Communication workshop final agenda


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Communication workshop final agenda

  1. 1. Communication Workshop POVERTY ALLEVIATION AND PRO-POOR POLICIES Tentative Schedule- Time: 8.30am – 11.00am, 15 September 2011- Venue: IFAD Vietnam Office, Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi- Expected Participants: 25 (20 from media agencies, 5 from key partners and stakeholders such as VCCI, MARD/RUDEC and MPI)- Background: Information enables policy makers to make informed choices based on feedback from the people and has an impact in enhancing the effectiveness of implementation of poverty alleviation strategies. In addition, information allows everyone, including poor rural people, to have a voice to influence decisions. The poor rural people are empowered to become stakeholders of development.- The active on-going involvement of the mass media is crucial to achieving awareness among public and private stakeholders of the need for poverty reduction and pro-poor policies.- Objectives: This workshop aims at deepening the understanding of local media agencies about the importance of poverty reduction and pro-poor policies. It will also offer an opportunity for open discussions among IFAD and media about (1) How media can collaborate more effectively on poverty and agricultural related issues to influence the policy agenda; (2) How the media help deliver the related messages/information to policy-makers, civil society, mass organizations and the general public pro-actively, correctly
  2. 2. and quickly and (3) to clarify any questions and/or confusion about pro-poor policies and the role that the agricultural sector can play in this process.- Targeted agencies: Around 20 key media agencies including Vietnam News; Vietnam Business Forum (VCCI); Vietnam News Agency; Radio Voice of Vietnam; Nông Nghiệp (Agricultural Newspaper); Pháp Luật (Law Newspaper of MOJ), Đại biểu Nhân dân (People’s Deputy Newspaper of National Assembly), Voice of Vietnam (Government and Citizens Program), Hanoi Moi, Vietnam Investment Review, Vietnam Economic Times, InvestTV, VTC, Vietnam Net, Thanh Nien (Young People), online newspapers of the Communist Party and others.
  3. 3. - Schedule:8.30am Arrival and Registration (with tea and coffee)8.35 ~ 8.50 Opening remarks by a key local partner Atsuko Toda, IFAD Country Manager (which covers IFAD values and overall approach and programming in Vietnam)Session 1 Focus and aims of today’s discussion8.50~ 9.00 Introductory Session – Why are we here today? Pham Tung Lam Open questions to reporters about media perspectives on: 1) Understanding poverty alleviation and pro-poor policies; 2) Expectations from this media workshop, 3) Vietnam’s reality – issues and problems.Session 2 Vietnam Context9.00~9:30 A presentation by Nguyen Thanh Tung Poverty Alleviation and Pro-poor policies – Why should the media care? The role of media in promoting public dialogue on poverty issues.Session 4 How the media can develop stories on poverty in Vietnam9:30~10.00 Key notes by a senior editor - Story angles that cover poverty alleviation - Practical experiences - How to raise better awareness and deliver the message of this important issue to the public - What challenges have journalists faced in planning and writing stories on poverty -Lessons learnt from well written stories10.00~10.10 Coffee break10.10~10.30 Panel Q&A– Atsuko Toda, Tung and the senior editor10.30~11.00 Proposal development11.00~11.30 Presentation of initial proposals by participants11:30 Closing Remarks and Follow up12:00 Lunch & Informal exchange