Patras Science park 10 2010 Iktimed


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Patras Science park 10 2010 Iktimed

  1. 1. Patras Science Park S.A.
  2. 2. Patras Science Park S.A. (PSP) was established in 1989 by Greek Government Its only shareholder is the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs of the Greek State The surroundings of PSP
  3. 3. Objectives & Goals of PSP Main objective of PSP is the creation and development of innovative – technological units and enterprises. It aims at the transfer of research and technology into enterprises for the creation of innovative products. CONCRETE GOALS: The connection of Organizations of Production of Knowledge with the Enterprises, mainly those in the Region of Western Greece. Promotion of innovative ideas, products, services Introduction of new organizational and administrative methods for enterprises. Technology transfer. Installation and development of R&D sections and networks. Attraction of foreign investments in high technology sections Implementation of research and developmental projects
  4. 4. Services & Premises (1/3)  Services for development of enterprising activity – Support and development companies in Incubator and Innovation Center – Support and development the Technology Transfer Unit and Innovative Management Techniques Unit for Enterprises – Participation in national and European programs, financing the innovation, partner search, participation in human networks – Provision of funds for support and development – Search for technology providers – Search for potential customers and competitors – Industrial Property and Intellectual rights – National & International Standards - Quality Assurance (ELOT) – Cooperation with the Research and Technology Sector (University of Patras, FORTH/ICEHT, CTI), Cooperation with the technological organizations supervised by the Greek Secretariat of Research & Technology.
  5. 5. Services & Premises (2/3)  Financial and legal services ― Financial supervision of projects and programs ― Accounting services ― Support on legal issues.  Secretariat and technical services – Reception, central, secretary services, – Communication services (postal, telephony, fax, e- mail) – Technical service and maintenance, cleaning security.
  6. 6.  Improvement of standard services and facilities – Use of Telecommunications infrastructure – Use of Computing infrastructure – Use of a dedicated computer system for Desktop Publishing and multimedia content creation – Internet connection via the Patras Science Park's domain – Use of Meeting room – Use of Conference Hall – Use of library and on-line library, access to databases – Use of buffet / dining room and relevant equipment Services & Premises (3/3)
  7. 7. Patras Science Park- Funding Public: 90% Private:10% Public:60% Private:20% Projects:20% Projects:60% Private:20% Public:20% 2004 2006 2008
  8. 8. Patras Science Park- Companies (Statistics) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  9. 9. PSP’s Projects 1. “Benchmarking R&D Practices” 2. “RIPWG Regional Innovation Pole of Western Greece” Greek General Secretariat for R & D. 3. «HuReDePIS- Human Resources and Development Planning on both sides of Ionian Sea» Interreg III Archimed programme; 4. “A virtual network of Science and Technology Parks to strengthen the growth of Parks and to stimulate the generation of New Science and Technology Parks” Interreg III Archimed programme; 5. «Open Gates- Patras Science Park as a lighthaouse of Knowledge in the Region of Western Greece” 6. «NET-ITEL: Model of permanent cooperation between Greece and Italy on Research and Innovation» Interreg III Greece-Italy programme. 7. «ΙΝNOVA – Integrated actions for the transfer of innovation in common strategic sectors» Interreg III Greece-Italy programme. 8. «SFINX- Geographical Information System for the effective prevention and management of natural disasters» Interreg III Greece-Italy programme. 9. ”Mother language over the history” Interreg III Greece-Italy programme 10. “MiniEurope Mainstreaming Innovative Instruments for SME development in Europe” Interreg IVC programme 11. “MORE4RNG project” Interreg IVC programme 12. “ECOPORT 8 Environmental Management of Transborder corridor ports South East Europe Programm SEE
  10. 10. KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION ORGANISMS •Patras University •Open University •Patras Technological School •Mesologgi Technological School INNOVATION POLE OF WESTERN GREECE Organization corporation aiming at the development, promotion and exploitation of the innovation RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY ORGANISMS •CTI •ICEHT/FORTH •ISI R&D TRANSFER ORGANISMS •PSP •BIC ENTERPREN EURSHIP •Protogenic sector •Secondary sector •Tertiary sector SUPPORT •RWG / PTA •Development agencies of prefectures •Chambers •Associations PSP as coordinator of the Innovation Pole of the Western Greece (Winn)Coordinating Organization of RIP: Patras Science Park INNOVATION POLE OF WESTERN GREECE Union of Institutions aiming at the growth, promotion and exploitation of Innovation Organizations of Knowledge Production •University of Patras •University of Ioannina •AΤΕΙ Epirus& Kalamata Organizations of Research and Technology •RACTI •FORTH/ ICEHT •ISI Organizations of Research and Technology Transfer •PSP (coordinator) •BIC-WG •NDC •IC&QL Entrepreneur- ship •Primary Sector •Secondary Sector •Tertiary Sector Support •RDF/ RWG •Prefecture Develop. SA •Chambers •Association of Enterprises & Industries •Banks
  11. 11. Accommodated companies in PSP (1/2) COMPANY NAME ACTIVITY SITE ADVENT TECH. AE* Materials for applications in products for renewal energy sources ANALOGIES AE* Analogic integrated electrical systems HELBIO SA* Hydrogen and energy production systems FCM* Applications of computational intelligence I.SI.* Production organisation, automatization, competitiveness IΝΒΙΤ Assessment- Administration of Medical Technology ICQL* Administration of Civilization and Life Quality IQ RESEARCH* Development of high tech plastics or/and composites doped with nanoparticles or/and nanofibers KEK IVEPE Specialized compilation for industry officers V.G. PAPADAKIS & ASSOCIATES Construction Technology and Durability ALGOSYSTEMS* Automation Technologies Ο.Β.Ι.* Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation CENTER OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE* Centre of Education and Science DIGITAL SKY* Telecommunications Technologies and Solutions
  12. 12. Accommodated companies in PSP (2/2) COMPANY ACTIVITY SITE EYELEAD SOFTWARE* Software Technologies ELDRUG SA* Pharmaceutical Products BYTEMOBILE* Telecommunications and Software Systems INSTANCE LTD* Design and Development of Software Applications Ε.D.I.P. * Program Management Company NORTHEASTERN INNOVATION CENTER* Incubator- liaison office THINK SILICON LTD Software Production DYNESYS S.A. Advanced software solutions NANORADIO Hardware Production The companies with * are hosted in PSP after 9/2004
  13. 13. Active support of State and regional authoritiesActive support of State and regional authorities Measures for viable growth of Patras Science Park Exploitation of all the available spaceExploitation of all the available space Creation of new buildings installationsCreation of new buildings installations Creation of a network of enterprisesCreation of a network of enterprises Collaboration with financial institutions for further investmentsCollaboration with financial institutions for further investments Well educated, inspired, and active personnelWell educated, inspired, and active personnel Constant and permanent search and participation in research and development projects Constant and permanent search and participation in research and development projects
  14. 14. Pictures from Patras Science Park, the Enterprises and the Laboratories
  15. 15. Patras Science Park Chrysostomos Stylios R& D Consultant Τel.: +30 2610 911 553 Fax: +30 2610 994 106 e-mail: Contact