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  1. 1. Topic :- DELHI & MOVIES Group - N
  2. 2. Delhi is a national territory,and its seems to a popular city. Delhi is a composite culture city because all religions people living here . In 5000 years ago it was the capital of pandavas Indraprastha Delhi is not a city but a book which narrates the history India. Delhi has wonderful ancient monument and buildings are – Red Fort , Qutub Minar .
  3. 3. FIRST MOVIE SHOOT IN DELHI First Movie shoot in Delhi released in 30 August 2001 is ‘Monsoon Wedding’’ which is directed by Mira Nair and starring by Nasruddin Shah .This movie shoot in Chandni Chowk ,Parliament Street after that another movie released Bewafaa is released starring by Akshay Kumar Anil Kapoor , Karina Kapoor Susmita Sen.
  4. 4. Delhi is a wonderful monument city and composite culture and higher education city which attract the directors to shoot film in Delhi.
  5. 5. DELHI IS CHEAP TO SHOOT & EASY T0 GET PERMISSION In Delhi according to producers shooting is easy and cheaply as comparison of Mumbai because this is a film city where charges of every thing is high and you cant get permission easily either local police or traffic police in Mumbai as a comparison of Delhi. MARKET ASSOCIATION NOT HURDLE According to producers Delhi market Association help to shoot and only want that their shop name should appear on screen but in Mumbai association restaurant or shop owner charge in lakhs to shoot movie inside in it. A shot of Delly Belly and MBKD
  6. 6. UNLIKE MUMBAI THERE IS NO UNION CARD IN DELHI UNION CARD- A proof of member to shoot/do work during the shooting which is compulsory for a individual to have it to shoot. And working hour is 8 extra work pay 50% more what they are taking .But in Delhi no union card is required and no working hour rules .Foreigner can shoot in Delhi . DELHI & GURGAON HAVE ALL KINDS OF BACKDROPS You can shoot any kind of movie in “Delhi NCR” from Lajpat Nagar,Chandni Chowk & Daryaganj . If a film maker want to shoot colleges obviously , he will shoot the north campus & for a typical OR adjusted area he look like to shoot Old Delhi . .
  7. 7. INCREASE IN SHOOTING OF MOVIES/TOURISM IS ALSO INCREASING IN DELHI In half of 2012 & up to September 2013 Approx 26 to 30 movies have shoot in Delhi and shoot ancient monuments like Red Fort , Jama Masjid which break all the previous record shooting in Delhi. Due to which audience/viewers come Delhi and see every ancient monument which is captured by Director or film maker.
  8. 8. IMPORTANCE OF DELHI METRO/UNIVERSITY THROUGH MOVIES Delhi Metro started in 2002.Metro is also a attract the director shoot movies in the Metro .Paa, Delhi 6,Bewafaa movie is shoot in Delhi Metro . Ambhitabh & Abhishek Bacchan shoot in Delhi Metro, . And Delhi Universities also play a great role through movies . For example Ranjhnaa movie shoot in JNU Delhi starring by Abhay Deol,Dhanush , Sonam Kapoor , this movie is based on student union who do work in favour of people and against Curruption .
  9. 9. IMPORTANCE OF MOVIES IN DELHI The importance of shooting of movies in Delhi is that (1) The people who are poor/living in villages they don’t have any opportunity to come in Delhi but through the movies they can see various places and environment of Delhi .(2) Delhi is now a first choice of the director due to which economy growth of Delhi is increasing. (3) Due to increase in shooting in Delhi outsider businessman are investing there money to make luxurious Restuarents ,Hotels. (4) Increase in shooting of movies Delhi , markets selling of goods is increase.
  10. 10. DISADVANTAGE OF SHOOTING OF MOVIES IN DELHI When a movie shoot in Delhi or any place local public face the problem because they get official permission by police or Govt. (1) If any movie shooting at on Highway/Road this will be closed for local people during the shooting which who are on the road . (2) If any movie shooting at any historical place like Red Fort, Qutub Minar then this place also closed for tourist during the shooting. (3) When there is shooting on Roads then their produce more pollution due to Traffic on Road. (4) Due to increasing movies in Delhi the mind sets o adult is changing for to become Actor which is not good of them and main bad impact is that peoples behaviour is change about their wearing cloths.
  11. 11. FUKREY In 2013 this movie released and directed by Mrigh deep Singh Lamba. In this movie director wants a Punjabi area ( Lajpat Nagar) and a college which is affiliated to prestigious university so he choose Miranda House a college of D U. And also take shoot at red line metro and in D.T.C Bus, A shot is also captured at Gurgaon and also at Yamuna old bridge. And the Director also used old name of Delhi is Indraprastha as title of lottery . These all thing director can get only in Delhi,
  12. 12. ACTORS/ACTRESS/SINGERS LIKE DELHI GUP SHUP They not only shoot but really like Delhi and miss to come here . And not only Indian also Pakistan singer .For example Pakistani singer says ‘I feel at home when I’m in Delhi he says that Delhi is so much like a Lahore’’. Actress Nargis Fakhri when she was in city to promote her film Madras Café also says that ‘ I’d love to come back to Janpath and Dilli Haat.