VIETNAMEnabling poor rural peopleto overcome poverty                             Programme for Improving Market           ...
Programme Area and Target GroupEnabling poor rural people   IMPP covers seven districts in Ha Tinh province and 225 000 pe...
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IFAD Vietnam Ha Tinh programme


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IFAD Vietnam Ha Tinh programme

  1. 1. VIETNAMEnabling poor rural peopleto overcome poverty Programme for Improving Market Participation of the Poor (IMPP) Ha Tinh A small business set up with credit in Ha Tinh province. Programme Rationale Ha Tinh province is located in the central region of Vietnam, with a population of 1.3 million people. The majority of the population is Kinh (90%), with the remainder split between other ethnic minorities. It’s common for family members in Ha Tinh to work outside the province either permanently or in temporary jobs. Ha Tinh has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 68.5%, with a high portion being unskilled (about 90%). Considered one of the poorest provinces in the country, Ha Tinh’s main poverty causes are: limited access to land and natural resources; lack of capital for production; poor infrastructure; few off-farm employment opportunities; little knowledge of opportunities for income generating activities and markets; and high vulnerability to natural disasters (floods, storms and droughts). Programme Objectives The goal of the programme is a sustainable improvement to the incomes of poor rural people in Ha Tinh. The project objective aims to improve the participation of the rural poor in a range of markets. Therefore the project focuses on a systematic removal of barriers that prevent the rural poor from market participation.InternationalFund forAgriculturalDevelopment IFAD VIETNAM >> IMPP Ha Tinh >> 1
  2. 2. Programme Area and Target GroupEnabling poor rural people IMPP covers seven districts in Ha Tinh province and 225 000 people in 50 overcome poverty The main target groups are: (a) food insecure households below the poverty line; (b) vulnerable households above the poverty line; (c) relatively better off households with secure food production and above average assets. These poor households would potentially increase their agricultural production if they had better access to the market, technical resources and finance. IMPP has a particular focus on gender and ethnic minorities. In terms of gender, it would work towards equal representation and job opportunities for women. Programme Strategy IMPP builds on the experience and approach of the DFID/ADB-funded programme, Making Markets Work Better for the Poor (M4P). This focuses on understanding markets and how the poor interact with them. IMPP promotes the following strategy: • Supporting commune, district and provincial authorities in local development planning. • Strengthening agricultural and non-agricultural producers in their organisation and effectiveness as a sustainable collective economy. • Promoting small scale producers toward market-oriented agriculture along with other actors of respective value chains. • Strengthening market linkages and business development services (BDS). • Contributing to improving the provision of relevant job skill training especially for poor unemployed people, based on job skill requirements by the private sector in the province. • Fostering the local investment climate through facilitating public private dialogues. Programme Components (i) Commune Markets Opportunities Support (ii) Job/Enterprise Facilitation and Market Development (iii) Enterprise Financing (iv) Project Management Programme Cost and Financing Total costs for the programme are USD 18 million. This investment is funded from: an IFAD loan; a grant from the Federal Republic of Germany and a government contribution estimated to be about 10% of programme costs. Benefits and Impact Poor rural people benefit from newly created jobs and enhanced access to markets. The programme raises rural incomes for: (i) those who remain in farming, but intensify; (ii) those who develop their own micro/household enterprises in rural areas; (iii) those who find permanent jobs and become employees; and (iv) local entrepreneurs investing in employment- creating SMEs. Contact details Atsuko Toda Country Programme Manager Asia and Pacific Division International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Unit 304, UN Apartment Building 2E Van Phuc, Kim Ma Str, Ha Noi, Vietnam Tel: 0084- (4) 3823 7231; Fax: + 84 (4) 3823 3819 Email: at.toda@ifad.orgInternational Skype: atsuko.todaFund for Website: IFAD VIETNAM >> IMPP Ha Tinh >> 2