Xpert Financial, Inc. – Powering the Private Market


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Xpert Financial, Inc. – Powering the Private Market: Thomas Foley, Founder & CEO at Xpert Financial, Inc. discusses how wealth managers can capitalize on the Xpert Securities, member FINRA, private company investment exchange platform.

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Xpert Financial, Inc. – Powering the Private Market

  1. 1. IFG WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUMTHE PREMIER EVENT FOR NORTH AMERICAN FAMILY OFFICESOctober 24-25, 2011, Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FLwww.ifgwealthmanagement.comXpert Financial, Inc. –Powering the Private Market Thomas Foley, Founder & CEO at Xpert Financial, Inc. discusses how wealthFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE managers can capitalize on the Xpert Securities,The world of alternative asset class investing is not have the right data to make investment member FINRA, privateabout to change, says Thomas Foley, Founder & decisions. We are able to provide family offices company investmentCEO at Xpert Financial, Inc. Investors have access to private company securities that they exchange platform. Xpert Financial, Inc. will betraditionally limited their allocation to the have never seen before, and a platform for present at the upcomingalternatives space to guard their portfolios ongoing liquidity for these investments. IFG Wealth Managementagainst illiquidity and the risks involved with Forum 2011.making quick decisions in the absence of Many family offices are locked into five year, tenquality data. Those issues have been reduced year or indefinite periods of illiquidity. They arewith the Xpert Securities private company unable to sell securities or investments at a fairelectronic alternative trading system, he adds, value whenever they want/need. Through Xpertbut to capitalize on this opportunity, investors Financial, family offices are able to get theshould join the platform early. Ahead of the returns they desire from these types of assets,IFG Wealth Management Forum 2011 on while mitigating the risk of being locked up for anAmelia Island, Florida, October 24-25, Thomas unknown and extended period of time.Foley discusses how the Xpert Financialplatform reduces the risk involved with IFG – What information do investors need whenalternative investing. investing in this space?IFG – When it comes to investing in the Thomas Foley – Investors need quality informationalternative asset class, what is holding and the ability to screen investment opportunitiesinvestors back? by multiple factors.Thomas Foley – The environment for investing The family office structure is in some cases veryacross the board has become faster and in a lot of complicated. The actual security regulations thatcases more liquid. The alternative asset landscape govern these securities are often opaque and it isis one of the only places where we have not yet difficult to get an accurate understanding of theseen this occur. ongoing value of the securities. A key benefit of this marketplace is that investors can gain aFamily offices are trying to generate above better understanding of what their securities aremarket investment returns by accessing products worth on any given day.and asset classes that other investors do not havethe ability to invest in. Many are looking for a We have tried to combine the best of the publicgood way to invest in alternative products, but do markets, utilizing technology and simplified ways www.internationalforumgroup.com
  2. 2. IFG WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUMTHE PREMIER EVENT FOR NORTH AMERICAN FAMILY OFFICESOctober 24-25, 2011, Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FLwww.ifgwealthmanagement.comto comply with regulatory requirements. Because of the IFG – How can investors capitalize on these opportunities?sophistication of our investor base, the rules allow fortransactions on our system not require SEC registration for the Thomas Foley – Family offices should join the Xpert platform as therelisting companies. These types of transactions have historically is going to be a large amount of growth in this area, and successbeen completed manually, and there has never been a single will be determined by the early adapters. Investors should Apply forplace for investors to access the opportunities. Xpert Financial a free Xpert Account – https://www.xpertsecurities.com/apply.has created the first electronic alternative trading system builtexclusively for private company securities, where these types of We believe the world of alternative asset class investing is abouttransactions can occur consistently. to change.Salpi Balian, Press Manager – IFG, pressifg@ifgemea.comThe IFG Wealth Management Forum 2011IFG’s Wealth Management Forum 2011 will take place at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida, October 24-25, 2011, and provides aunique platform for investment decision makers from single and multi-family offices to engage in vibrant benchmarking sessions andgain practical solutions and best practices to achieve optimal portfolio returns.For more information please send an email to pressifg@ifgemea.com or visit the event website at www.ifgwealthmanagement.comThe International Forum GroupInternational Forum Group is a world-leading business information company, organizing exclusive, invitation-only gatherings ofbusiness leaders across multiple industry sectors.Providing a platform for senior executives to build mutually beneficial business partnerships, International Forum Group hasdesigned an unparalleled system for matching the core buying needs of the world’s largest organizations with the best solutionsavailable in the global marketplace. Empowering all our clients with the knowledge they need to lead in their respective fields is afundamental goal of all our forums.For more information, please visit: www.internationalforumgroup.comXpert Financial, Inc.From its inception in 2009, Xpert Financial has focused its efforts on creating an electronic platform that benefits both companiesand investors in the private securities market. The company’s core product, Xpert ATS, is a fully-electronic capital raising and tradingplatform built exclusively for private company securities. It is operated by Xpert Securities, Inc., a broker-dealer subsidiary of XpertFinancial. Xpert ATS supports both primary offerings and secondary trading of private company shares, all under the control of theissuing company. Private companies, qualified institutional buyers and accredited investors that are interested in more informationmay register at www.xpertsecurities.com/applyAll rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Please notify prior to usage at pressifg@ifgemea.com www.internationalforumgroup.com