Harmonizing Sales and PM


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This presentation comes to you from International Project Management Day 2013 - the annual global virtual summit from IIL that brings together business and technology leaders from around the world to discuss the latest trends and methods in business, leadership and communications. To view the accompanying video keynotes and presentations connect to the event here bit.ly/1blJSkE or purchase the DVD collection http://bit.ly/1fZ9Yc0

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  • precise number for their revenue target precise numbers for the required product mix exceed the numbers, they make good money Otherwise, they are pounded with a hammer
  • Predefined date of deliveryNot knowing exactly where and what to deliver
  • Harmonizing Sales and PM

    1. 1. Harmonizing Sales and Project Management Wolfgang Wendl PMP, CSM ©2013 International Institute for Learning, Inc., All rights reserved.
    2. 2. Sales – the Situation … the most measured people in an organization. To achieve their objectives, salespeople focus on being positive about every aspect of their life …
    3. 3. PMs – the Situation … the most transparent people. To achieve their objectives, PMs take a view of all risks and issues about every aspect of their life …
    4. 4. … that’s why there is
    5. 5. … but there is also ?
    6. 6. How Sales Can Add value to PM 1. Educate Project Managers 2. Facilitate direct contact between PM and customer 3. Provide accurate information in customer communication 4. Give PM a heads up on your real needs (early enough)
    7. 7. How PM Can Add Value to Sales 1. Clearly define what other Team Members can and can’t tell about the project 2. Supply sales with useful information Listen actively Interact with Sales regularly and fast Be honest and creative 3. 4. 5. 7. Use Sales to communicate with the customer Don’t offer services for free 8. Plan in time to support Sales 6.
    8. 8. What about the organization? 1. Include Sales Cycle in the Delivery Cycle 2. Incentify Sales for well defined hand-over to PMs 3. Incentify PMs to sell solutions via Sales 4. Manage the structural conflict actively 5. Having a vision and strategy that is clear and understood
    9. 9. Questions?
    10. 10. Intelligence – Integrity – Innovation We invite you to take a closer look at what we can accomplish together. Please visit iil.com or contact learning@iil.com to learn more about our training, consulting, coaching, customized courses and other pathways for professional development. Connect with Us: facebook.com/IIL.Inc @IILGlobal bit.ly/IILlinkedin ©2013 International Institute for Learning, Inc., All rights reserved. bit.ly/IILgoogle youtube.com/IILGlobal allpm.com