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Mission Quiz
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Mission Quiz


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Missions Quiz By Dylan and Michelle
    • You will get 9 questions about California missions. Answer them all right and see your score!!!!
  • 2. Part One: Know Your Missions
    • We will give you 3 questions about California Missions. If you get them all right, you know about the missions.
    • 3. Each question has multiple choice. Record you answers on a sheet of paper. NO CHEATING!!! If you have a wrong answer, don't change it to the right one. USE THE HONOR SYSTEM!!!
  • 4. A. Mission San Francisco de Asis B. Mission San Diego de Alcala C. Mission San Juan Capistrano Which mission was burned down by natives?
  • 5. The answer is B. Mission San Diego de Alcala!!! The mission was destroyed by natives and then was rebuilt later on. If you got this right, give yourself a point!!!
  • 6. A. San Juan Bautista B. San Francisco Solano C. Santa Cruz D. San Luis Rey de Francia Which mission was destroyed by natural causes?
  • 7. Answer: C. Santa Cruz. It was also partly destroyed by natives, but mostly by earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. The only part that was rebuilt is the small church.
  • 8. A. San Juan Capistrano B. Santa Ines C. San Gabriel Arcangel D. San Buenaventura Which mission has the nicknames: Jewel of the Missions, Mission of the Swallow, and Mission of the Tragedies?
  • 9. Answer: San Juan Capistrano. It just is.
  • 10. Part 2: Mission 101
    • I will give you 6 questions about mission everyday life. Each question will be multiple choice.
    • 11. As said in the first part, record your answers on paper and please, NO CHEATING. I will repeat it once, and only once: NO CHEATING AT ALL!!!!!
  • 12. A. Wax B. Pig lard (fat) C. Ear wax What were candles made of?
  • 13. Answer: B. Pig lard. They didn't have wax on missions, so they used the extra fat from pig meat.
  • 14. A. Burning them! >:-D B. Putting them in the sun. C. An oven. How were animal hides dried?
  • 15. Answer is: B. Putting them in the sun. The hides were put in the sun to dry.
  • 16. A. To be annoying B. To tell the time C. To tell when church was starting and ending Why did missions have bells?
  • 17. Answer(s): Sort of B and sort of C. If you said either one, WOW!
  • 18. A. Fact B. Fiction Fact or fiction: Missions were made to populate California.
  • 19. Answer: B. Fiction. Missions were built to Christianize Native Californians
  • 20. A. Fact B. Fiction Fact or fiction: Missions were sometimes used to grow crops and raise animals
  • 21. Answer: A. Fact. Some missions were established just so they could supply food and water to other missions.
  • 22. A. 20 B. 30 C. 21 !!!Last Question!!! How many missions were established?
  • 23. Answer: 21!!! If you got this one right, CONGRATS!!!
  • 24. If you got all the questions right, you know everything about missions! Thanks again! Thanks for playing: Dylan and Michelle's MISSION QUIZ!