Decentralization takes place in implementing project activities in villages and communes<br />14/04/2010<br />The Programm...
Decentralization implementing village projects and communes
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Decentralization implementing village projects and communes


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Decentralization implementing village projects and communes

  1. 1. Decentralization takes place in implementing project activities in villages and communes<br />14/04/2010<br />The Programme for Improving Market Participation of the Poor in Ha Tinh province (IMPP-Ha Tinh) set up project support groups in communes/villages and project consultation committees at various levels. The aim was to strengthen the participation of beneficiaries in selecting project’s activities and highlight the responsibility of providing guidance, supervision and examination of Provincial Project Coordination Unit (PCU). The Programme consulted the Provincial People’s committee in issuing the “Decentralization regulation on implementing IMPP Ha Tinh ".<br />HYPERLINK ""<br />Although the regulation was issued on 13 January 2009, the project’s activities have been decentralized and coordinated effectively with other activities in the project area such as meetings at village and commune on disseminating project’s content, identification of investment needs, rights and responsibilities of community. Through these community meetings, budget allocation was made transparent for local authorities and the community. Thus, they are well informed, make a plan for implementation, mobilize the participation of beneficiaries and prioritize selecting activities.<br />In addition, some of project’s activities clearly demonstrate the decentralization to the village and commune level such as capacity building, formation of demo model and civil work.<br />Based on the approved plan, the village project support group submit document to the PCU for approval of capacity building activities. The demo model requires the appraisal of specialized authorities.<br />Various capacity building activities have obtained high effectiveness namely training courses on “improving market awareness for people”, “commune market opportunities planning (CMOP) procedures”, training on production techniques; or building successful models such as ball making model by Cam Thanh cooperative, high quality rice production model in Cam Thanh village, and safe vegetable production in Ky Chau village.<br />Civil works prioritized by people will be approved as an investment work by the provincial People’s Committee. The village project support group with the assistance of the PCU technical group selects consulting group for preparing the economic technical report, technical drawings and cost estimate. After being investigated and submitted to the District People’s Committee for approval of the technical economic report, the Coordinating Board will request the PCU to set up the Project Management Unit so that it is possible to sign contract directly with qualified contractors and consulting companies.<br />One special feature of decentralized projects is that most of labour force is mobilized from the village and priority is given to poor households and women so they can contribute and earn additional income. Complicated works can be contracted out. Currently, the project has been implementing two construction projects in a decentralized form (Rural road in Son Thuy route 2 – Huong Son district and trade and service centre in Khanh Loc village - Can Loc district).<br />Decentralization in civil work has been brought into full play using the local available resources such as labor and materials. It helps to increase the awareness of local people in maintaining the work and create income for target groups.<br />The Project is expected to continue decentralization for districts which have implemented well project’s activities villages in the past two years. Decentralization activities will be linked and coordinated effectively with other activities in the project area.<br />Ms Phan Thi Tuyet Mai - Commune Planning Unit<br />