The Value of Virtual Learning


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Virtual learning solutions provide the right information for business and professional excellence where, when and how you need it delivered.

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The Value of Virtual Learning

  1. 1. International Institute for Learning, Inc. The Value of Virtual Learning  using new technologies to drive business innovation
  2. 2. the rapid pace of change  In today’s globally connected and technology driven landscape, an innovation or disruption on the other side of the globe can have an immediate impact on your business or profession.  The projected impact of the 12 leading disruptive technologies is between $14 trillion and $33 trillion a year in 2025 (McKinsey)  Massive, unprecedented changes in ad models, revenue streams and distribution methods have already been observed in print media, film, television and postal services due to changing information technology.  Companies must adapt to these new realities or fall by the wayside of more agile competitors.  Professionals must continually build their skill sets to stay current and maintain competitive edge.
  3. 3. doing more with less  As organizations meet the challenges of the current economic landscape, companies and individuals are being asked to “do more with less.”  Resource scarcity and budget shortfalls mean organizations and their personnel must reduce waste and increase efficiency.  The increasing costs of brick-and-mortar education mean that more people are choosing to learn skills and proficiencies though online courses that fit their schedule and lifestyle.  Virtual Learning tools allow organizations to save time and costs on travel, materials and space. The availability of repeated access to Virtual Learning guides increases a company's ROI each time the learning material is accessed by personnel.  41% of Fortune 500 companies utilized new technologies in designated learning time in 2013. Source: The Power of eLearning
  4. 4. the power of Virtual Learning  90% of the fastest growing jobs require skills in technology, project management and business analysis.  Virtual Learning has been shown to deliver a 50% increase in employee productivity and a revenue increase of 26% per employee.  According to IBM, Virtual Learning guides led to a retention of 5 times more material for their employees and each dollar invested led to a $30 ROI per employee.  72% of organizations surveyed believe responsive Virtual Learning is helping them stay on top of technological and methodological changes in their business sector.  Companies plan a 240% increase in Virtual Learning investment in 2014. Sources: eLearning Statistics You Need To Know, The Power of eLearning, Why ELearning is So Effective, IBM: The Value of Training
  5. 5. the benefits of Virtual Learning  Employees are able to learn in the workplace where they will be utilizing the skills they are mastering.  Learning can be scheduled and accessed to avoid interruption of work flow or excessive time away from the job.  Virtual Learning is cost-effective and requires less overhead and personnel, increasing a company’s ROI per employee.  Accessibility empowers staff to seek out new skills and manage their own professional development.  Allows faster integration of new technologies and methods into work patterns.  Allows quicker response to new business practices, regulations and legal requirements.
  6. 6. IIL’s Virtual Classroom & On-Demand Virtual Learning solutions  IIL is a global leader in training, consulting, coaching and customized course development, and is proud to be the educational provider of choice for many top global companies.  IIL's core competencies include Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Business Analysis, Microsoft® Project and Project Server, Lean Six Sigma, PRINCE2®, ITIL®, Agile, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, Sustainability and Corporate Consciousness.  With IIL’s Virtual Classroom you can bring the interactivity, expertise and diverse curriculum of our traditional courses straight to your desktop or laptop. All courses include live interaction with your instructor and fellow students. You may also view archived sessions to review post-class or to make up a missed session.  With On-Demand courses you can set your own pace. Log on when and where you learn best, and revisit and review content as often as you’d like.  For more information on upcoming virtual classes, please visit