVICE HOPE FOR THE 2 HOLIDAYS ILCC 2011 PHOTO REVIEW! 3 National Louis University’s This successful service project Center for Civic came about through the Engagement kicked off the smooth partnership between MEETING OF THE MINDS holiday season by holding the NLU Civic Engagement AT ROOSEVELT the school’s 1st Annual Fall Center staff and Volunteer UNIVERSITY 4 Quarter Day of Service at coordinator for Cornerstone the Cornerstone Community Center, Lyda Community Outreach Jackson. DECEMBER VISTA SPOTLIGHT Center on Saturday “Todays service was actually 5 December 3, 2011. just a really pivotal event for us,” said Jackson. Over 50 volunteers showed to help out in various areas The Cornerstone Community of the CCO, from preparing Outreach Center was founded meals in the dining hall to in 1989 to raise the quality of organizing donations in the life for low-income residents warehouse. in the Uptown community and continues to support nearly 500 men and women
  2. 2. 21 Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue#3, December 2011 NLU SERVICE DAY and continues to support nearly And more they did. When 500 men and women daily. asked about the volunteer Ongoing programs at the center performance for the day, include its clothing pantry, also Jackson commented, “By far known as the free store, a food the most monumental project bag program and a weekly was the transportation of the dinner function providing donations to the clothing meals for 150-200 low income pantry on the fifth floor of NLU volunteers dutifully shuttling families every Saturday. our warehouse with no donations up to the fifth floor elevator, it was excellent!” ILCC VISTA Emma Adebayo along with NLU’s Center for With their 1st Annual Fall Civic Engagement staff, wanted Quarter Day of Service a to act on the mission set forth success, NLU definitely by NLU’s tenets for its Civic proves that a small service Engagement Center and the can yield huge results. AmeriCorps VISTA mission of combating poverty. For more information on the Cornerstone Community Volunteers hauling more donations “It started as a toiletries drive, Outreach Center, feel free to into the fifth-floor warehouse but we felt we could do more,” said Adebayo. Continued on page 4 ADLER VISTA HOLDS FREE PROFESSIONAL FORUM On Wednesday December 7th, 2011 Ashley Brazil, ILCC VISTA at Adler Professional School of Psychology, warmly welcomed both college students and graduates to attend a free professional development seminar with the hopes of helping them finding gainful opportunities within the field of psychology. Brazil said she felt it necessary to hold the event due to there being “no clear-cut career services program,” available to the students there. The nearly 2 hour workshop provided an in-depth analysis of the practices and procedures crucial to gaining positions within the psychological ILCC Vista Ashley Brazil addresses the audience profession, particularly with an emphasis on community service practicums and externships. Continued on page 5 2
  3. 3. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #3, December 2011 ILCC EVENTS IN 2011 3
  4. 4. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue#3, December 2011 NLU Service Day Resource Links for (Continued) December visit their newly 1) AmeriCorps Week is an renovated website at opportunity for AmeriCorps ccolife.org or email CCO members, alums, grantees, Volunteer Coordinator program partners and friends to Lyda Jackson at demonstrate AmeriCorps impact lyda@ccolife.org to get on critical issues, bring more involved. Part of the clothing store cleaned and Americans into service, and organized by NLU volunteers thank the community partners You can also find more who make AmeriCorps possible. opportunities like the Fall AmeriCorps week is set for Quarter Day of Service March 10-18, 2012. http://www.americorps.gov/ab directly from NLU’s out/americorpsweek/index.asp Center for Civic Engagement website at 2) Illinois College’s Sonya Project http://nlu.nl.edu/cec/ or is an after-school program that find them on twitter, with provides support for elementary school students who need help the tag @NLUcec. with reading. Congratulations to our fellow ILCC VISTA Ruthi Brooks for getting some ink! http://www.myjournalcourier.com /news/project-36964-reading- aims.html 3) As all of you know, Congress has been discussing legislation NLU Civic Engagement Center logo that includes spending cuts to the Corporation for National Community Service and the AmeriCorps program. Fortunately, the original bill that sought to reduce the majority of our funding did not pass, but service will continue to need support in the future. Please send an electronic letter asking your legislators to fund the National Corporation for Community Service. http://www.saveservice.org/ Have an interesting or insightful link to share? Send it to jhurley6@depaul.edu or camwoods007@gmail.com4
  5. 5. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #3, December 2011 VISTA HOSTS MEETING OF THE MINDS FOR SOCIAL JUSTTICE On Tuesday, December 13th, ILCC VISTA Attendees had a chance to learn from groups of Nikita Stange with the Mansfield Institute academics and community leaders who are for Social Justice and Transformation working to identify alternatives to detention for (MISJT) hosted the third part of their series youth. One panel member was Pamela Rodriguez, on Youth, the Criminal Justice System and president of TASC, Inc. of Illinois, a nonprofit case Disproportionality at Roosevelt University. management agency that identifies youth and adults in the justice system who would be better The series included several panel served in community based treatment rather than discussions to offer perspectives from prison. youth, law enforcement, and legal representatives to help raise consciousness The panel also included Judge Colleen Sheehan, on how racial inequalities in our justice who co-founded the Chicago Healing Circle system funnel poor minority children into Project in an effort to decrease tension between prison instead of productive adulthood. youth and law-enforcement through opening conversation. According to MISJT, one of the major obstacles that youth face when dealing For the final piece in the series, MISJT will host an with the juvenile justice system is that they expungement workshop in the spring to help are not treated as juveniles. “The brain understand the lifelong impact of a criminal continues to develop until more people are record on employment and house and other 25- therefore the decisions that young obstacles. According to Stange, it will focus on people make are not those of adults. There information about policy and current efforts in is a growing understanding that children Illinois to seal and expunge criminal records. If need to be dealt with as children, however you would like more information about the there is still much work to be done in this workshop or MISJT, feel free to contact Nikita area.” Stange at nstange@roosevelt.edu. 5
  6. 6. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue#3, December 2011ADLER PROFESSIONAL FORUM CONT…Brazil relied on both physical examples offictional resumes while integratingmultimedia as well to engage the studentsin attendance.“It’s always best to see how it’s done,” saidBrazil concerning her presentationmethods. She believes that “just telling”how to do something is not sufficient, asentiment that was surely appreciated bystudents in attendance.Brazil plans to continue offering herexpertise for as long she can. “The firstclinical practicum is a rigorous experience, Several students taking notes during the talkso I help them [students] do what theymust to recruit and retain these sites.”With her sense of commitment and continuedapplication of her skills in the area ofprofessional development in her field, there isno doubt that Brazil will help many morestudents find and keep clinical andcommunity practicum opportunities withinthe field of psychology, a field that millions ofAmericans depend on every day for serioushelp.Looking for help obtaining a psychologyrelated position or have questions concerningthe practice in general or the Adler school?Feel free to contact Ashley via her email:abrazil07@gmail.com. One of many creatively designed spaces located within the Adler school6
  7. 7. Illinois Campus Compact 2011-2012 Issue #3, December 2011 DECEMBER VISTA SPOTLIGHT This edition’s VISTA Spotlight shines brightly on ILCC VISTA Nikita Stange! Hats off to Nikita on not only holding a great event in December by partnering with Roosevelt University’s Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation, but also continuing to document her journey as an AmeriCorps VISTA online. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, check it out now at http://ru-vista.blogspot.com/ Keep up the great work Nikita! Nikita Stange, 2011-2012 ILCC VISTA at Roosevelt University 55 E. Jackson Blvd 8th Floor Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60604