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02 bart innovation_challenge_2013_06_18__iiba_italy_chapter_round1_final



Team BART Biz Value at your Fingertips™

Team BART Biz Value at your Fingertips™



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02 bart innovation_challenge_2013_06_18__iiba_italy_chapter_round1_final 02 bart innovation_challenge_2013_06_18__iiba_italy_chapter_round1_final Presentation Transcript

  • Biz Value at your fingertipstm 20 June 2013 Part I
  • 20 June 2013 Part I 2
  • This cannot happen with BART, maybe with Homer NOT WITH BART20 June 2013 Part I 3 View slide
  • Different studies prove that we spend most of our working time in business meetings 4 View slide
  • Meetings productivity IS an issue Meetings are tipically influenced by the leader or even by the facilitator20 June 2013 Part I 5
  • Everyone has a voice! Let’s give them a mic! 6
  • Our journey starts from here... ☺Immediate ☺Easy to use Difficult to consolidate and report out Influenceable results 20 June 2013 Part I 7
  • ☺Immediate Time consuming Low flexibility ☺Easy to consolidate and report out Expensive ☺Results not influenceable ...available solutions... 20 June 2013 Part I 8
  • The future starts from here... We value your business, your time, your money We believe in innovations at reach, bringing value, easy to use and affordable 20 June 2013 Part I 9
  • Instant PollingInstant Polling SentimeterSentimeter Thumbs up/downThumbs up/down NPSNPS USER INTERFACEUSER INTERFACE BART WEBBART WEB BART2GOBART2GO JOY BARTJOY BART BART LEADERBART LEADER 20 June 2013 Part I 10
  • The BART LEADERBART LEADER selects the polling type and opens up the session Part I 11
  • The Instant pollingInstant polling lets you ask questions with multiple answers, the audience will be asked to select answers (1 to 5). This is the base methodology for elicitations poll execution. 20 June 2013 Part I 12
  • The SentimeterSentimeter lets you get the audience feelings on a specific topic. Based on a slider, audience is requested to communicate how much it is positive or negative with a specific item/topic/solution. 20 June 2013 Part I 13
  • The Thumbs up/downThumbs up/down lets you get the audience favorability on a specific topic. Based on a thumb up/down button, audience is requested to thumb up or down a specific solution/option.20 June 2013 14
  • The Net Promoter ScoreNet Promoter Score lets you get the audience ‘‘promotion score’’ on a specific topic. Based on a voting scale, audience is requested to vote from 1 to 10 a specific solution answering an easy question: How much would you promote/detract with others the same solution? 20 June 2013 15
  • We will Prove the BART Concept by using our prototypes to collaboratively set-up a Business Case for the BART adoption at Company Xyz. We would like you to participate in this stress test to the BART infrastructure. Those of you equipped with an Android Smartphone please do the following steps to install the Bart App: Install instructions: Go to Smartphone settings and enter the «Security» area Go to the «device administration» section and select the option «Unknown sources» (press OK to confirm) Open the wifi link and connect to the local wifi network BART (passwd BizValue) Open your preferred web browser and insert the following address: Once the App has been downloaded, install it on your phone Launch the BART App Go to the App Menu, select Settings and press «INTRANET SCAN» The App shall look for the local server on the internal WiFi network and shall configured on that server. Press the Back button. Now on the screen you will find the actual server configuration You are now READY to the take part in the Test in PART B