Baan pao community surangrat from Thai Red Cross


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  • Community has a plan to reconstruct the guardhouse to replace the previous on that was damaged by floods, but this activity is not included with Mitigation activity under CBDRR project. Community committee is developing the proposal and will be submitting to other local authorities.
  • Be prepared and be aware are very important to response to any kind of disaster. Once that disaster hit, the harmonize of community will reduce lost and damage of life and property in the community. Also monitoring and evaluation of information from different sources would help community to prepare with the worst case.
  • Baan pao community surangrat from Thai Red Cross

    1. 1. Baan Pao Community Baan Pao sub-district, Mae tang district, Chiang Mai
    2. 2. Background Baan Pao community is located in plain area near Ping River. It is surrounded by school, Sub district Administrative Organization and health promoting hospital. The distance from Chiang Mai’s city to the community is 54 Km. There are 111 households, 297 inhabitant (male 115, female 182). Agriculture is the primary occupation of this community.
    3. 3. CBDRR project implementation
    4. 4. Community participation in “Community resilience building and analysis through Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) Project”
    5. 5. Before  Baan Pao community is facing flash flood and heavy rain nearly every year. From 2006 to 2008 , there were 30 houses and farmland damaged by heavy rain that caused the Ping river to overflow.  The community has insufficient disaster knowledge management plan, but they are experienced in dealing with this disaster.  Warning system is based on communication from village to village  Preparedness, response and recovery plan are not yet in place
    6. 6. Working with TRC and Partners
    7. 7. Is there any change?  The community has a clear structure of community committee well organized in sector.  Community has a systematic disaster plan and is able to apply the risk assessment tool to identify its capacities and vulnerabilities.  The participation of community members increased. They are aware of their role and responsibility and able to conduct the simulation exercise
    8. 8. Community mobilization
    9. 9. Internal  Having Community agreement  Following the decision of the majority  Sharing information External  TRC  Thai health promotion foundation  Provincial Administration Organization (PAO)  Sub district Administration Organization (SAO)  Representative (Politician)
    10. 10. Lesson learnt
    11. 11. Lesson learnt To be prepared and aware is very important to response to any kind of disaster. The unity of the community will reduce damage and save life. Monitoring and evaluation of information from different sources would help community to be ready in dealing with the worst case.