Gray wolves


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Gray wolves

  1. 1. Gray Wolves Gray wolves aren't all gray. They can be from black to white. Sometimes they are red or brown colored. But all gray wolves are the same breed of wolf. Let me take you on a trip through this misunderstood animal's life as we learn about them... from birth... to death... to the stories where these beautiful animals are portrayed as ruthless killers.
  2. 2. Alphas Gray wolves are pack animals, therefore making them work as a team, like a family. First, there are the alphas, or pack leaders. The alphas are the leaders of the pack and they make ALL the decisions. Decisions such as when they hunt, if the other members can have pups, or sleeping.
  3. 3. Omegas Omegas are the lowest ranks in a wolf pack. They can range from male to female, pup to adult. They are just the other ranks.
  4. 4. Pups Every March, the female wolves choose who they want to be their mate. Later on, the couple will move to the whelping den, or birthing den. There the pups will be born and raised into juveniles. Then they will start mating. As the cycle goes on, the pack that those pups are in will grow and grow, unless a pup moves to a different pack.
  5. 5. Packs Packs are made up of wolves, some from different packs, that work together as a family. As mentioned before, there are the alphas; male and female. They are the leaders. All the wolves in the pack must obey the alphas or are kicked out and become a lone wolf. There are also territory lines. Packs must keep their territory lines marked with their scent.
  6. 6. Misunderstandings Gray wolves in fairy tales are portrayed as monstrous killing machines, but really, they are family animals. They guard their young and hunt. In fact, your pet dog is a descendant of the gray wolf. When Native Americans befriended friendly wolf pups, the pups started becoming the popular dog breeds you see on the streets, pet stores, tv, and your home today.
  7. 7. Status Gray wolves are only found in certain areas of the U.S.A and Canada. They are found in cold areas, such as Alaska and Big Bear Lake. They are not endangered yet, but they are slowly vanishing when their prey and homes are destroyed. Please help preserve these graceful animals and the forests and glades they reside in.
  8. 8. Thanks Thanks for watching. The biggest threat to wolves are a lack of info. Now that you know more, you can help preserve the Gray Wolf.