Action Plan for improving perfomance of ODA programs


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(Promulgated together with the Decision No. 883/2008/QD-BKH 14/7/2008 of the Minister of Planning and Investment)

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Action Plan for improving perfomance of ODA programs

  1. 1. MINISTRY OF PLANNING AND INVESTMENT SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM------------ Independence-Freedom-Happiness ----------------- ACTION PLAN FOR IMPROVING PERFORMANCE OF ODA PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS IN 2008-2009 PERIOD (Promulgated together with the Decision No. 883/2008/QD-BKH 14/7/2008 of the Minister of Planning and Investment)Content of Work Leading Coordination Deadline for Expected Outcomes Agency Agencies Accomplishment1. Harmonized Project Detailed Outlineand Project Concept Document1.1. Review the Six Banks’ project concept MPI and IMTF, WB and Sep., 2008 Gap matrixdocuments and identify the gaps with the ADB other interestedGovenment’s Project Detailed Outline donors1.2. Review the Government’s procedure MPI and IMTF, WB and Sep., 2008 Description on the Government’sto approve Project Detailed Outline ADB other interested approval procedure and related problems donors1.3. Draft a Harmonized Project Detailed MPI and IMTF, WB and Dec., 2008 Outcome Draft harmonized ProjectOutline ADB other interested Detailed Outline donors1.4. Prepare recommendations to expedite MPI and IMTF, WB and Dec., 2008 Draft harmonized Draft recommendationsapproval procedures of the Government ADB other interestedand the donors donors2. Common Feasibility Study Guidelines2.1. Dissemination of Common FS MPI and Line Agencies, 6 By 4th Quarter Workshops and training courses forGuidelines and Training KfW Banks and other 2008 relevant stakeholders are prepared and interested donors organized2.2. Implementation of Common FS MPI and Line Agencies, 6 Ongoing All FS for 6 Banks projects are elaboratedGuidelines KfW Banks and other according to Common FS Guidelines interested donors2.3. Elaboration of sector Guidelines in MPI and Line Agencies, 6 By 2nd Quarter Sector guidelines in line with the 1
  2. 2. specific sectors (proposal: transport, water KfW Banks and other 2009 Common FS Guidelines are developedsupply, waste water disposal, rural interested donors and approved by GoV and 6 Banksdeveloment, health, energy)3. Advanced Actions3.1. Develop the list of Advance Actions MPI and IMTF, Line Aug., 2008 List of Advance Actions(including responsible agency for ADB Agencies, WBimplementation, resources, when in the and otherproject cycle). The list should separate the interested donorsadvance actions that can be implementedunder the existing legal framework and theadvance actions that would requirechanges to the existing legal framework3.2. Identify the required changes to the MPI and IMTF, Line Aug., 2008 Proposal on changes to the legalregulatory framework that facilitate ADB Agencies, WB frameworkimplementation of advance actions and other interested donors3.3. Compile data on start-up performance MPI and IMTF, Line Aug., 2008 Start-up performance databy indicators of project without advance ADB Agencies, WBactions and other interested donors3.4. The Prime Minister (i) approves the MPI and IMTF, Line Sept., 2008 - Approved list of advance actions PrimeList of Advance Actions; (ii) issues ADB Agencies, WB Minister’s Decisiondecision on the implementation of advance and otheractions that can be implemented under the interested donors - Prime Minister’s approval to pilotcurrent regulatory framework under all advance actions that required changes toproject approved in 2008; (iii) approves to legal framework in 6 projectpilot the implementation of advanceactions that required changes to regulatoryframework in 6 projects (each from eachBank)3.5. Implement and pilot advance actions MPI and IMTF, Line Sept., 2008 ADB Agencies, WB and other interested donors 2
  3. 3. 3.6. Conduct a survey on start-up MPI and IMTF, Line Jun., 2010 Report on survey findingsperformance of projects ADB Agencies, WBimplementing/piloting advance actions and and othercompare that the data under 3.3 interested donors3.7. Based on the survey findings, PM MPI and IMTF, Line Aug., 2010 - Decision of the Prime Ministerinstructs concerned agencies to revise the ADB Agencies, WBregulatory framework as appropriate and other - Government’s submission to the interested donors National AssemblyIn case the changes need to be approved byNA, the Government shall make proposalsto NA for consideration3.8. Revising relevant laws and regulations MPI/ADB IMTF, Line From Aug., 2010 Laws and other legal documents that Agencies, WB facilitate implementation of advance and other actions interested donors4. Agreed Agenda for MutualEngagement in Dialogue on remainingGaps in Procurement Regulations4.1. Prepare a directive to be sent to each MPI, WB IMTF, MOC, 6 Jul., 2008 Project owner and PMUs are aware thatLine Agency and Project Owner of on- and JBIC Banks and other for contracts financed in whole or in partgoing ODA funded projects informing interested donors through ODA, if there is difference inthem of (a) the remaining gaps and procurement regulations between thedifferences between GoV Procurement Government and the Donor, the agreedRegulations and donor’s good practice; procurement procedures in the legaland (b) of the general rules, in line with agreement with the Donor prevail even ifArticle 3 of the Procurement Law if there those procedures conflict withis difference in procurement regulations Government regulations.between the Government and the Donor,the Legal Agreement prevail4.2. Make concrete proposals for MPI, WB IMTF, MOC, 6 Jan., 2009 National Assembly is aware of theseimprovement of Vietnamese procurement and JBIC Banks and other issues and proposed solutions raised bylegislation system (as per Good Practice interested donors the Government (MPI) at the National“gaps” matrix) in order to enhance Assembly sessionscompetition and transparency, economic 3
  4. 4. efficiency and harmonization4.3. Revise templates for publishing MPI and IMTF, 6 Banks Jan., 2009 Procurement plans, Spectificprocurement notices in Vietnam WB and other procurement notices and notices ofProcurement Review and DMPP/MPI interested donors contract award(s) include the all thewebsite to meet minimum requirements for relevant information to meet theharmonization minimum requirements for harmonization4.4. Discuss and agree with 6 Banks on MPI and IMTF, 6 Banks Mar., 2009 Harmonized standard bidding documentStandard Bidding Documents for Works WB and other for NCB works and goods are issuedand Goods in ODA projects interested donors4.5. Train project implementation staff, MPI and IMTF, 6 Banks Recurrent - at Project owner, PMU staff and controlincluding fiduciary control staff, at both WB and other least twice a year staff and inspectors understand how tocentral and provincial levels. Formalize interested donors deal with major inconsistencies betweenprocurement training and establish a Government and Donor Procurementcertificate scheme procedures4.6. Prepare Guidance note on mechanisms MPI and IMTF, 6 Banks Jun., 2009 A more transparent mechanism forfor dealing with procurement related WB and other dealing with procurement complaints iscomplaints interested donors established5. Reform of the Cost Norms System5.1. Continue the reform of Cost Norms MOC, WB MPI, IMTF and Dec., 2008 Gap matrixby: and JBIC other interested donorsa. Identify the gap between Decree 99/CPand international good practicesb. Identify possible areas for improvementof Decree 99/CP5.2. Propose the areas for further MOC, WB MPI, IMTF and Dec., 2008 Revised legal documents as neededstrengthening the government legal and JBIC other interestedframework and/or other necessary studies donorsbased on the recommendation onimprovement of Decree 99;5.3. Develop further the training proposal MOC, WB MPI, IMTF and Dec., 2008 Training proposalsbased on the recommendation on and JBIC other interestedimprovement of Decree 99 donors 4
  5. 5. 5.4. Technical short term training in three MOC, WB MPI, IMTF and Dec., 2008 - Dec., Related agencies understand how tokey areas: (i) Cost estimate; (ii) Quantity and JBIC other interested 2009 ensure the process smooth and in linesurveyor and (iii) Databank donors with the regulations6. Accelerate Payment6.1. Review current FM system and the MOF, AFD MPI, IMTF, Line Sept., 2008 Report about findings on the status ofneed to strengthen M&E systems and Korea Agencies and budgeting and allocating counterpart Eximbank other interested funds donors6.2. Develop disbursement targets on MOF, AFD MPI, IMTF, Line Sept., 2008 PMUs prepare annually/quartertyregular basis to improve the timing of and Korea Agencies Project disbursements targets (even on monthlydisbursements in order to achieve 75% of Eximbank Owners and basis for critieal projects)aid disbursed on schedule (Indicator 7 other interestedHCS) donors PMUs make reports on the actual disbursement in comparison with the scheduled disbursements6.3. Conducting a survey on the PMUs of MOF, AFD, Selected PMUs Dec., 2008 Evaluate the existing regulations onODA loan projects and on the expenditure Korea and controlling budget managementcontrolling agencies (State Treasury, Eximbank agenciesVDB), focusing on efficiency of thecurrent procedure, capacity of theexpenditure controlling agencies, andrecommendations for improvement6.4. Clarifying the roles and MOF, AFD IMTF and By 1st quarter, Recommedations for removing non-responsibilities of agencies related with and Korea controlling 2009 essential expenditure checks andODA checking and payment process Eximbank agencies enforcement of business standard (i.e. pilot the use of the threshold of expenditure, the random controls, the ex- post controls and make appropriate mechanism depending on the risk analysis and management for specific expenditures/projects such as projects using less conditional funds) Issue new regulation to institutionalize 5
  6. 6. the results of reform process nd6.5. Provide training workshops on MOF, AFD IMTF and other By 2 quarter, Related agencies (State Treasury, VDB)policies, regulations and professional and Korea interested donors 2009 understand how to ensure the processprocedures to the related staffs of the Eximbank smooth and in line with the regulationsexpenditure controlling agencies (StateTreasury, VDB)6.6. Harmonize the financial formats MOF, AFD IMTF and other Sept., 2009 Develop and use common financialbetween the Government and donors and Korea interested donors formats Eximbank7. Alignment Monitoring Tool7.1. Raising awareness of PMUs on using MPI and 6 Line agencies, July, 2008 Improve submission rate for 4th Quarter,AMF in Decision 803/2007/QD-BKH: Banks Project Owners 2008sharing the 6 Banks’ commitment to use and otherAMF, Help Desk and follow up PMU interested donorsimplementation7.2. Training on AMT skills taking MPI and 6 Line agencies, Ongoing Improve submission rateadvantage of PMU’s gathering at porfolio Banks Project Ownersreview meeting and other interested donors7.3. Increase the use of MPI Development MPI Line agencies, Aug., 2008 Improve quality of submitted reportsPortal and the MPI’s Help Desk to solve Project Ownersall the common issues in process ofimplementing Decision 803/2007/QD-BKH (e.g.: Issues related to umbrellaprojects, ongoing projects which are goingto complete and most frequent questions,etc...)7.4. Using AMT for a number of specific MPI and 6 Selected line Oct., 2008 AMT used in a number of specific sectorsectors (such as MARD, MOH, MOET, Banks agencies, Projectetc) Owners and other interested donors8. PMU Reform 6
  7. 7. 8.1. Making survey on foregoing PMU MPI and Line agencies, Sept, 2008 Fact paper for on-going PMU reformreform issues in several sectors including JBIC Project Owners based on the case studies of 6 BanksTransport Sector and other Projects interested donors8.2. Making analysis for application of MPI and Line agencies, Nov., 2008 Recommendations to revise the existingexisting regulations by taking specific JBIC Project Owners legal documentexamples from 6 banks projects in health, and othereducation, and agricultural sector interested donors8.3. Revising regulations (if necessary) MPI Dec., 2008 Revised legal document9. Common policy framework forresettlement and guidelines onenvironmental assessment proceduresand implementationResettlement MONRE MPI, IMTF, WB Dec., 2008 Description on typology and ADB and other9.1. Develop a typology of illegal land interested donorsusers9.2. Describe the laws and regulations that MONRE MPI, IMTF, WB Dec., 2008 Description on legal frameworkapply to illegal land users, and how they and ADB and otherare applied interested donors9.3. Recommend actions to (i) improve the MONRE MPI, IMTF, WB Dec., 2008 Specific recommended actionsoutcomes of resettlement of illegal land and ADB and otherusers, and (ii) facilitate the dialogue of the interested donorsdevelopment partners with theGovernment on the treatment of illegalland users9.4. Clarify how best to define the cut-off MONRE MPI, IMTF, WB Dec., 2008 Recommended definition of the cut-offdate and ADB and other date interested donorsEnvironment MONRE MPI, IMTF, WB Dec., 2008 Revised Circular 08 and ADB and other9.5. Support the revision of Circular 08 interested donors9.6. Develop environmental assessment MONRE MPI, IMTF, WB Dec., 2008 Draft evironmental assessmentguidelines and ADB and other implementation guidelines 7
  8. 8. interested donors9.7. Disseminate environmental MONRE MPI, IMTF, WB Dec., 2008 Stratcgic capacity building roadmap andassessment capcacity building tools and ADB and other CD-ROM of “Viet Nam Environmental interested donors Assessment Toolkit” MINISTER Vo Hong Phuc 8