Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and Health


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CRP4:Components,Anticipated Budget for 2011 by Component,Proposed Management Structure,CRP4 and IITA MTPs

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Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and Health

  1. 1. CRP4: Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and HealthCG Partners (12) IFPRI and ILRI (Lead centers), Bioversity, CIAT, CIMMYT, CIP, ICARDA, ICRAF, ICRISAT, IITA, IWMI, World FishOther Partners Health and Nutrition institutes, agricultural research organizations, farmers organizations, private sector, etc,
  2. 2. CRP4’ VisionTo accelerate progress in improving the nutrition and healthof poor people by shaping agriculture and food systemsaffecting those in marginal environments and thoseexperiencing the impacts of agriculture intensification.
  3. 3. CRP4 Components1. Component 1: Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains (0 SC)2. Component 2: Biofortification (2 SC)3. Component 3: Control of Agriculture-Associated Diseases(4 SC)4. Component 4: Integrated Agriculture, Nutrition, and HealthPrograms (0 SC)5. Component 5: Informing Policy and Decision making acrossAgriculture, Health, and Nutrition (0 SC)(6).Cross-cutting issues: Gender, Capacity Strengthening,Communication and Advocacy
  4. 4. CRP4 Components1. Component 1: Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains(0 SC)2. Component 2: BiofortificationSubcomponent 1: HarvestPlusSubcomponent 2: Biofortified Food Basket for LatinAmerica and the Caribbean
  5. 5. CRP4 Components3. Component 3: Control of Agriculture-AssociatedDiseasesSubcomponent 1: Improving Food SafetySubcomponent 2: Diseases Related to Agricultural WaterManagement—Risk Assessment and MitigationSubcomponent 3: Zoonotic and Emerging DiseasesSubcomponent 4: Occupational Health
  6. 6. CRP4 Components4. Component 4: Integrated Agriculture, Nutrition, andHealth Programs(0SC)5. Component 5: Informing Policy and Decision makingacross Agriculture, Health, and Nutrition(0SC)(6).Cross-cutting issues: Gender, Capacity Strengthening,Communication and Advocacy
  8. 8. CRP4: Anticipated Budget for 2011 by Component (Total=$58,816k)3500030000250002000015000100005000 0 Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4 Component 5
  9. 9. CRP4: Anticipated Budget for 2011Center ($000) PercentBioversity 3,490 5.93CIAT 3,994 6.79CIP 1,596 2.71HarvestPlus 20,993 35.69ICARDA 906 1.54ICRAF 728 1.24ICRISAT 1,816 3.09IFPRI 12,186 20.72IITA 2,656 4.52ILRI 9,651 16.41WORLFISH 800 1.36Total 58,816 100.00
  10. 10. CRP4: Proposed Management Structure
  11. 11. IITA Role in the Development of the CRP4 Proposal1. IITA scientists participated in e-discussion that led to the 20-pagerconcept note in May 20102. IITA scientists participated in the on-line consultation from June 28 toJuly 14.3. Two IITA scientists took part in the workshop for the development ofthe proposal at at ILRI/Addis Ababa on 28-30 July 2010.4. IITA scientists were members of the three writing teams: onHarvestPlus (Maziya-Dixon); Improving food safety in particularmycotoxins (Bandyopadhyay); Diseases related to agricultural watermanagement- risk assessment and mitigation (Djouaka, Rousseau andCoulibaly), Occupational Health (Hoeschle-Zeledon andTamo); andInforming Policy and Decision making across Agriculture, Health, andNutrition (Coulibaly and Manyong)
  12. 12. CRP4 and IITA MTPs – Strong alignment to AHAH Strategy Outputs CRP4 componentsO1 on varieties with enhanced C2 on biofortificationmicronutrients and reduced anti-nutritional factorsO2 on improved diets and human health C4 (Integrated agric, health, andof vulnerable and increased market nutrition programs) and C1opportunities (Nutrition-sensitive value chain)O3 on reduced health risks from C3 (Control of agriculturemycotoxins associated diseases)O4 on impact and policy C5 (Policy and decision-making across agric, health and nutrition) – CRP4 is relevant to parts of IITA MTPs on R&T, CL, BP (breeding and value chains) and OT (policy and economics)
  13. 13. Future Role of IITA in CRP41. IITA Program on AH aligns well with CRP4.2. The IITA comparative advantage lies on the following sub-components in that decreasing order of priority: 3.1 on food safety(mycotoxins and plant toxins e.g. HCN in cassava), 2.1 on HarvestPlus,3.3. on water-related diseases in particular malaria and agriculture, 3.4on occupational health, 4 on integrated agriculture nutrition and health,and 5 on policy monitoring and evaluation.3. Role of IITA in the management structure of CRP2 is uncertain. Thepresence of an IITA scientist could be an added advantage.