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IHS Goldfire is software that helps engineers, scientists and researchers to develop, maintain and produce breakthrough products.

Powered by world-class semantic search technology, IHS Goldfire transforms internal
and external information into actionable innovation intelligence.

IHS Goldfire helps organizations identify new markets, develop new products, mitigate risk and drive efficiencies.

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  • In his book, Lost Knowledge, David DeLong writes about the knowledge loss crisis at NASA – and happening at organizations across industries and across the globe.In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon, marking the culmination of a $24 billion NASA space program. Ten years later, NASA sheepishly admitted they could not return to the moon even if they wanted to - they couldn’t remember how.This is a perfect example of what is referred to as the “Knowledge Gap;” or the loss of critical information when employees leave their place of employment. In the case of NASA, all the key people involved in the original Apollo 11 project had retired…and no one thought to jot down what they knew. To make matters worse, blueprints for Saturn V, the only rocket powerful enough to travel to the moon, were lost.Even though this NASA fumble took place 30 years ago, the exact scenario is being played out in spades as Baby Boomers (those individuals born between 1946 and 1964) are reaching retirement age, and most employers have made no effort to capture the Boomers’ knowledge before they eventually leave.
  • IHS Accelerating Decision Making, Powering Innovation

    2. 2. If we want to go to the moon again, we’ll be starting from scratch because all of that knowledge has disappeared. It would take at least as long and cost at least as much to go back. NASA MANAGER, Lost Knowledge – David DeLong “ “
    3. 3. KNOWLEDGE LOSS IS CRIPPLING TODAY’S INDUSTRY 50%of the engineering workforce eligible for retirement in 2015 Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, IEEE, ASME 44%of organizations have no knowledge transfer process in place and no plans to create one Source: Training+Development 1-2.5% of total revenues are lost due to decreased productivity resulting from learning curve for new hires Source: Mellon Financial Corp © 2013 IHS
    4. 4. 30%of total R&D spend is wasted duplicating research and work previously done. Source: National Board of Patents and Registration (PRH), WIPO, IFA 54%of decisions are made with incomplete, inconsistent and inadequate information Source: InfoCentric Research YOU INVEST MILLIONS IN TOOLS FOR YOUR ENGINEERS, YET THEY STILL CAN’T FIND THE INFORMATION THEY NEED 13%Increase in engineer’s time spent searching for information since 2002. Source: Outsell
    5. 5. Your competition is: › Solving key design problems › Innovating new technologies › Filing new patents AND WHILE YOU WASTE TIME & MONEY TRYING TO FIND THE RIGHT ANSWERS … BEATING YOU TO MARKET ›
    7. 7. › Authoritative content that brings all the relevant industry knowledge and best practices to your user’s desktop › Advanced research capabilities to pinpoint the answers within mountains of internal and external data › Strategic problem solving tools that speed answers to the toughest problems in key workflows › Industry expertise in the design of the platform - the only solution purpose-built to help technical professionals advance decisions and fuel innovation - and in a team of innovation experts to help you get the job done fast and right NOW THEY DO. IHS GOLDFIRE A platform that accelerates decisions and powers innovation by delivering: © 2013 IHS
    8. 8. IHS GOLDFIRE THE DECISION-ENGINE PLATFORM SEMANTIC SEARCH ENGINE INNOVATION TRENDS ANALYSIS ADVANCED PROBLEM SOLVING TOOLS Market, technology & competitive trends Root Cause Analysis, FMEA, Value Engineering & TRIZ Pinpoint answers & concepts in 400+ document types Tools to innovate and solve problems faster The world’s best team of innovation experts Experienced innovation, research & systems deployment expertise CONSULTING YOUR INTERNAL CONTENT HIGH VALUE IHS CONTENT TRUSTED PARTNER CONTENT IHS Standards Expert, GlobalSpec, ESDU, Jane’s, & dozens more 90+ million documents from McGraw-Hill, Springer, IEEE, NASA & scores more Trusted authoritative content Intranet, project files, email, PDM, PLM, ERP, servers, & data centers EXTERNAL CONTENT Patents, websites, social media, RSS feeds & more © 2013 IHS
    9. 9. IHS CONTENT IHS Standards Expert IHS ESDU IHS EIATrack IHS Jane’s* IHS Electronics & Media IHS Automotive* Search 90+ million documents EXTERNAL CONTENT PARTNER CONTENT IHS EHS&S* IHS Chemical IHS Energy* IHS Global Insight* IHS GlobalSpec … and more Search your institutional knowledge CORPORATE CONTENT EMAILS FILES SERVER INTRANET PLM, PDM, ERP DATA CENTER PRECISE ACCESS TO 90 MILLION DOCUMENTS PLUS KNOWLEDGE INSIDE THE CORPORATION …and hundreds more © 2013 IHS
    10. 10. IHS GOLDFIRE EMPOWERS YOU TO: › Develop new products faster › Discover new markets › Improve production & quality › Minimize risk › Boost operational efficiency © 2013 IHS
    11. 11. › Accelerate idea generation › Improve idea-to-products conversion rates › Shorten design cycles & minimized rework › Avoid potential intellectual property barriers DEVELOP NEW PRODUCTS FASTER Tools like Goldfire have dramatically improved our efficiency and effectiveness …Goldfire has allowed us to make great strides in rapidly developing new technology. VP Technology, Leading Aerospace & Defense Company “ “ © 2013 IHS
    12. 12. › Find new markets for current technologies › Identify unmet needs › Strategize new market entry › Discover next-generation technology trends and opportunities DISCOVER NEW MARKETS We need to move fast to seize new growth opportunities … Without Goldfire there would have been a high risk of reinvention or investment to later discover we were infringing on someone else’s patent. Goldfire turbocharged our engineering efforts, which made a difference in seizing this market opportunity. Chief Engineer, Global Automotive Company “ “ © 2013 IHS
    13. 13. › Improve quality while minimizing defects › Reduce product costs › Streamline production processes › Design products that are easier to operate, manufacture and service › Enable faster, more complete FMEAs and Root Cause Analysis Goldfire is a tool that helps optimize the innovation process. It does this by enabling you to identify the real problem, to analyze and understand the identified problem in order to find solutions and to generate high quality ideas. - Innovation Project Manager, billion dollar environmental services company IMPROVE PRODUCTION & QUALITY “ “ © 2013 IHS
    14. 14. › Reduce the liability of product defects › Better manage supply chain risk › Know the competitive landscape › Understand compliance regulations and issues During user-acceptance testing, a leading manufacturer of electronic sensors suffered an erroneous (false positive) signal in a critical military surveillance device – risking delivery schedules and contract awards. By using IHS Goldfire, the fault was rapidly discovered and delivery deadline met. MINIMIZE RISK © 2013 IHS
    15. 15. › Accelerate research and innovation › Leverage prior corporate knowledge to minimize design cycles, rework & reinvention › Reduce the learning curve of junior employees › Capture and reuse expertise A leading medical device company’s engineers who use IHS Goldfire spend only 10% of their time researching intelligence, compared to 20-30% for non-Goldfire users. BOOST OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY © 2013 IHS
    16. 16. ANSWERS ACROSS THE ENTERPRISE Faster innovation X X X X X Knowledge capture X X X X X Knowledge reuse X X X X X Identify IP issues X X X X R&D DesignEng. ProductMgr. Support Manufacturing IT Strategy Improve competitive intelligence X X X X Improve customer satisfaction X X X X Improve protection/leverage of IP X X X X Reduce defects X X X X X Reduce liability X X X X X Reduce manufacturing costs X X X X X Faster root cause analysis X X X X X Reduce research time X X X X X Faster ramp-up of new hires X X X X X Learn lessons from past X X X X Identify solutions from past projects X X X X Understand risks X X X X X X Manage/anticipate risks X X X Reduce liability X X X Understand compliance issues X X Speed to Market Drive Market Share Improve Operational Efficiency Address Aging Workforce Better Manage Risk
    17. 17. IHS: ANSWERS YOU NEED FROM THE AUTHORITIES YOU TRUST › $1.7 billion global company › World’s largest distributor of engineering standards › Over 7 million technical professionals leveraging IHS solutions today › Expertise to support global deployments and ensure your success © 2013 IHS
    18. 18. YOUR COMPETITION WON’T WAIT WHILE YOU SEARCH FOR SOLUTIONS SEE IHS GOLDFIRE IN ACTION. http://www.ihs.com/info/st/goldfire-online-demo.aspx © 2013 IHS