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IKT-Norge SA presentation

  1. 1. Norway - Open for business Fredrik Syversen Director Industry Development
  2. 2. Overview • About IKT-Norge • Norway and ICT • Norway as a technology leader • Why choose Norway • Our core strengths • Partnering possibilities
  3. 3. IKT-Norge • Largest business association for the ICT industry. • Membership of 400 companies with total turnover of 15 bill. Euro. • Represents all parts of the ICT value chain, from content providers to infrastructure. • International network o member of EICTA, WITSA, and ICC • Sets the ICT industry on the agenda – in politics, in media, in the business- and financial community and in the the general public. • Promotes R&D, export- and internationalization and innovation within the ICT industry
  4. 4. Perception of Norway... www.ikt-norge.no
  5. 5. This is Norway Made by FUNCOM
  6. 6. This is Norway Made by Vizrt
  7. 7. This is Norway Made by Tandberg
  8. 8. This is Norway Made by Qt/NOKIA
  9. 9. This is Norway OS for kids made by Easybits Software
  10. 10. Why Norway is ahead
  11. 11. Current situation • OSEX : • Oil price down over 50%--but on the way up • Unemployment on the way up...but lowest in Europe • The ICT-sector is not hurting now...but.... • Expect little or no increase in growth next year • Effect on sales – This time... positive given a bulletproof business case.... P – ricing is vital – RoI backed by evidence based business case
  12. 12. What the numbers say... ATH 530 - Crisis: 230 - Current: 345
  13. 13. The ICT sector is booming • ICT market is highly mature • Norwegian companies are among the first to adopt and implement new solutions. • Rapid process of modernization in the public sector based on ICT solutions. • Norwegian ICT increasingly merits international attention, and several Norwegian ICT companies are represented in the Deloitte FAST 500 ranking. • Overwiev of the biggest industries in Norway 1. Oil & Gas 279 bill. NOK 2. Constructions 183 bill NOK 3. ICT-sector 166 bill NOK 4. Food –sector 124 bill NOK o Forestry 31 bill NOK o Software industry 27 bill NOK o Fisheries 23 bill NOK
  14. 14. 10 reasons for choosing Norway 1. World leader in wireless communications, the Internet and new media 2. Excellent innovation and entrepreneurial climate 3. Sophisticated personal and industrial IT usage 4. World class IT and telecom infrastructure 5. Outstanding test market 6. Competitive workforce with good language skills 7. Management skills, well suited for a global high-tech economy 8. A well-developed financial market 9. Internationally-oriented society 10.High industrial productivity and profitability Last but not least: Wealthy and willing to invest in technology
  15. 15. Our core strengths • Humanizing technology • Telecom solutions o Technology which o Tandberg enables human interaction o Telenor o User interfaces • eGov • Applications for mobile o Public services 24/7 communications o ICT for health care o Browsers: eg Opera  EPJ o Search:eg FAST o ICT for education o SDK: eg TROLLTECH  LMS • Open Source solutions
  16. 16. Case: eHealth
  17. 17. Digitaldictation Pasient terminal Audio/Video Patient signal TV distribution IP Telephony Fixed/wireless Pheripherals Profesor Student Doctor Alarm/911 Message server Pasient Admin worker Active Directory Syke- Log on/ pleier Bio-Ing. auhentication Assistant nurse MDA Operating systems/ Tools Norsk Helsenett Intelligent wiring Applik. Applik. Network Data Data Fixed/wireless DMF/NTNU St. Olav
  18. 18. Approaching the Norwegian market • Excellent products and services • Reference customers... – Norwegian if not.... – ...Scandinavian if not... – ....North-European if not.. – ... Personal contact • We are willing to take a risk...but.. – We have a rigid system on: • Deliverance on promise • Be open on problems, we like that... • Triple check if specs are understood • Seing is believing.. – Must see the facilities and meet management
  19. 19. Norway open for business • We need: o International partners who can provide:  Market knowledge  Market access  The packaging of a product or a service  Tie innovation with market orientation  Hardware to our software  Outsourcing opportunities Contact: Fredrik Syversen, IKT-Norge Fs@ikt-norge.no
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