Powerful keys to significantly improving business performance


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This article offers leaders and managers the possibility of achieving significantly improved business performance from relatively minor outlays by applying innovative concepts and powerful, proven tools and approaches to maximise their current investment in their people.

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Powerful keys to significantly improving business performance

  1. 1. IIR Executive Development // E-Tips Tips & Whitepapers The Hidden Advantage that crucial hidden advantage - the ‘something different’ Powerful keys to significantly approach to radically improve your organisation’s improving business performance performance. By David R J Powell By addressing and empowering the whole person, you Corporate Leadership will awaken the hidden advantage, the usually dormant http://corporateleadership.com/ and intangible spirit within your people – that can define a brand, empower a company and help your people riseThis article offers leaders and managers the possibility of above the competition.achieving significantly improved business performancefrom relatively minor outlays by applying innovative The question is – how do you address, empower andconcepts and powerful, proven tools and approaches to inspire the whole person – body, mind, emotions andmaximise their current investment in their people. spirit when leading and managing your staff and supervisors?Do you have business performance improvementchallenges? 16 cylinder performanceYour ‘gold medal’ performances of yesterday will not As a metaphor - imagine each of your people as a 16guarantee you business success tomorrow. Your cylinder engine capable of sustained high performance.competitors are always striving to improve and beat you.But even more so than the Olympic Games, the game of The body and mind each contribute 3 cylinders ofbusiness is usually a win/lose contest. ‘firepower’. However the emotions and spirit, when appropriately addressed and inspired, are potentiallyThe winner takes the ‘gold medal’ and wins the much more powerful - each capable of contributing ancustomer’s business. Everyone else is awarded a ‘lead additional five cylinders of ‘firepower’.medal’ – heavy and worthless. No result and no business– just the opportunity to de-brief the loss and improve To consistently fire up the passion and motivation of youryour people’s performance for the next contest. people’s emotions and inspire the integrity, initiative, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, resilience andSo how do you challenge your employees and persistence of their spirit takes an understanding of whatmanagement to achieve more? you need to ‘touch’.What are you doing differently? If you want motivated and enthusiastic staff, you have toThey say the definition of futility is to keep doing what know how to ‘touch’ the core of their being, theiryou are doing and expect things to magically improve. enthusiasm - derived from the ancient Greek words - enWhat are you planning to do differently to get more from theos - the spirit within.your people and ensure their ‘gold medal’ winningperformance tomorrow? Defining the spirit The word spirit derives from the Latin verb spirare, toThe hidden advantage – the power of the whole breathe. A person’s spirit brings the breath of life to theirperson body. The en theos – the spirit within is the core of theirUnleashing the power of the whole person – the power of being, the essence of who they are.the body, mind, emotions and spirit can provide you with © Informa PLC IIR Executive Development ACN. 002 541 013 ABN 87 002 541 013 Level 6, 120 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000your one-partner solution for building skills and knowledge T 02 9080 4000 | F 02 9299 3109 | edinfo@iir.com.au | www.iired.com.au
  2. 2. IIR Executive Development // E-Tips Tips & WhitepapersBy comparison, spiritual matters are entirely different andinfluence how a person chooses to relate to Universal You can learn how to operate in these unseen butIntelligence whether one calls that God, Allah, Jehovah, immensely powerful realms of the metaphysics using aBrahma, Great Spirit, The One or All That Is. This is a simple, practical and easily implemented set of 16very private world of religious beliefs, faith, Gnostic cylinder whole person empowerment tools andwisdom and personal experience that must be respected approaches.within the business environment. To become a metaphysical engineer and re-engineerAddressing the whole person – body, mind, emotions and your approaches to people empowerment andspirit is however secular and practical and entirely free of communication, team building and team culture, changereligious connotations. management, sales and consulting skills, management, leadership and motivation in your organisation you needThe hidden advantage is knowing how to awaken and to change the quality of your people’s thought.access the spirit intelligence, intuition, creativity andinnate wisdom and tap the vast unaddressed resources Intellectual mind based approachesthat you are already paying for in your people. Currently most leadership and management approaches involve mind based intellectual analysis, ideas, theoriesYou need to wire the appropriate whole person and opinions. These approaches do not recognise,empowerment tools and approaches into the DNA of your understand or accommodate how the en theos – theorganisational culture. To achieve the most from your spirit within operates in life and creates physical realitysalaries, wages and training expenditure, you have to fire from metaphysical thought and beliefs.up all 16 cylinders in all your people, otherwise bydefinition - your HR investment is sub-optimal. Our minds have evolved over the millennia as powerful problem solving devices. The mind is truly a remarkableMost senior managers estimate the number of cylinders innovation but the power of the mind is relatively smallcurrently firing in their organisation is about 50% at best. compared to the power of the intelligence, insight, intuition and wisdom available to the inspired spirit.This is like Dire Straits – it’s money for nothing. All youneed to do is fire up what you are already paying for. Thus results from mind based approaches when trying to change people’s behaviour and increase sustainableA note of caution - the challenge of metaphysics performance are sub-optimal and relatively ineffective.Although the body is physical (you can touch it), themind, emotions and spirit exist in the unseen and little Emotional intelligence based approachesunderstood realms of invisible metaphysics. One of the latest management tools is emotional intelligence. However an emotion occurs when aOur education - primary, secondary and tertiary gives metaphysical thought impinges on the physical body.most people little help or explanation in understanding Emotions are an effect caused by thought.the operating principles of these metaphysical realms orguidelines on how to empower the spirit or harness the Think about it for yourself. Positive thoughts induce goodfull power of the mind or emotions. feelings in your body. Negative thoughts create feelings of discomfort in your body. When your thoughts areAt work this lack of understanding can be very expensive. worried or concerned, your body contracts and you feel © Informa PLC IIR Executive Development ACN. 002 541 013 ABN 87 002 541 013 Level 6, 120 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000your one-partner solution for building skills and knowledge T 02 9080 4000 | F 02 9299 3109 | edinfo@iir.com.au | www.iired.com.au
  3. 3. IIR Executive Development // E-Tips Tips & Whitepapersthat discomfort. When your thoughts are excited and Thus the fundamental role of any leader or manager inuplifted by the prospect of something interesting, your an organisation is to create an inspiring and challengingbody is energised and you feel good. game that will attract, enrol, engage and motivate calibre people.Thus chasing emotions and trying to demonstrateemotional intelligence is chasing effect. It is sub-optimal. This is a key insight in accessing 16 cylinder firepower.Where the emotion is the effect, the quality of the thought You don’t have to blindly accept this basic statement –is the root cause of this emotion. just think about your own engagement in the world. What turns you on? A boring repetitive, meaningless task or jobThe only way to achieve stable, positive emotions is to or an exciting vision and game plan which you can workensure stable, positive thoughts. Thus the optimum towards realising?approach to improving your people’s performance is tochange the quality of your people’s thought. As spirit beings, we are game and goal focused by nature.Spirit empowerment based approachesSpirit empowerment leadership and management Thus the quality of a person’s thought is a function ofapproaches hone the quality of people’s thought and thus how challenging and inspiring they find their chosenthe related emotions they experience by recognizing and goals and game(s).dialoguing directly with their en theos – the spirit within. Thinking about challenging and inspiring goals andA focus on changing the quality of thought in an vision-focused activities within the context of a personallyorganisation recognises the way thought is generated by meaningful game is the root cause of people’s emotions,the attention and intention of the spirit being. commitment, motivation, enthusiasm and performance. This key principle applies equally to staff andWhere a person focuses their attention and thus what management.they think about reflects their level of interest in any area.The strength of their intention and thus the strength of What’s the game?their thoughts reflect their commitment to a chosen The 16 cylinder empowerment challenge for everysubject. business leader or manager is to create an inspiring game.The en theos – the spirit within - is interested in seeking(attention) and engaging (intention) in meaningful and When people are engaged in a challenging game – suchchallenging games - not jobs. as ‘let’s achieve the inspiring enterprise vision by working as a high performance team’, the thoughts generated byNobody is looking for a job – everyone is looking for a the attention and intention of the spirit being are positivegame. and performance oriented. They will experience pleasant and fulfilling emotions as a by-product.Just look at the enthusiasm stirred by great sportingevents such as World Cup Soccer, International rugby, When the business enterprise offers no meaningful orWimbledon or The Ashes – an enormous phenomenon challenging game or vision and only repetitive tasks,unleashed by a game. such as ‘just get the job done’ or ‘management by objectives’ or ‘job descriptions’ or ‘let’s make the © Informa PLC IIR Executive Development ACN. 002 541 013 ABN 87 002 541 013 Level 6, 120 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000your one-partner solution for building skills and knowledge T 02 9080 4000 | F 02 9299 3109 | edinfo@iir.com.au | www.iired.com.au
  4. 4. IIR Executive Development // E-Tips Tips & Whitepapersbudgeted numbers’ or ‘let’s not upset the stock market • Give their people a clear sense of purpose usinganalysts’ predictions’, the spirit feels bored and makes up vision achievement as the game.substitute games such as ‘company politics’ or ‘let’s get • Arm their people with a comprehensive set of personal and inter-personal passion tools tothe other department’ or ‘let’s get the boss’. improve personal motivation and enhance inter- personal rapport and influencing skills.This is not rocket science but it has eluded most people • Provide an understanding (and appropriate tools) on how best to engage the en theos – theand most business enterprises to date. spirit within in focused and empowered planning.Even many relatively progressive companies do not • Provide their staff with the keys to persistence – internal and external – because everyharness or use the power of such a simple 16 cylinder organisation will be attacked by the ‘aliens ofempowerment game development tool as graphical resistance’.vision and graphical plans anywhere in their company. • And finally, provide their people with the understanding of the fundamental global paradigm changes that are currently andIt has to be graphical because the spirit prefers pictures irrevocably changing the rules of the game ofto words. You remember someone’s face, you can’t business forever.remember their name. Why should it be different with If this brief article makes sense to you and strikes aleadership and management? They will remember and chord, if you need to lead and manage an organisation toalign to your pictures. They will never remember your outstanding performance and results, the chances arewords. you need to start doing a few things differently – now.Most organisations don’t harness the basic principle that You can rarely sustain long term competitive advantagethe en theos – the spirit within creates their reality by the from just your products. Achieving sustainable advantagequality, clarity and strength of their thoughts. lies in how effectively you lead and manage your people.If you want organisational success, start by getting all Tapping the hidden advantage that you are alreadyyour people on 16 cylinders and focus the clarity and paying for by addressing and empowering the en theos -intensity of their thoughts on the same game – ‘let’s work the spirit within and firing up the 16 cylinders of each oftogether to achieve our vision’. your people will provide you with the sustainable edge that you need.SummaryIn summary, any leader or manager is faced with five key The increased results will delight your stakeholders andvariables that must all be addressed to empower and guarantee you the ‘gold medal’ performance you needsustain 16 cylinder performance in their staff. tomorrow. -------------------------------------------------------------------These variables are: About the author David Powell is the managing director of Corporate Leadership. • Purpose Corporate Leadership and IIR have partnered to jointly provide a new calibre of 16 cylinder whole person (body, mind, emotions • Passion and spirit) empowerment based leadership and management • Plans skills enhancement training and facilitation services – Tapping the Hidden Advantage. • Persistence • Paradigms (environment) Contact David Email: davidp@corporateleadership.com st21 century leaders and managers must: Telephone: +61 438 131 808 © Informa PLC IIR Executive Development ACN. 002 541 013 ABN 87 002 541 013 Level 6, 120 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000your one-partner solution for building skills and knowledge T 02 9080 4000 | F 02 9299 3109 | edinfo@iir.com.au | www.iired.com.au