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More Assignments, Reports, Presentations, Thesis, Research papers & Internship reports also available here:

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  • 1. Page | i Letter of Submission To Md. Zahid Hossain Bhuiyan Assistant Professor of Management & Internship Supervisor Department of Business Administration International Islamic University Chittagong Subject: Submission of Internship Report. Sir, In accordance to your advice, I have prepared my Internship report on Current Scenario of Internet Services: An analysis of Grameenphone Limited. In my report, I have tried to focus on the relevant information which would cover the objectives of the report. But no doubt, my effort and contribution will be best evaluated on your sharp scale of acceptance and remarks. I tried my best to show my skill, which is achieved by three (03) months, practical experience through this report. Finally, I would like to assure that I will remain standby for any clarification, explanation as and when required. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. Sincerely yours, Md. Moshaharul Haque Matric: B091833 Batch: 28 Department of Business Administration International Islamic University Chittagong
  • 2. Page | ii Letter of Acceptance I hereby certify that the concerned report on Current Scenario of Internet Services: An analysis of Grameenphone Limited using relevant documents related to assigned topic prepared by Md. Moshaharul Haque, Matric No- B091833 and Batch 28th , a student of Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Marketing, International Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka Campus has been acknowledged as it is acceptable. ………………………………….. Md. Zahid Hossain Bhuiyan Assistant Professor of Management & Internship Supervisor Department of Business Administration International Islamic University Chittagong
  • 3. Page | iii At the very beginning, I am solemnly thanking the Almighty Allah. I am sincerely thankful to my academic supervisor, Md. Zahid Hossain Bhuiyan, Assistant Professor of Department of Business Administration, International Islamic University Chittagong; who permitted and supported me to work on Current scenario of Grameenphone’s Internet Service. I am extremely grateful for giving me such an opportunity that has enriched my area of knowledge vastly. Furthermore, I want to thank my Tonmoy Basar, my organizational supervisor of Grameenphone Limited; for giving me the required information and also for giving permission to do the necessary work to commence this project. Especially, I would like to thank my parents who have made it possible for me to be a part of such educational organizational and created the way to have excellence in education with morality. I wish to apologize to anyone whose name has been unintentionally left out in this acknowledgement. Acknowledgement
  • 4. Page | iv Grameenphone is the largest mobile telecommunications operator in Bangladesh in terms of revenue, coverage and subscriber base. The company was incorporated on October 10, 1996 as a private limited company. Grameenphone converted to a public limited company on June 25, 2007. Trading of the company’s shares started at Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges from 16 November 2009. The shareholding structure comprises of mainly two sponsor Shareholders namely Telenor Mobile Communications AS (55.80%) and Grameen Telecom (34.20%). The rest 10.00% shareholding includes General public & other Institutions. In 2011, the company has achieved the remarkable top of the mind brand parameter with a 99% of brand awareness. Grameenphone has got the coverage & right solutions that will suit customers. Whether customers are searching for information or looking for entertainment & social networking on their phone or a laptop/personal computer Grameenphone have the right packages & devices to cater to customer’s needs. Internet is the most convenient medium of information, through which people can enhance their knowledge, spread the same from one corner of the globe to whichever place they wish with a single click. Communication solutions developed by Grameenphone across all the media have always focused one single thing – “to help people stay close to their dear ones and to enlighten their lives through free and flawless access to information.” Grameenphone internet is another step towards fulfilling this goal. With this step, Grameenphone so far brought Internet to people in the following ways: 1) Desktop and Laptop browsing: by using the mobile as modem or by internet modem 2) Mobile screen browsing: WAP/internet browsing on the mobile, whether these services are fulfilling the subscribers or not, how much subscribers are aware about the services, what is there feedback and satisfaction level these are the main focus of this report. Beside this the report is also mentioned a brief history of Executive Summery
  • 5. Page | v Grameenphone. Its establishment time, the founder of the company, the strategy of the company, its vision and mission, shareholders, products and services etc all are discussed here very briefly along with analysis part which is Current scenario of internet services - An analysis on Grameenphone. By the analysis part I have come up with some findings regarding internet services which may give a clear view of GrameenPhone current internet services. For the analysis part a survey was conducted with the help of a questionnaire. As it’s already mentioned that Ltd. is in the leading position in the telecommunication industry in our country they are trying to give their best to hold the position, that’s why they are also working in the internet services sector by introducing different services and packages/ products. This report will give a clear idea about Current Scenario of Internet Services of Grameenphone Limited. This report contains six parts The first chapter is focused on the Introduction, Background, Objectives, and Methodology & Limitations of data collection & Processing for the study. The second chapter is focused on the literature review of internet service in Bangladesh. The third chapter is focused on the overview of the Grameenphone Limited. It contains short profile of the Organization, the Organization’s History and all packages including Internet service. The fourth chapter is focused on the current Scenario of Companies competitiveness and SWOT analysis on Internet service. It also focused on Job Description and Responsibilities. The fifth chapter is focused on Current data services offered by Grameenphone, Internet Packages and survey findings. The sixth chapter is focused on recommendation and conclusion of this study.
  • 6. Page | viSl. No. Name of Contents Page No. Letter of Submission i Letter of Acceptance ii Acknowledgement vi Executive Summery vi Chapter 1: Introduction Page (1-) 1.1 Statement of the Problem 1.2 Objective of the study 1.3 Methodology of the study 1.3.1 Data source and collection 1.3.2 Sample Size 1.3.2 Data analysis and Interpretation 1.4 Limitation of the study Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Literature Review Chapter 3: Company Details & Packages () 3.1 Name and location of the Company 3.2 Historical background of the Company 3.3 About Telenor 3.4 About Grameen telecom 3.5 Company Structure 3.6 Achieving License 3.7 Launching Grameenphone Service 3.8 Journey of Grameenphone 3.9 Name and characteristics of founders 3.10 Existing Share holders 3.11 Company’s Vision 3.12 Company’s Mission Table of Contents
  • 7. Page | vii 3.13 Company’s Objective 3.14 Company’s Strategies 3.15 Company’s Value 3.16 Operating Coverage 3.17 Product and Internet service of Grameenphone 3.18 Different divisions and Department Chapter 4: Competitive Scenario of GrameenPhone 4.1 Competitive Scenario of GrameenPhone 4.2 SWOT analysis 4.2.1 SWOT analysis of Grameenphone 4.2.2 SWOT analysis of Grameenphone Internet service 4.3 Job Description 4.4 Specific responsibilities of the Job Chapter 5: Analysis on Current Internet Package & Findings 5.1 Current data service offered by Grameenphone 5.2 Internet Packages 5.3 Survey Findings Chapter 6: Conclusion & Recommendation 6.1 Recommendation 6.2 Conclusion Reference Appendix