06 pm&ba dynamic duo prioritize & trace luigi pantarotto
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06 pm&ba dynamic duo prioritize & trace luigi pantarotto



Priorityze and Trace Requirements. ...

Priorityze and Trace Requirements.
In the ICT World Gartner says that Requirements Management must confront new disruptive external forces: Generation Y will make in the future the 'Buy' paradigm preferred over 'Make' and a gap in the ability of measuring, aligning and managing Business Value is emerging. Prioritization is key to focus efforts to achieve the maximum Business Value. Lessons learned are discussed and a prioritizing by consensus exercise is performed with the audience, using the Voting technique. But in a world of complex Business Solutions, Tracing is key as well, in order to trace back solutions requirements to original or new business requirements. The example is from a Marketing Business Solution, where a simple coverage matrix allows tracing back of solution requirements to different possible business requirements.



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06 pm&ba dynamic duo prioritize & trace luigi pantarotto Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Preparing Prioritize and Trace the Requirements Luigi Pantarotto, MBA, CBAP®, PMP® SAS Business Advisory Leader MKT Solutions IIBA Italy VP Marketing & Communication 28 February 2014
  • 2. Requirements Management must confront new disruptive external forces • Future: Make vs. buy becomes buy vs. make* “The workforce generational shift will become stronger and more *apparent as Generation Y users (people born between 1981 and 1989) demand new and different IT services and value. They will challenge old paradigms; they will turn the make-versus-buy decision into a buy-versus-make one, choosing "outside first" as the new standard in IT investment strategies.” BIZ. REQ.s • Gap: Business Value measure, align & manage* “In the next three to five years, IT and sourcing organizations have to embrace a strong business approach. They need to show IT value aligned to business metrics and manage their service providers against business outcomes. […] IT will require a much tighter alignment, collaborative mindset and mutual recognition of interdependency for success between business and IT managers and users.” SOL. REQ.s (*)Source: 2013 Strategic Road Map for Outsourcing Competencies, Gartner, 26 Jun 2013 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 2
  • 3. Requirements’ Requirements’ Prioritize & • Prioritize Identity Card • K.A., Elements & Techniques Trace • Trace Identity Card • K.A., Elements & Techniques • Unsuccess Stories • The ***** spider • A ‘Make’ Solution feasible, at the end • Exercise – Coverage Matrix: • A ‘Buy’ Marketing Solution • Exercise - Voting • Vote your Coffe Machine 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 3
  • 4. Requirements Prioritize Requirements Analysis • Basis for Prioritization • Challenges Voting (also MoSCoW and Timeboxing/ budgeting) 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 4
  • 5. Unsuccess Stories • Unfeasibility… … and the Swiss pusher • The ***** spider 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 5
  • 6. Unsuccess Stories – the ***** spider Outcome: pains for the PM! Outcome: 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 6
  • 7. ‘Make Make’ Unsuccess Stories – the ‘Make’ solution for the Swiss smoke ‘pusher’ • Challenges • Context • Project Manager in charge of Business Analysis & technical SME • Project Manager leading at the same time a ‘nearshore’ prototyping team • Big $$$ customer! • ‘We are the best’ company culture • Biz. req.s getting more and more complex • Very powerful legal department Outcome: arrival of a real BA! Outcome: 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 7
  • 8. Exercise - vote your Coffee Machine top priority innovative killing requirement 1. George Clooney as testimonial 2. Different capsules business vs family 3. Wooden 100% recyclable frame 4. Low cost – high volume manufacture 5. Metal V shaped capsule anti contamination 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 8
  • 9. Requirements Trace Requirements Management & Communication • Relationship • Impact Analysis • Config. Mgmt. System 28/02/2014 Coverage Matrix PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 9
  • 10. Exercise – trace Marketing Solution Reqs back to Business Requirements • Business Requirements 1. Make more campaigns 2. Increase campaign redemption 3. Measure campaign ROI 4. Maximise overall results respecting my Contact Policy 28/02/2014 • Solution Requirements a) Customer DB b) Campaign Studio c) Data mining d) Marketing Optimization PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 10
  • 11. Key Messages • Prioritize Requirements 1. Less is More 2. Challenge the Business: spiders bite! 3. Challenge the Technical SME: unfeasibility does not exist! «Prioritizing, to select which requirements the analysis & implementation effort will focus most is challenging, but the effort on the project value is tremendous»* • Trace Requirements 1. It’s a ‘secret weapon’ against the bad change 2. Keep the Biz. engaged! 3. Always be covered, with the right cover! «Tracing is the ‘red-thread’ connecting requirements, fundamental because it guarantees that the project will implement only the requirements that provide value to the organization»* Source: Mastering the Project Requirements, Access How Good you Are, M. Maritato, 2013 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 11
  • 12. Contacts Luigi Pantarotto • Luigi.Pantarotto@sas.com • Marketing@italy.iiba.org • LinkedIn: it.linkedin.com/in/lpantarotto/ • www.italy.iiba.org 28/02/2014 PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS 12
  • 13. IIBA® Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) v2.0 Business Analysis knowledge areas’ tasks Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring Elicitation Plan BA Approach Prepare for Elicitation Conduct Stakeholder Analysis Conduct Elicitation Activity Plan BA Activities Document Elicitation Results Plan BA Communication Plan Requirements Management Process Manage BA Performance 28/02/2014 Confirm Elicitation Results Requirements Management & Communication Enterprise Analysis Requirements Analysis Manage Solution Scope & Requirements Define Business Need Prioritize Requirements Assess Proposed Solution Manage Requirements Traceability Assess Capability Gaps Organize Requirements Allocate Requirements Specify and Model Requirements Maintain Requirements for Re-use Determine Solution Approach Assess Organizational Readiness Prepare Requirements Package Define Solution Scope Communicate Requirements Define Business Case PRIORITIZE & TRACE REQUIREMENTS Determine Assumptions & Constraints Verify Requirements Validate Requirements Solution Assessment & Validation Define Transition Requirements Validate Solution Evaluate Solution Performance 13