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  • Introduction to blackboard_collaborate

    1. 1. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Welcome to Blackboard Collaborate Before we start: 1. Please check your audio is working: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard 2. Say hello to the group 3. Please introduce yourself in the chat room 4. If you don’t have a video camera you can upload a photo of yourself. Click the button to the right of your name & choose Edit Profile.
    2. 2. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Can everyone hear me ok? Please use the tick and cross buttons to let me know
    3. 3. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Four Main Windows
    4. 4. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Using the Interface Audio – click [Talk] only when talking Emoticons (approval etc.) Set status to “Away” Raise your hand Polling Chatting TIP: Hold your mouse over buttons to see what they do
    5. 5. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Use the star in the whiteboard tools panel Where do you live? Elsewhere
    6. 6. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate What are 2-3 things you can use the whiteboard for? Use the text box in the whiteboard tools panel to add your contributions below
    7. 7. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate How to upload files I will now share my screen with you to show you how to upload files into whiteboard
    8. 8. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Example of a poll • I will now share my screen with you to show you how to change the poll type to an ABC response and then post the response data to the whiteboard
    9. 9. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Q. Do you think you would use polls with your students? A. Yes B. No C. I’m not sure
    10. 10. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Web tour Good for: •Showing videos – video plays on each participants own computer independently. •Case studies – students can navigate the website Example: •Blackboard Collaborate introduction video (start from 5) •
    11. 11. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Share an application Good for: •Showing how to use a program •Pointing out a particular part of a website •Showing a particular part of a video I will now share my power point presentation from my local machine
    12. 12. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Any final questions? • Post these on the chat window or • Raise your hand to talk
    13. 13. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Thank you  • If you’d like to applaud now you can do so using the emoticons • You can find a copy of this presentation here: Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate Additional documents & tutorials can be found at the Blackboard Collaborate On-Demand Learning Center
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