Essentials for Building Your Game Into a Successful Business by Ville Hejiari (Playhaven)

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  • 1. Essentials for Building Your Game Into a Successful Business IGDA Estonia GameCon, Sep 19 2013
  • 2. About PlayHaven 2 San Francisco Portland Buenos Aires Helsinki
  • 3. End-to-End? You need to manage players at every point in their relationship -- before install, in-game, & after they’ve left. 3 Find new players for your game Keep them engaged & spending money Bring them back after they’ve left
  • 4. Flexibility Whatever your technology platform, you need flexible tools that function in your production pipeline. 4 + many more…!
  • 5. Not All Players Are Created Equal Segmentation helps you make informed decisions about how to reach the right players at the right time with the right message. 5 Identify the right player segments Deliver meaningful, targeted messages Make an immediate impact
  • 6. How Do Dynamic Promotions Work? 6 More Games Widget Interstitial Ads Rewards Internal Cross-Promotion Announcements Virtual Good Promotion Opt-In Data Collection Direct Deals Placements Push Promotions }
  • 7. Multivariate User Segmentation Serve relevant promotions to different user segments 7 Example Variables: 1.  Amount Spent 2.  Connection Type 3.  Location 4.  Language 5.  Total Sessions 6.  First Session Date 7.  OS Version 8.  Game Version 9.  Last Session 10.  Hardware 11.  Time Spent in Game
  • 8. 8 Amount Spent > $5" Gameplays > 50 times" Geo = North America" Device = iPads & iPhone 5" Amount Spent = $0" Gameplays > 25" Geo = NA & Europe" Device = iPhone" Amount Spent = $0" Gameplays > 70" Geo = Asia, S. America" Device = iPod 3, iPhone 4" Right Content For The Right Audience
  • 9. Segments and Lifetime Value Engage your audience at every point in your players’ lifecycle. 9 Retention Focus on IAP’s Re-engagement Cross-Promotion Monetize w/ Ads EngagementValue (reset the LTV curve in new game) TimeDay 1 User Churn
  • 10. Build Relationships with Players Outside of Gameplay Incentivize the opportunity to opt-in to communication about news, promotions and updates through email campaigns. 10
  • 11. Push Notifications Capture player attention and increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue with Push Notifications. 11
  • 12. Push Notification Use Cases 12 Meaningfully engage users with intelligent push notifications that trigger in-game events or content units. Target: Dolphins Goal: Provide discount to encourage incremental spending increase. Target: Whales Goal: Improve loyalty by giving unique incentive for value customers. Deep Link: VGP Deep Link: Reward
  • 13. More Push Use Cases Increase player engagement, loyalty and revenue with maximum impact. Loyalty Monetize Engagement •  Keep in touch: alert your players to new game activity •  Offer Daily Rewards for returning to your game •  Target churned players with Rewards •  Target players with special Rewards •  Acquire opt-in data for email marketing •  Target players with special Announcements •  Target dolphins with discounted Virtual Good Promotions •  Target free-to-play players with strategically placed Ads post Push engagement 13
  • 14. Ranking and Ratings Ratings factored into ranking systems – positive ratings from the most engaged players boost rank and longevity on charts. 14
  • 15. What About Paid Apps? The market is not 100% about free-to-play – smart execution of try before you buy style promotions can be extremely successful. 15 “The revenue generated " from free to paid " conversions was huge”" " - Jonathan Simon, Dir. of Marketing, Magmic"
  • 16. Upselling the Paid Game The task: Convert players from the free version to the paid version of and maximize revenue. 16
  • 17. End-to-End! From acquisition to exit: Relevant content, for the right audience, in the right channel, at the right time! 17 Make new players feel at home Reward, pamper and spoil regular players Establish channels outside gameplay
  • 18. Thank You! Questions? Concerns? Ideas?! 18 Email: Twitter: @heijari