Smart Tourism Ecosystem=Eco-paradise?!


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  • It services as the forth extension in room. Any outside call ring after three tones will forward to this “Handy Phone”. No important calls will be missed during the visit.The mobile phone number is the room number, no more international rooming charge will be placed on the bill.
  • Smart Tourism Ecosystem=Eco-paradise?!

    1. 1. Smart Tourism Ecosystem=Ecoparadise?! Yulan Y. Yuan Assistant Professor Travel Management Jinwen University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Conjunction Professor Anhui Normal University Center for Tourism Communication Studies, China
    2. 2. TAIWAN
    3. 3. Internet Penetration Rate 85%
    4. 4. Over 60 Percent of people have mobile phone
    5. 5. Smart Life: Smartphone + Cloud • Near Field Communication • Mobile Room Extension service to provide one stop service Source: Les Suites Taipei – It’s a door key – It is also a bus pass: No coin is needed. – Visitor-to-Hotel phone: Emergency help and free for charge – Convenience store pre-paid card
    6. 6. Massive Application of QR code All publications of Tourism Bureau of Tainan City are with QR codes, offering an easier access to its official website.
    7. 7. Creativity in QR code Tourism Bureau of Tainan City integrates the features of the city in the design of QR code, from historical sites to natural resources, showing tourists different aspects of Tainan. Tainan Confucious Temple Anping Castle (Old Fort Zeelandia) Guanzihling Hot Spring (One of the only three mud springs in the world) Black-faced spoonbill
    8. 8. “i Tour Tainan”App for Mobile Devices “i Tour Tainan” was designed according to users’ most-frequent demands while traveling, including food, housing, traffic and amusement.
    9. 9. “i Tour Tainan” App  Over 2300 POI (Points of Interest) database  GPS location and Google map/Google Street View  AR (Augmented Reality) Technology  Trip/Route planning Tool  Connection to Facebook “check-in” service
    10. 10. Google Analytics in website Tourism Bureau of Tainan City is the first government unit in Taiwan to apply Google Analytics to the official website.
    11. 11. Don’t have enough time?! • Cameras Taiwan allows travelers to watch cameras from Taiwan.
    12. 12. CHINA
    13. 13. Internet Penetration Rate below 40 %
    14. 14. Over 34 Percent of people have mobile phone
    15. 15. Two Types of China Tourists FIT/Business • Organized Business trip Over 95% Academic scholars
    16. 16. Population 16b 2.4m
    17. 17. We are making money
    18. 18. Travel Operators Less than 200 More than 400
    19. 19. We are Not making money
    20. 20. A Dragon line Business Model Tourist China Travel operators Hotel Credit Card Company Taiwan Agents
    21. 21. Displacement Effect
    22. 22. Principles of Ecosystem • Free • Equal chance • The survive the fittest
    23. 23. Two Types of China Tourists FIT/Business • Organized Limited budget
    24. 24. Edu-Tertainment
    25. 25. Number of MI Users on both sides of Straight